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  1. i dont see the reasoning behind offering him a new contract. He only signed a four year one last year, so had three left. This coupled with his age makes me question giving him another one, whereby he will be 34 by the time he leaves.
  2. Benni is better than Mido, compare their careers. Look at the age of Mido and how many clubs he has played for, how many arguments and incidents he has had. If he had came to us and had a great season, he would immediately want to leave. I understand that Benni is doing this to some degree. But just imagine how Mido would have done it. Mido has had his chances at Spurs, hes been there two seasons now, and done nothing to make me think he is a good player. EDIT: also i shudder at the possibility we could have signed Thomaz Radzinski
  3. yeah i do actually i actually think Chelsea are not being given much money this season
  4. I laugh at the people on there who would rather have Pennant and the 8 million they actually paid for him was idiocy at the time, sure Brum would have accepted 4 million at least
  5. congratulations to David Im slightly surprised because Beckham was also called up. A result of which has slightly stolen his thunder.
  6. well hes really just covering all his bases, however im certain most of the premierships players are thinking the same thing, but not necessarily saying it.
  7. Theres no chance of getting Bellamy back if you ask me, for the simply reason that it would be too much shame for him to come back
  8. Does anyone else think that Higgins looks like hes have a really difficult time having a poo when taking a shot? Heart attack before hes 40 if you ask me
  9. Its funny how a topic about Benni Mccarthy has turned into "Man U's potential target: Berbatov"
  10. 40 million or 18mil plus Saha? cos 18 million and Saha isnt bad for a player of such obvious class and potential
  11. just because he originally said that doesnt mean that if a good offer came in that he would reject it, its happened plenty of times in the past where a manager appears to price players out of the market, then ends up selling them much cheaper anyways im gonna stick a tenner on berbatov to man u and saha to spurs, who knows eh
  12. I have it on good authority that Bertatov to Man U is a done deal, with Saha and 18 million going the other way how do i know? I know a Spurs player and thats all im saying take it or leave it, he cud just be messing with me i guess
  13. well i obviously had fun whilst playing, so its better than nothing
  14. pfff i used to play all the time eventually i got bored and sold my char for 400 quid....whose laughing now
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