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  1. Keeley as No 2 to Mark Hughes sounds better. BTW saw Tony 'Ewood' Parkes at the launderette this morning havin his suit dry cleaned - so watch this space.......
  2. Only person he can get a grip on is his wife's ex.
  3. Rev Clearly you are correct - a disaster PR wise - my post weeks ago, replying to your LET letter, highlights the effect of transfer policy over ticket price on season ticket sales. But all fans on this thread should consider that: 1.The cost of the last result (usually a poor game if safe) should be taken with a pinch of salt - what about the other 15 poor results at Ewood? 2. 1500 ST's @ £400 is only £600K - not much for wages (or fees). 3.A player on £40K per week requires the sale of 4,000 seats for 20 home games @ £25 per seat (if my maths are right). 4.Clearly Prem clubs rely more on Sky TV, sponsorships and other commercial monies (and less on attendances). We are perhaps not worse off than ever before and perhaps the powers that be do not give the fans as much respect as they might. Comments?
  4. Don't worry Rich, the club can't distribute them within a five mile radius of Ewood let alone Ireland. Its done by mail to a database of all those who have purchased a season ticket in any year for as long as they wish to go back. Its nothing to do with location - idiot!
  5. Berg won 100th cap last night - a national record! Well done Henning.
  6. If I'm right about this, when ever Rovers/Burnley or Preston Go up or down a coffin goes in or out of the ground and gets blessed - just an excuse to have a few beers I think. Its nowt to do with Burnley. For every Rovers or Preston relegation the 'dead' club is laid to rest in a pub cellar in Bamber Bridge and 'raised' when promoted. Very old tradition with procession and service!
  7. Its the name- sort of sounds 45ish and sensible
  8. Garns fancies the vacant job at Turf Moor according to Friday's L.E.T. Says you should always start at the bottom!
  9. When you say everything, does that include headache, spare tyre, odd odours and an incurable spending disorder?
  10. Calling any London Branch fans. Is the Lord Rodney's Head pub at Whitechapel still open?
  11. Manchester Blue, has anyone every told you that you'd make a great Air hostess Not recently no. Take it as a compliment then!
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