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  1. Tbf, if you dont trust your manager and you are waiting for his contract to expire in order to get rid of him, would you give him money to invest in players he sees suitable for his style of play or would you wait and make them money available for whoever else comes next. Not that this is what is happening but I wouldn’t give any money to Mowbray myself so fair enough, I would have gotten rid ages ago thou.
  2. Holtby, Rothwell, Eliott and perhaps Douglas were our most gifted players last season. Not that they have performed amazingly or something but seeing them all go would decrease the team’s quality million times.
  3. So we only had one chance to score a goal and Chapman created it. Great, cant wait for him to be frozen out of the squad
  4. This only comes to show what bits of motivation can do to certain players. Now one can only imagine what the likes of Holtby and Rothwell would have looked like last season if we had a manager who could motivate and extract the best out of them. Not saying the Chile’s manager has done that to BB thou. Perhaps, playing for Chile is a big enough motivating factor by itself, but it does seem like BB is made for the big scene after all. We did sign him after he destroyed Arsenal, didn’t we. I am not sure he has the confidence nor the ability to be a big player whatsoever but fair play to the lad for taking the international opportunity with both his hands.
  5. Cant believe he actually stayed. Absolutely ruthless and a clear middle finger to the fans. Foock anyone cares what we want.
  6. So what he says basically is that we are shit but we have one premier league quality player in our books, so as we have no ambitions, it would be a shame if he doesn’t test himself in the Premier League with some other team. In the meantime we obviously aint going up and we spent lots of money on two strikers who unfortunately ended up being shit so hopefully once Arma goes we will be able to find someone who is better than them
  7. Where do you get to watch the extended highlights?
  8. Has anyone heard anything? Is he really staying.. cant bloody believe it
  9. I think Championship has been at its worse this year. The quality is so low and even the better teams are simply average. Think that all 3 teams that go up might end up being relegated back to the championship at the end of next season. When was the last time that this happened?
  10. One way or another, will he be gone by the beginning of the new season?
  11. He frustrates you only because you know that he could do better. Either way, he outperforms any of the other mids we have almost every week, so Id rather have Rothwell performing on 20% of his ability than Evans, Johnson, Buckley etc. performing on 100%
  12. He surely knows the majority of the fans, if not all, want him gone. The journalists ask him, the players seem unsupportive or at least quite, he is trending on social media and random rumours are flying around. Yet he is still here. It’s laughable now but I cant imagine how he feels. Either, he doesn’t care at all or he has some iron nerves. Either way we are foocked.
  13. What I hate the most is that Mowbray tries to pursue and justify the image of an honourable and decent guy. If he had never said that he is a man of honour who loves the club and would rather walk before he has become a burden for the club, then I would have probably assumed that the guy is maybe clueless but perhaps ambitious and determined to get things right. I would have maybe thought that he is a fighter with perhaps a strict philosophy, who follows somewhat of a plan of action and who would rather fight until the very end instead of giving up because he has his own principles that he believes in. Instead he got found out as a complete lier and a fraud and that annoys the hell out of me
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