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  1. Revidge, what was this good news behind the scenes you heard about a couple of weeks ago? I struggle to see how it can be true with idiots like Waggott being let loose like a kid with a gun.
  2. Catching up on this now; very impressed with the coverage they’ve given us. Highlights even more the refereeing injustices we faced against Utd in that title winning season though. Still boils my p*ss watching the Berg and Sherwood incidents now.
  3. ‘Are you currently injured’ ’yes’ ’sign here, lad’
  4. Yet rumour has it, that's the reason we didn't sign Maja. Who incidentally, all of us would have wanted here. Very odd behaviour from our club. Signing loads of players on loan is one thing (that I don't agree with), but signing other clubs players on loan, who are injured for a couple months, is taking it to a whole new level. As for tonight, I think this will be another draw. I don't think our young lads know how to manage games out. Our manager certainly doesn't either.
  5. We really know how to pick them don’t we. Why on earth are we loaning, and paying for, players that are injured and won’t be able to play for 6+ weeks after joing the club? https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19578067.mowbray-not-concerned-injury-blackburn-rovers-signing/
  6. Would take him in a heartbeat over Mowbray. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out at a club for one reason or another.
  7. Broken leg for sure. Gutted for the lad; just started to become a regular for Liverpool and then that happens.
  8. Butterworth is more of a wide forward isn’t he? He should in theory be Mowbray’s wet dream.
  9. Even if we had a fully fit squad today, we still wouldn’t have had a striker to bring off the bench. Let that sink in.
  10. It was just so Rovers and particularly Rovers under Mowbray. We could be 4 up and I’d never feel safe with Mowbray in the dug out. He’s absolutely clueless at game management - we’ve seen it countless times during his never ending tenure.
  11. And Mowbray for his sh*te subs and poor game management. Again.
  12. My prediction for tomorrow is come 5pm we'll be bemoaning that striker not signing on the dotted line on deadline day. That and somehow Amari'i Bell will resemble a half decent full back against all odds.
  13. Wait til Trav gets injured and then it'll be "Wait til Dack and Trav are back" once again.
  14. What happened to: ‘Johnson, Rankin Costello & co will be ready after the international break’?!
  15. There were rumours too that Pasha was 'personally' trying to get a deal done. Throw in Venus getting involved in stuff like this too and it goes some way to explaining the shambles that we are off the pitch.
  16. Not been of this opinion until now, but I’d be surprised if he has his deal extended. I could even see them potting him mid season like they did Bowyer. Has the same feel as then, IMO.
  17. I still find it odd that an Alex Neil (and similar) would turn us down. He’s hardly got clubs queuing up and it’s a very cushty gig at Ewood as Mowbray has proved.
  18. He's a winger. I would never write that off with Mowbray in charge...
  19. Why would those 4 sign new deals here? They'd be crazy to, unless we suddenly offer them better terms than the competition. Which we won't.
  20. Next summer is going to involve a ridiculous re-building job though, it won't be a case of spending just a few more quid. If we think we're shy of numbers, and quality now, then we're in for a treat this time next year with no Nyambe, Rothwell, Lenihan and potentially Brereton/Kaminski.
  21. This is my fear with our signings. They're here at Ewood by virtue of no other bugger wanting them in the Championship. Let's be honest.
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