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  1. This is the problem. He has shown many times that he knows how to get it right, but something will inevitably go wrong in his napper and he will return to type and mess around with formations and tactics. One would think he’s been told to keep us mid table. Tin hat conspiracy theory time 😂.
  2. Ironic how we scoffed when on arrival the V’s announced with great fanfare a cash injection of £5m per season. I laughed at the time but now ...
  3. He was bought from Celtic if I remember rightly. Wasn’t youth team.
  4. Seb Perez was class, he just wanted out as our ‘climate’ wasn’t good for him and the family.
  5. I had the honour to work with Jim for quite a few years in the 90’s. A genuine funny man who had a big heart. More of a Morcambe fan but had a soft spot for Rovers.
  6. R.I.P. Kelbo, have a cold one or ten with Uncle Jack.
  7. Jason Roberts as number 2 ??? Sorry that's not even in the slightest bit funny.
  8. [qu He might have scored a few goals but I think he could have scored more by now and I expect more from him. Thought Nonda worked his socks off - but please can they both stop showboating and just be more direct - really annoyed me in the last 10 mins when we could have gone for the jugular and crucified them with more goals. I must say I thought it was rather nice seeing some entertaining showboating last night. I know it shouldnt be done all the time but can anyone remember the last time Rovers were on soccer am showboat ? The last time I can think of was Dunny (every other week lol). For a long long time now we have seen average quality performances and mediocer players grace Ewood Park. Lets have some more showboating please (but not at the expence of losing a game )
  9. The royal we ???? mmm no, please refer to my and many others post on SATURDAYS performance only .
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