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  1. Mick McGrath front left, keeper is Bob Jones and Eric Bell back row extreme right Edit: back row left could be Reg Blore
  2. It’s Tony’s 72nd birthday tomorrow. Hope he has a wonderful day and is aware his family are around him
  3. All of them signed by the ginger one and Tarkowski once a junior at Ewood
  4. I remember the Burnley fans turning up. The winners of our game were drawn to play them in the semi final
  5. You’re thinking of the season after Tyrone. In 61/62 we reached the 6th round after beating Borough in the previous round. We lost to Fulham after an away draw, Jimmy Hill scored in the replay and I’ve never seen a celebration like it. You’d think he had scored the winner in the final and a World Cup final, all at the same time
  6. Does that mean 20k reads of the letter or of the thread? For example, I signed on the first day it came up, but have viewed the thread many times since.
  7. Not sure you’re right about Sharpe, I believe his hands are tied by his employers.
  8. Just caught up with this and it says everything that needs saying. I wonder if any of the nationals would be interested. If so it would certainly put the Telegraph to shame.
  9. Another thing about then and today’s molly coddled footballers. Bryan Douglas’ wife went into early labour after arriving in London on the Friday. Bryan was given permission to visit her in the maternity ward but he had to get there and back by bus and be at the team hotel by 12, to join the coach for Wembley
  10. Your dad’s aversion to Matthews might have had something to do with Bill Eckersley’s testimonial. Matthews had agreed to play and then pulled out at the last minute, allegedly because he wanted a fee
  11. I join in the Rovers Trust/AgeUK zoom meeting (for ancient fans) every week, and nothing has been mentioned on there. Although, admittedly, that sort of thing is not really the object of the meetings
  12. 287 votes in total! Not much publicity about that ballot then.
  13. Just sticking to the facts and not promises from Waggott. The plans were not initially announced by the club. Waggott himself held up the 55 acre Everton set up as utopia. Rovers have comparable facilities over two sites totalling nearly 39 acres, Waggott claims all the facilities can be contained within one site of 19+ acres. Car parking and things like groundsman buildings will require the same ground space on one site as they do spread over two sites, meaning an even smaller proportion of space for football. There’s history at Coventry under the same stewardship.
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