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  1. He’ll come in handy next season in the same league.
  2. Apparently we’ve been dominant in most of the last 15 games. In which we’ve won one game. Just feck off, Tony.
  3. Mowbray is going to dine out on that performance for weeks. And we still didn’t win. ONE win in 15. Jesus wept.
  4. Bloody pleased he’s blocked me so I can’t read his drivel. Another who would tuck Mowbray in if he found him in bed with his missus.
  5. That fella blocked me a while back by the looks. One of the Mowbray brigade I would wager.
  6. Following the Brockhall news, this weekend would be a stromer even if we get thumped tomorrow, were the Coventrio finally to be on the receiving end of a king sized rocket out of Ewood.
  7. Fantastic news, well done Rev and co. Now that there aren't big bucks to be made here, get on yer bike's Coventrio.
  8. The most frustrating aspect for me, perhaps bizarrely to some, will be how many of our 'fans' will give him, Waggot and co. a clean slate in the summer, after we've limped over this season's safety line (with probably 1 or 2 more draws). "Last season was an anomaly", "give him till Christmas", "we were unlucky with injuries", "what can he do when Arma is sold?". It'll take another absolutely horrendous run next season for him to face any kind of heat like this again. And I think he knows it, which is why he's just trying to ride it out til May when it'll naturally ease off.
  9. I'll need Apple on speed dial soon, the amount of times I'm whacking my screen after hearing/seeing his latest soundbites. Just feck off Tony!
  10. Very wishful thinking. Probably end up with bumper new deals for the lot of them. Our owners do my fecking head in. He would be out on his ear at any other club.
  11. The other players always rip Trav for being Mowbray's "teachers pet". So if Trav has given him what for, I think that tells you everything you need to know! What the feck are our lovely owners waiting for?!
  12. Sounds about as trustworthy as the consortium Del Boy led in Only Fools when they brought the knocked off gold chains.
  13. His form was pretty poor but has Trav had a bust up with Tony? Gone from being the teachers pet (players words) to not even making the squad. Hopefully Trav gave him an earful.
  14. Next weekend? Summer at the earliest for me. He’s not walking and our lovely owners won’t sack him.
  15. Yep. Admitted he doesn’t concentrate on set pieces for a start. Great idea that one - not like it’s cost us much this season is it?!
  16. One win in 14 after today. ONE! No manager survives this at any other club. Nobody. Absolute joke.
  17. What did he say? They’ve all done my head in how they’ve given Mowbray a free pass to date.
  18. Reckon we’ll draw this ala Norwich with the Mowbray brigade coming right out of the woodwork even though it’ll still be 1 win in 14.
  19. Yep. The most frustrating part of it is the unknown. How long will they continue to fund us? How long will they continue to own us? Genuinely feel like I won’t ever really enjoy following Rovers until they p*ss off. Just the ten years and counting.
  20. Pasha ‘liked’ tweets just a month ago where Mowbray was quoted talking about how he didn’t feel he was fighting for his job. Can only hope he’s got no say and Blingy/Madame will pull off a shock, but I’m not expecting anything. Would imagine none of us are.
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