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  1. A friend of mine went to a sportsman’s dinner a few years later and Wolstenholme was the speaker. He was asked if he had rehearsed those lines. He replied that he had, and that he had been up till after midnight the night before, with Geoff Hurst, to work out the scenario.
  2. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have used last seasons shirts. Obviously there is no respect for the club’s tradition
  3. The Law says If an extra ball, other object or animal enters the field of play during the match, the referee must stop the match only if it interferes with play. Play is restarted with a dropped ball from the position of the match ball when play was stopped etc etc
  4. The punishment for obstruction, at that time, was the award of an indirect free kick in the penalty area. As an aside, my view is that removing the requirement of intent by an offending player, has encouraged players to exaggerate any kind of contact. In the previous interpretation, the referee would have had no doubt that the Danish player had no intention to trip, therefore no penalty
  5. I went to that game with a RAF mate and spent the weekend at his place in Rutherglen. Douglas was unplayable and when we got back home, his dad was apoplectic and raged “We’ve put up with Matthews all these years and now you’ve got bloody Douglas”. The headline on the back page of the Scottish Sunday Express just said “BLACK DOUGLAS”
  6. Mick McGrath front 1st left, keeper is Bob Jones and Eric Bell back row extreme right Edit: back row 1st left could be Reg Blore
  7. It’s Tony’s 72nd birthday tomorrow. Hope he has a wonderful day and is aware his family are around him
  8. All of them signed by the ginger one and Tarkowski once a junior at Ewood
  9. I remember the Burnley fans turning up. The winners of our game were drawn to play them in the semi final
  10. You’re thinking of the season after Tyrone. In 61/62 we reached the 6th round after beating Borough in the previous round. We lost to Fulham after an away draw, Jimmy Hill scored in the replay and I’ve never seen a celebration like it. You’d think he had scored the winner in the final and a World Cup final, all at the same time
  11. Does that mean 20k reads of the letter or of the thread? For example, I signed on the first day it came up, but have viewed the thread many times since.
  12. Not sure you’re right about Sharpe, I believe his hands are tied by his employers.
  13. Just caught up with this and it says everything that needs saying. I wonder if any of the nationals would be interested. If so it would certainly put the Telegraph to shame.
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