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  1. I don’t think such a thing can ever happen with Rovers tbf
  2. I just cant see us getting any points from the next two matches and i think he will just walk
  3. I predict that he will go after the Boro game
  4. I guess a draw only means that we are being stuck with Mowbray for the time being.
  5. Man, i mean he has had a couple of good games, he has scored twice but player of the season x_X plus id rather player winger as a winger and striker as a striker.
  6. Id play Rothwell with Travis as sitting midfielders but thats just me
  7. Id have personally gone with: dolan travis dack rothwell eliott arma
  8. Take Johnson off for a winger(Dolan) and thats the best starting 11 that we could ask for.
  9. Weird. I would have thought that the Greek guy should have been the one sent on loan
  10. Before the season started and the players we brought, I personally thought the team was capable of challenging the automatics.. Crazy
  11. Lol yeah, a stupid typo. Thanks. I sent them an email, sent one to Royal Mail aswell. I will just wait to see what happens now. Cheers
  12. Mate, Mowbray is taking the piss. Gallagher starting on the wing again... Think we should all stop bother now. Obviously this failure of an experiment wont ever come to an end so foock it.
  13. I ordered a newborn kit on the 15th of December from the Roverstore, I tracked the item today as I was expecting it to arrive before Christmas and it says delivered via Royal Mail on the 18th of October.. Do you guys know what the procedure is in such situations?
  14. Think if 1,000 of us send Rovers an email asking why does Mowbray keep on playing Gallagher on the wing, he might stop
  15. Wanted to get myself a couple of articles from the training range. However, everything i wanted was out of sizes. A bit poor from the club having so many articles out of stock weeks before Christmas x_X
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