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  1. And it's bloody good. One of my all-time favorite King books alongside the even larger It.
  2. So I just finished my Llhosa book and I have Gates of Fire by Pressfield and The History of just About Everything(?) by Bill Bryson staring at me. Which do I delve into first? Or do I buck the two and get into Suttree by Cormac McCarthy? Decisions, decisions....
  3. Well at the recommendation of Colin(?) I picked up a Colin Bateman book, Of Wee Sweetie Mice and Men. Was enjoyable and pretty funny in parts as well. I'll be picking up more from him. It takes the mind off of the more heavy history books I immerse myself in.
  4. Sad news indeed. I'm a new acquaintance of his books (have only read the first Flashman book and am currently reading Black Ajax) but I've enjoyed his work so far. It's wonderful how he if not created his own genre he made it his own.
  5. Finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Bygod that was a depressing read. Couldn't put it down, though. Read it in two sittings. two sittings said the boy? two sittings, said the man. okay. okay? okay. Not really expecting that type of book, but not a bad first book to read of McCarthy's. Next Up, Cloud of Sparrows!
  6. Hope I don't ruin it for you but Hitman is a sh!te movie. Olyphant as a hardened assasin is about as believable as Keanu Reeves playing anything other than Ted Logan...
  7. Right! So over the weekend I printed out Colin's list and went round to the book store to see what I could find. I picked up Martel's Life of Pi, the first Flashman book(which I've already dived into), Cloud of Sparrows, The Road (by Cormac McCarthy), Death in The Andes by Mario Vargas Llosa (a great writer whom should be checked out), A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian, Black Earth (a good looking book about a guy who travels around Russia just after the fall of the Soviet Union). I also picked up Pillar of Fire, the second part of Parting The Waters both by Taylor Branch. These two books are an exhaustive study of the Rev. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement. I highly recommend these books to anyone who would like a real uinderstanding of the movement and King's part in it as well as the other principal figures in the movement. I was saddened that I couldn't find any of Bryson's work nor could I find the Prester Quest which sounds like a good read. Ah well, I was going to have to visit Amazon.co.uk sooner or later... So while I am halfway through Volcano Under Snow (about the highly successful Viet Minh general Vo Nguyen Giap) and Parting The Waters as mentioned above (I enjoyed it so much I'm reading it again), I've now delved into the Flashman series for a little light reading. I didn't figure on the series being so extensive so I'll be out a fair few quid completing the series, but so far I like it. Irreverent and at times you forget it's fictional, and that;s just how I like it! =) Thanks for the suggestions from everyone. I haven't picked up a suggested book I didn't like...yet...
  8. Saw No Country For Old Men over the weekend. Great movie in the line of Fargo, 'cept not as overtly funny. Maybe it's because it takes place in Texas so a lot of the culturally funny things that were funny in Fargo (I lived in North Dakota for a few years too) aren't funny to me since I have relatives(and I guess me too to an extent) who speak and act as the people in the movie do. Ah well, it's a great movie nonetheless. Tommy Lee Jones' static character serves well in this movie but I wish there had been an unknown in his stead. Same goes for Woody Harrelson's character. Bardem has placed himself on the list of Great Villains With Obscure Signature Weapons list. At any rate anyone who is a Coen Brothers fan must see this and those who don't give a toss about the Coen's should watch it anyway.
  9. I used to think the same thing and shouted loudly how we could really use him. But now after his antics last year in our FA Cup clash and his antics this past weekend, I don't think any amount of management can salvage this guy. He's unstable and doesn't have that filter that most players have that prevents you from acting out on the thoughts you get in the heat of the moment. We've only just gotten out from under that Bully Boy tag and that would come right back at us if he signed. I'd prefer Hughes to go for an unknown than get the known bully. He thinks he's so hard because he's a scouse from a rough neighborhood, trying to keep it real when all he is is a cheap shot artist.
  10. Being a complete and shameless tourist I bought The Lancashire Witches in a bookstore in the shadow of Lancaster Castle. Anyone read it and is it even worth it? I've gone through the fuirst 20 pages and it's a difficult read, what witht he olde english and the dialect written out. I'm not one to give up on a good challenge, but if it's not worth it, I won't bother. I have a nice tome about Stalinist Industrial Development, Magnetic Mountain waiting to be cracked open.
  11. Thank you very much sidders! I think I have my reading list set for a few years with that! Also, have you read Eco's Foucault's Pendulum? I've started it, but it's a slow go for a fair few pages. Does it ever pick up?
  12. Since I'm about done with the current book I'm reading, are there recommendations on some good Brit history/historical fiction books out there that deal with the time between and including the Roman occupation up to and not including the Industrial Revolution? Visiting the country I saw a lot of names and battles mentioned but was embarrassingly at a loss as to their significance. Being a history major, this just grates on my nerves, so I have to read up on it. Good recommendations so far, Alfred Duggan...anyone else I should look out for?
  13. I think I'm going to go with his historical British novels since 1) I'm not too familiar with Brit history and 2) I find it more fascinating (probably because of point #1) But yeah Duggan was a good referral. Thanks for it! Oh by the way I finished Knight With Armour on the train from London to Liverpool, so while in the 'Pool I picked up a book called The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. It's pretty good so far, actually, if of course you like fantasy novels...
  14. Oi good shout, sidders! I read Knight With Armour on my trip over to the UK. T'was a good read and when I visited the castle in Clitheroe I found it fitting that it was a Norman tower from the same age as the book I was reading took place. I'll be looking for more of Duggan's work. Any recommendations? I like the sound of Little Emperors and Lady for Ransom. It's hard to find his stuff over here in the States, though.
  15. Roky Erickson's a strange dude. he had a bit of a revival a few years ago, but he's not right in the head. Poor guy tries his best to be a public person again but I don't think it's sticking. He always looked like he wanted to be under a bridge rather than stand on a podium and be introduced. 13th Floor Elevators did put out some good music, though....if you're into that whole Psychadelica kinda thing...
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