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  1. Bennett is a poor player. If TM is to be believed why do the others listen to him???
  2. He looked like that in the post match interview after the Huddersfield game. Who is protecting him?
  3. Read my post again. You WON'T need clips to remind you of the difference between now and then. End to end more than side to side.
  4. Well then you won't need YouTube clips to remind you of those days and the difference between the turgid stuff we are served up now.
  5. Have you watched that clip or any of the games in that era?
  6. That clip v Barnsley div 2. We had no money. All you fans too young to be there, watch it and weep. We had that regularly home and away. How football has changed for the worse.
  7. rovers.co.uk and the LT will be papering over the Grand Canyon tomorrow
  8. ...and we played much of last season with two midfielders, Mulgrew and Rodwell, pressed into service at centre half.
  9. The club needs a change in ownership. After 9(nine) years, Venkys haven't appointed one good manager.
  10. That control by Mowbray has only been possible because of the lack of authority and control above him. The club is is a bloody mess under these owners.
  11. Exactly. Waggott even admitted in the FF minutes that he would consult Mowbray about where the visiting fans sit! Just what does Waggott do for his money? I wouldn't be surprised if Mowbray had the final say on the Diwali menu.
  12. Didn't say worse. We are in a similar position. Have you managed to visit Ewood yet?
  13. Black belt in black puddings by the look of him.
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