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  1. Correct about season ticket holders! Then, the balance of season tickets to pay on the day was probably the opposite to what it is now. I got a seat at Wembley with a Riverside stand ST
  2. Neither did I. I was just happy for them to be where we’ve never been
  3. Any kit which doesn’t reverse the blue and white on the back is not a good kit
  4. Another thing about the Ewood game. The penalty was just before half time, Hendry’s header was immediately after the restart, which should have made the score 2-0 with eleven men on the pitch.
  5. There was a perfect example of that scenario in the World Cup, when Erickson had his cardiac arrest. The referee took the players off and it restarted from the time the game stopped
  6. There were a number of special trains. I think a couple went on the Friday night to Euston, then on Saturday morning there were two specials to Wembley Central returning straight after the game. We went on one that went very early doors Saturday morning into Euston and returned round about 11pm. The fare (probably less than £2) included the tube to and from Wembley. The journey down was brilliant, everybody on top of the world and confident of a good result. It was the first visit to Wembley for most in our group, so got there quite early to soak up the atmospheres and greeting the players when they came out in their Wembley suits. That was as good as it got. Dougan’s ego letting down the club, his team-mates and the fans when he declared himself fit, when he was obviously carrying a hamstring strain. Then the own goal and Whelans horrible iinjury put paid to any hopes of lifting the cup. We were sat on bench type seats 3 or 4 rows from the front, just where Whelan broke his leg. The night in London was one of the most miserable you could imagine. All we seemed to see was gold and black, with Wolves fans celebrating wherever we went. Eleven o clock couldn’t come quick enough. Needless to say the journey back to Blackburn didn’t inspire any conversations, it was just as miserable as the night in London had been. After Crystal Palace it is the worst experience of my Rovers times
  7. A friend of mine went to a sportsman’s dinner a few years later and Wolstenholme was the speaker. He was asked if he had rehearsed those lines. He replied that he had, and that he had been up till after midnight the night before, with Geoff Hurst, to work out the scenario.
  8. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have used last seasons shirts. Obviously there is no respect for the club’s tradition
  9. The Law says If an extra ball, other object or animal enters the field of play during the match, the referee must stop the match only if it interferes with play. Play is restarted with a dropped ball from the position of the match ball when play was stopped etc etc
  10. The punishment for obstruction, at that time, was the award of an indirect free kick in the penalty area. As an aside, my view is that removing the requirement of intent by an offending player, has encouraged players to exaggerate any kind of contact. In the previous interpretation, the referee would have had no doubt that the Danish player had no intention to trip, therefore no penalty
  11. I went to that game with a RAF mate and spent the weekend at his place in Rutherglen. Douglas was unplayable and when we got back home, his dad was apoplectic and raged “We’ve put up with Matthews all these years and now you’ve got bloody Douglas”. The headline on the back page of the Scottish Sunday Express just said “BLACK DOUGLAS”
  12. Mick McGrath front 1st left, keeper is Bob Jones and Eric Bell back row extreme right Edit: back row 1st left could be Reg Blore
  13. It’s Tony’s 72nd birthday tomorrow. Hope he has a wonderful day and is aware his family are around him
  14. All of them signed by the ginger one and Tarkowski once a junior at Ewood
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