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  1. Take the blinkers off Chaddy. Look at what the Brown family did developing Crow Wood at Burnley out of nothing. Look at what Fred Walker did developing Stanley House out of nothing. Entrepreneurs with Imagination.
  2. Think he thinks the Oxford crowd likely to turn up for the Wigan game? Not a chance. Strange comparison if intended.
  3. Wrong, that's reactive by the club. They continue to do nothing much proactive.
  4. As as I said Paul, poor post. However what does it boil down to then?
  5. Or moved the kick off time from 7pm to 1 pm? Some people at Ewood are unaccountable it seems.
  6. Poor post by Stuart, Paul. Yes the Oxford game was a free for all but time it was put to bed. We can all quote extremes but we know what acceptable behaviour is. Lets leave it there.
  7. So you continually slate 'St John Williams' and 'Andy Dolt'. Two of the best respected chairmen in East Lancs in the last 25 years. What are you preaching?
  8. The pricing structure seems aimed at Premier League. No realisation of the lack of that status for 7? years or the local economy. No imagination whatsoever.
  9. The council official at Oldham I met on Wednesday had served the Council for 40 years and he told me 'Nice to see the Lancashire flag flying instead of Kazakhstan or the usual rubbish we get'.
  10. He's failed. Another Kenny Senior type. Money for old rope.
  11. Ok crowds are poor. Instead of staffing all concourse bars with poor choice at high prices, open one in two. Stanley sell a good choice including Bowland cask at £2.50 a pint. Catering not contracted out. Bowland sell their own cask at their Holmes Mill Brewery in Clitheroe for summat like £4 a pint because people will pay it, but Stanley still make a profit on the barrel at £2.50, was £2.00 last season. The prices at Ewood are just not reasonable. Guess the deal's been done with Sodexho. Nobody with any business sense at Ewood.
  12. How about a decent choice of food and drink at reasonable prices.
  13. More like 8,500 bums on seats. The pricing policy throughout the club is not encouraging new business/supporters.
  14. Waggott: 'I want to see this club used every day of the year'. Well, fresh from closing: Radio Rovers. DE lower. BBE upper. Legends Lounge after a trial. He's now closing Blues Bar on non match days. If he keeps prices high, he will use the lack of attendance argument to close summat else. Wonder what will be next?
  15. When it opened it was buzzing during the week, Dalglish and the players used to go in for lunch before Brockhall opened. There was a varied menu, recently I think it was just burger and chips.
  16. 8,500 would have been snug last night.
  17. Surcharges. Not advertising the U23 game. Moving Kick off times. The whole administration at Ewood is anti-supporter.
  18. There's only one small problem with following the 'Villa model' - we haven't got a Dean Smith.
  19. No I don't believe anything where Mowbray is concerned. Agree, let's wait and see.
  20. Round pegs in round holes at last but its taken Mowbray 18 months to get there. Let's see if he has learned anything from the game or if he spins the tombola drum yet again.
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