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  1. Ewood will reek of optimism on Saturday.
  2. In order to give Mr Hughes the best welcome, how can we silence the drummer(s)?
  3. If I understand correctly, they can't stop him. Oh well, whys that? Contract has release clause if a prem club comes calling.
  4. If I understand correctly, they can't stop him.
  5. Dunno about anyone else, but the clock seems to be ticking very slowly this afternoon.......
  6. Is this for real? Playing long ball tactics is the WORST style of football..!! Don't panic. He could only do the best with very limited resources at Wales. I wouldn't expect a carbon copy at Ewood.
  7. All the things you seem to know about Mark Hughes are being contradicted by someone who actually plays for him. from teamtalk: Aston Villa defender Mark Delaney has pleaded with Mark Hughes to remain as Wales manager and resist any approach by Blackburn. Delaney is hoping the challenge of leading Wales to their first tournament since 1958 will persuade his international boss to snub the chance to move into club management. He told the club's official website: "I think everybody that saw the vacancy automatically thought of Mark because he'd been there as a player and because of the job
  8. Should be a cracking atmosphere' whatever happens between now and 3pm Saturday......
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if Souness came back for Ferguson.
  10. Not quite. And hard luck with your choice pal!
  11. Good call MB. Roach actually said he was not aware of any approach. He did not say 'no'. You could read several things into his clever use of words. Don't be naive Paul - he's an agent remember - not to be trusted.
  12. Add Fergie Suter to the list.
  13. Is Hughes still registered as a player?
  14. Swedish tannoy man stuck in mountain rescue post on Ben Nevis.
  15. Is there any footage of the great man?
  16. Bill should win this by a mile.
  17. Alan Wright - surely the shortest!
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