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  1. Dack's face also popped up in the corner of the screen while me and my friend desperately tried to get the ITV app to work for the game yesterday evening. So, there's that too.
  2. I think the reporting has generally been that Raya was sold for an initial £3m, rising to £5m with add-ons. One such clause being getting promoted, which the LT specified as £500k today, but it's also probably fair to assume he's hit some of those other clauses too given his regular playing time with Brentford. I think it was roughly calculated that Josh King's sale to Everton netted us £600k (checking Rich Sharpe's estimate at the time). Funny that he's now leaving Everton after doing nothing there, so a welcome, and random, bonus incoming there... Rumour is Cairney may go for £10m
  3. Maybe it's easy to sing his praise right after a career highlight, but I overall thought he was a true bright spot for the team last year. I think one of the turning points of our season was his early Dec injury and then struggling to get back into form when he did return (for whatever reason he was often a sub during that Feb dip, whether due to lingering injury or maybe he was just playing poorly...) Unlike Gallagher, I can also see the merits of keeping him on the wing. His defensive work rate and speed seem to go underrated. I can't recall the exact game, I think later in the year, bu
  4. Thought this was an interesting chart from Ben Mayhew re: time spent in the lead, tied, or losing: I'm not sure exactly how he's ordered this (2nd chart is the Championship), but we were roughly 6th worst in the league in the amount of time we spent winning vs losing/tied, which I think explains a lot of our 'impressive' possession numbers versus actual results. A lot of time passing the ball around chasing games against teams that learned how to nullify us after getting ahead early (or were happy to sit back and wait for their chance). Need to account for such 'score effects' when l
  5. Ah, I may have lost the thread a bit, but +/- doesn't even really answer that question, so I'm not sure of the point of bringing it up at all... (For the record, we were 3-2-2 in games Buckley started 🙂) Anyway, my post was actually more of a general defence of analytics and why attacking stats like +/- is a silly strawman to use, as there did seem to be a sudden rash of analytics bashing based on one out of context table!
  6. It's already been discussed, but I think the biggest thing to stress about those summer of 2012 signings is the opportunity cost. That was our first year with parachute payments and our chance to steamroll the league with our wage bill alone. I know there's debate about this, but all other things equal, having parachute payments is a huge, huge advantage in the Championship. And we certainly spent like it. It wasn't as if we tried to cut our cloth that year, we did go for it... Yet we wasted that opportunity on the likes of Murphy, Etuhu, and Best (I sometimes wonder how Best wo
  7. Haha, +/- is a funny ol' stat to be arguing about... and a strange one to apply to football. As has been said, context is important. (Ice) hockey is my true love, where +/- has long been rubbished. I'll give the column in that table some credit for adjusting for minutes on the pitch, but it's still incredibly misleading to compare across every player. Setting Buckley aside, let's highlight Downing and Dolan at +1.3/90 and +1.1/90, respectively. Great numbers, apparently, but I think we can all agree that they're players who were mostly put on late in games when we were chasing, and thus m
  8. If of interest as MLS publishes all salaries (shocking, innit?! 😁), Williams is apparently making a base salary of $750k, going up to $821k in guaranteed compensation. So, to put that in UK football terms and at current exchange rates, about £11.1k per week. I'd guess he was on something like £8k/week with us? Probably better than he would manage on a new contract over here and life in LA on $800k can't be too shabby, so I can see why he was keen on the move! Good luck to him. We all had our frustrations with him but he was ultimately pretty decent. (Yeah, that tackle looks
  9. FWIW, Barnsley's wage bill is by far the lowest in the division. Our 19/20 wages were twice theirs (~£25m vs £11m). So it's not all that unimaginable that we'd be able to offer Mowatt a far better wage package. Barnsley are heavy into analytics and value-for-money (ahem, "Moneyball") and their turnover (and wages/turnover!) are quite low, so I don't see them getting into a bidding war. Making the playoffs was a hell of an accomplishment, but last year was sadly hardly going to be a money spinner for them... Now, if Mowatt has other Championship suitors, it's certainly a fair question
  10. Are we allowed to warn about the potential dangers of breaching FFP again if both Sheffield Wed and Derby go down due to FFP-related penalties? 😉 (Tongue half in cheek of course haha 🙃. Covid repercussions obviously the elephant in the room for any FFP breaches in the near future...) Considering their financial chicanery, more than happy to see both go down, and credit to Wycombe who looked well off any chance of survival to start the year! Will be curious to read the final verdict as it seems Derby are still cleared on the stadium sale, which was the bigger potential breach, bu
  11. Edit: sorry, I'm struggling to the tweets to show up nicely... Latest Championship profit/loss figures from Swiss Ramble, excluding stadium sales chicanery (Covid a factor, but not so much for 2019-20 figures): https://twitter.com/SwissRamble/status/1389824162412310530/photo/1 Looking at operating profit/losses, ie excluding profits from player sales (the only real hope of occasionally turning an annual profit): https://twitter.com/SwissRamble/status/1389824196033880065/photo/2 So, nah. (To be less flippant, the ones that roughly have broken even are the likes of
  12. Branthwaite and THB were collectively a clever bit of loan business considering the situation we were in at CB (more on that below...). Both complete unknowns in League football, so we spread the risk of one of them not working out, and presumably with a minimal budget. Branthwaite actually looked alright for a few games before the wheels came off (nowhere near ready, but I can see him developing into a very good CB in maybe 3-4 years time), and then THB stepped in very ably. He's had a few shaky moments, but overall an excellent loan showing. Definitely interested in him coming back on loan a
  13. Was just thinking about this again and I mucked it up as Gallagher's fee won't factor into the 'intangible asset trading' profit. It'll show up in our rising amortisation costs. Nuttall was a free and whatever minimal fee Raya cost would've fully amortised, so fair to assume that the initial fees for Raya + Nuttall were about £3.2m. So, maybe £3m for Raya (and presumably rising!) and about £200k for Nuttall (not a bad deal!). Possible there are some minimal loan fees wrapped up in that number too (Rovers, like many clubs, don't split out fees from loans. Presumably most of our loans only inclu
  14. I was honestly just guessing there! To add some more context to what I mean, here are the previous 5 years comparing 'other' operating expenses for the VLL and BRFC accounts: 2019-20: VLL £14.1m; BRFC ? 2018-19: VLL £12.3m; BRFC £10.4m 2017-18: VLL £10.2m; BRFC £8.9m 2016-17: VLL £11.5m; BRFC £5.9m 2015-16: VLL £12.4m; BRFC £10.7m 2014-15: VLL £13.8m; BRFC £11.6m Maybe BRFC reflects a subtraction from grants/subsidies for academy costs, etc. I don't know! Just thought it was worth pointing out that the BRFC accounts tend to be a bit 'better', partly due
  15. PDF has now been uploaded. Took a glance and it's generally the same old story as recent years. Important to note that these accounts only go up to the end of March 2020, so they won't fully incorporate pandemic impacts. The more interesting set of accounts will be BRFC accounts, which should run until the end of June 2020. I would think the BRFC accounts are the more 'relevant' figures too. Some quick observations/notes: - Turnover up from £14.9m to £15.8m due to increased media revenue. Commercial approx. flat at £4.9m (still relatively high for our 'stature'). Matchday down t
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