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  1. 4 am in Newcastle, Australia. Wow. That is an impressive window. And we didn’t even look like selling one of our goodies. What an impressive squad. Seriously, do we have the strongest (Championship) squad on paper? Or is that just me being overly optimistic? Maaaannnn ....
  2. if I had a choice, Villa or Hammers, I’d send Villa down.
  3. What a great signing. This will work on so many levels. He will resurrect his career and we will be the beneficiaries. I’ve got my Dack strip. I’m tempted to reload and get a Rodwell one. Come on!
  4. Is "iirc" short for "if I recall correctly"?
  5. With the injury to Oijer, should we be letting Lucas go? I see on the transfer topic that Unleaded (bless you Unleaded, your posts during the transfer window are the reason I come to work ) has linked us to Samba from Berlin. Until such time as Sparkie has a replacement for Oijer and Neill, I wouldn't be letting Lucas (or Todd for that matter) out the door.
  6. Get In! Time for a new rovers strip with a grand old name on the back.
  7. I've not seen or heard this. But gee i'd like it to be true. Pack your bags lucas - just in case. We have no hope with SWP - he'll stay down there, somewhere. I cant believe any of the talk about Becks either - but if Hughes pulls Becks out of his hat - he can have the keys to Blackburn and my house. We're not far off a red hot squad. A left back. Reid and Nelsen back. And everything would fall into place. Injuries do my head in. Dear Santa, Could I please have: One pacey left back - dare I say it - just like Emmo but with a left foot. [And answer me this - WTF would Bridge sign a new contract with Chelsea. What a greedy halfwit]. Sorry Santa for that out burst. Reid and Nelsen to miraculously fully recover [to full fitness]. Thank you, Scott. Ps: I didn't like the cowboy boots and ping pong set you gave me last year.
  8. We'll skin em. 4-1 to the bully boys. I'm making Benni my captain in Fantasy League - he is going to score two. Bentley to score a tap in. Bert will smash one in from the top of the box. Come on Rovers.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aA5lmeTyG0 I'll go one better for you - I had it on video and just uploaded it to you tube for you.
  10. Savage looks like he is treading water when he is running. Fast v quick is the real problem. Emerton, neill and reid take a while to get going. We need someone with blinding acceleration. The first five steps make the world of difference.
  11. In the wash up of the match we will find out that Neill did his hammy early in the first half. He stretched to cut off a ball to Ronaldo - he then signalled to the bench - Mickey Gray started to warm up - he then signalled to the bench that he would try to run it off. I know the prat wants to leave us at January - but in the face of doing some real damage to his hammy he stayed on the field. I can only assume that those who are slating him didn't see the above series of events. ps - in the lead up to last night's match there was a show on Fox Sports (Australia) about football fans - anyhow, there was a story about two saps getting married at Turf Moor - very funny indeed. The Lady Sap couldn't think of a better place to get married.
  12. We've had a week off - finally we will be properly rested. I dont think we will line up 4-5-1 - the only way to beat ManUre is to go for the jugular - so I expect a high tempo first half and a 4-4-2. Rovers to win 1-0. Benni with the winner.
  13. You are my turkish delight. You are my turkish delight. You are my turkish delight. TUUUGAY!
  14. 1. If the game against West Ham was a five a side, how would your team line up? Friedel, Neill, Emerton, Savage, Benni 2. Who have been your best and worst players so far? Best - Emerton (for turning himself around), McArthy (for adapting to the premier league so well), Bentley (coming along in leaps and bounds) Worst - Nil 3. From a less than spectacular start, you seem right back on course (Sunday's madness aside)! What has sparked the transformation? Standard start for Rovers - right on course to wheel away another European berth at the end of the season. No transformation - we just played the top teams in the early rounds. 4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Mark Hughes? Strengths - he seems to have the lot so far. He is an astute, composed, tactician, who is well spoken. He clearly has the backing of board and staff and he is media savvy. A lot of clubs would like to have that in a manager. Weaknesses - we've not seen any. 5. Which combo forms your best striking duo? Benni - Roberts.
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