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  1. One way or another, will he be gone by the beginning of the new season?
  2. He frustrates you only because you know that he could do better. Either way, he outperforms any of the other mids we have almost every week, so Id rather have Rothwell performing on 20% of his ability than Evans, Johnson, Buckley etc. performing on 100%
  3. He surely knows the majority of the fans, if not all, want him gone. The journalists ask him, the players seem unsupportive or at least quite, he is trending on social media and random rumours are flying around. Yet he is still here. It’s laughable now but I cant imagine how he feels. Either, he doesn’t care at all or he has some iron nerves. Either way we are foocked.
  4. What I hate the most is that Mowbray tries to pursue and justify the image of an honourable and decent guy. If he had never said that he is a man of honour who loves the club and would rather walk before he has become a burden for the club, then I would have probably assumed that the guy is maybe clueless but perhaps ambitious and determined to get things right. I would have maybe thought that he is a fighter with perhaps a strict philosophy, who follows somewhat of a plan of action and who would rather fight until the very end instead of giving up because he has his own principles that he bel
  5. I think that if he was to be sacked he would have been by now. Unfortunately, I cant see him resigning too so we will probably have him next year here aswell..
  6. I think he is the best player in the squad but he has been average at best today
  7. So only Costello, Rothwell, Brereton, Dolan and Gallagher(once included) will play out of position today. Not bad oh wait - I forgot Elliot for Dolan as a false striker at some point too.
  8. Cant believe Mowbray is still here. I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror if I were him.
  9. Do you guys feel like Dack is always annoyed with whatever Dolan does or is it just me?
  10. I meant in here. Don’t think many people have heard of him. He is quite popular in Bulgaria. Currently unemployed. Was offered the Levski Sofia and Ludogorets positions but didn’t take them as he doesn’t want to manage in Bulgaria and quite understandably so.
  11. There is this Bulgarian manager called Stanimir Stoilov, he did miracles with Astana. Got them into champions league a couple of times, which he also did with Levski Sofia a couple of years before that. He is an unpopular name that Id be more than happy with
  12. Rothwell would most likely play in the Premier League for a decent manager who can get the best out of him, than be a league one show pony. Top 6 its not so much about some amazing and world class footballers, its about managers who can organise their teams and players who can outperform the opponents. Perhaps, Kaminski, Douglass, Ayala, Nyambe, Travis, Rothwell, Dack, Arma, Holtby and even Lenihan could all do a job in certain top 6 clubs.
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