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  1. You’re right! The two mascots pictured walked round the perimeter track together a few times before the game. The Arsenal mascot was carrying the board with sign writing, which said something like We Arsenal supporters wish to welcome Blackburn Rovers back to the First Division. A lovely gesture and he was applauded from every side of the ground.
  2. 27 actually since relegation from the top fl.ight
  3. As an Arroder that’s how I would describe them. However, some friends moved to Dumfries and there were no shops nearby but a bakers van came round three times a week, but never had tea cakes or barm cakes. When our friend enquired about tea cakes the driver said he brought them to order, so she asked him to bring half a dozen next time. When he brought them they were like round loaves about 12 inch in diameter and they were still eating stale bread over a week later
  4. Just carefully listened again to the interview and it’s pretty obvious that every question and answer was rehearsed. I don’t know about being a timber merchant, he must have timber for a brain if he expects anyone to swallow that rubbish
  5. I thought his whole body language said he didn’t believe a word of what he was saying
  6. I just could not believe that comment when I first read it this morning. Even the most simple or basic decisions, are made for a reason. It was probably the most nonsensical thing I have ever heard spouted by a football manager.
  7. Peter Dobing was on Lancashire’s books. Don’t think he played a first class match but came on as a sub fielder in a roses game. Going further back, ex Rover Henry Horton had a long first class career with Hampshire and went on to be a first class umpire
  8. I went to the replay which should never have been necessary, as we had a perfectly good goal disallowed in the game at Ewood
  9. J A G! His unique style meant you knew the result as soon as he read the home team’s score
  10. It used to be called The Castle (Lion Brewery?). They did the best ever loose potatoe pie with red cabbage on Saturday nights.
  11. I think you’ve got it there Tony. If my memory serves me right, Lord Street ran parallel with Church Street from Ainsworth Street to King William Street, and at the top end faced the old market square. Thwaites Arcade ran between the two streets, round about where the top door of the new market is.
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