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  1. The club are aware of issues like this and are continually trying to address them. I believe they have consulted with the police on several occassions regarding bus services to Ewood and the biggest problem is with arranging somewhere suitable for the buses to drop people off, park during the match, then collect people afterwards. I know in the past buses have stopped on Bolton Road (close to the Ewood Arms), but obvioulsy the space there is limited. Paul is correct that the club have tried and will continue to try a variety of marketing ideas. The ideas have been very wide ranging and in
  2. Correct. We have probably recahed saturation now. I only bother to watch if it's Rovers. True - see my message on number of Prem games being shown in local pubs!
  3. Agreed. But there are many positives - for instance not many fans ever will have experienced a rise in stature of their club like we did from, say, 1980.
  4. Talking to 'local' fans last season who I have met over the last 25 years, the two recurring gripes are season ticket cost and Sky TV. Many Ewood/Darwen pubs now show up to 8 Prem games each weekend inc a choice of two at 3pm on Sat. £28 goes a long way behind the bar.
  5. FFS If it's that bad, why don't you go to Turf Moor!
  6. I doubt that McEveley will play because he is playing in the reserve match tonight. Would like to see McEveley tried at centre half. Could be the new Ian Pearce. Gray to stay at left back.
  7. He was effin excellent and proved by the incredible noise made by the crowd when he came on and when he scored. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Hope he starts on Wednesday.
  8. It was King Harold and the French. East Kenters should know better.
  9. Blimey - 3000+ posts in 10 mins!
  10. True. Generally: Messageboard user = pessimist with tendency to panic.
  11. How long have you been supporting Rovers?
  12. Looks like Martin Dahlin! Oh no - hope he doesn't play the same!
  13. Can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
  14. Only if you cancel Lanzarote and spend a fortnight in Cardiff!
  15. Oh come on! Surely he can afford a season ticket on the train from Macclesfield? What were Wales paying him in? Leeks?! Any spare leeks should be sent to Leavers for the new pies!
  16. There can be no pre-requisite for managerial experience at premiership level, or it would be a closed shop run by geriatrics.
  17. Leavers are allegedly working on a new chicken and leek recipe already.
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