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  1. Nice article on Nyambe in The Athletic this morning: https://theathletic.com/2398736/2021/02/26/nyambe-id-sleep-at-a-friends-and-a-snake-would-be-slithering-across-the-floor/ (usual disclaimer that it's behind a paywall! Sorry... not sure if The Athletic allows for reading a couple articles before subscribing or not) Oddly doesn't touch on his ongoing contract situation. Can't help but feel this was partially arranged by his agent to turn up the heat/get his client some notice.
  2. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/13504724.blackburn-rovers-waiting-work-permit-kim-bo-kyung-netting-initial-1-5m-josh-king/ LT at the time reported the agreement as an initial £1.5m, potentially rising to £2m. Considering how King did at Bournemouth, and his continued appearances for Norway, it's probably fair to assume we got close to £2m in the end. For other out-of-contract comparators, Hoilett's Bosman was 'up to' £4m (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/19750830) and Mahoney was £425k, potentially rising to £925k with appearances, plus £250k if he makes an England ap
  3. While I understand the sentiment to bring in a non-nonsense, grizzled shithouse 33+ CB as cover, considering the budget we're apparently working with (or the equivalent of whatever we are paying for Braithwaite - who looked quite good on Saturday!), I think the risk is you're more likely to end up with someone like Gordon Greer. Setting aside whether Keogh's actually any good or not, I suspect he's managed a decent bidding war for his wage (key may be whether Huddersfield gives him a year extension when/if they sign him!) - Does the rule that you're only allowed to play for two clubs in o
  4. Yep. As much as the Chapman signing is turning out to be a failure, I think it was a pretty reasonable low-risk/high-reward swing. I may be misremembering, so welcome to be corrected on the exact numbers/rumours, but I recall 'Boro were looking to sell him to us for something £1m after his initial loan spell, but we balked given he had picked up a significant injury (and questions about his commitment had already cropped up). He returned to 'Boro, where he again failed to break in, so we returned to poach him at a much lower fee (I don't think there has been a confirmed number, but FM suggests
  5. Reading today that Bournemouth may be pretty keen to offload King in January before his contract expires. He's only made 6 appearances so far this year (3+3) and he's still agitating for a move. Maybe won't get the £5m we could've hoped for last January (£25m x 20%) or the £2.6m possible from the West Ham offer of £13m in the summer, but maybe they'll still get £5m...? So £1m for us. That plus maybe Trybull heading back to Norwich (as speculated given his omission from today's squad)... and there's your budget for a CB loan?
  6. Swiss Ramble posted a thread with an interesting set of charts comparing gross and net transfer spend across the PL and Championship over the past 5 years: https://twitter.com/SwissRamble/status/1340985406922354688 Rovers very much near the bottom. This is covering 2014-15 to 2018-19, so it more covers our 'lean' latter years in the Championship + L1, and then you can see the +£8m net spending boost for our first year back in the Championship. Including 19-20 would change things a bit with a net spend of ~£1.5-2m (Gallagher - Raya - Nuttall), but not drastically so. A comparison of o
  7. Rolling my eyes and shaking my head through it, but admittedly a pretty entertaining listen! Marshall may be a prat, but he's got a sense of humour at least. For those who can't be bothered (I agree the forced laddishness of that podcast can grate, and it's not a short listen!), here are the general bits re: Rovers: - Bowyer was apparently very 'paranoid', but they don't really elaborate (I suppose fair to Bowyer as he tried to survive under Venky's) - Evans allegedly has a video of Marshall and Marrow naked wrestling outside a pub (lads lads lads!) - Marshall had a side hu
  8. While I'm sure they're in it for the fun of owning a football club, rumour is this is also a play on making a 'Sunderland 'til I Die' style documentary, as they realised it would be cheaper to buy/invest in a club like Wrexham for a couple million than pay an established club for broadcasting rights and then wrangle over distribution rights, etc. They also won't have to deal with club PR micromanaging every frame, making sure the club comes off well (/boring). Main risk/worry is if Wrexham's play doesn't produce enough storylines! But I suspect they'll manage just fine in making lower league f
  9. His first touch is occasionally awful, but he really shows his abilities with that 2nd and 3rd touch (if he gets to it!) What impresses me is how fast he is with the ball right at his feet. Never seems to kick it forward and gallop, yet still gets up the pitch at great pace and with control. Similarly, always seems to be on the verge of trouble in tight in the corner/around the box, yet always seems to wriggle loose. Then his final ball occasionally leaves a lot to be desired, but that finally seems to be improving this year!
  10. The Christmas dinner story about Coyle is hilarious. The players are trying to sort it out in a serious meeting and he can't be bothered haha... Still can't believe that appointment. Considering how razor thin our relegation was that year, certainly an interesting counterfactual if any other manager had been appointed... Graham comes off as pretty immature and less than 100% committed, but you can also tell he's probably good for locker room morale. It's a balance... I often remind myself that 90% of athletes are the guys I hated back in school haha. Players are waaaay more ill-behav
  11. I'm often a 'defender' of Evans, but even I'll admit he had a pretty awful game. Aside from him just being technically 'off' (he's usually at least pretty tidy with the ball), he was often terribly positioned as the 'attacker' among the midfield trio. He did at least show some scrappiness and was a touch better in the 2nd half when re-positioned further back... He's at his best complementing more dynamic attacking, box-to-box-type midfielder(s), cleaning up at the back and then handing off. So beside the likes of Travis or Rothwell, or maybe Dack. But the midfield just dies if he's only partne
  12. I completely forget why I ever watched it, and feels almost mean to do this for a game against PL competition, but in the below highlights of Salford's friendly with Everton in September, I did find it hilarious how Lowe's the culprit for almost every Everton chance/goal... 0:53 in fairness, an okay block! 1:24 However, he loses Keane for the headed goal from the resulting corner 2:36 fails to close down a shot from outside the box 4:20 diving lunge fails to stop a pass to his man in the box, who scores 5:28 now at RB, he's isolated, but still giving up way t
  13. Couple points: - Hoilett was a Bosman transfer, not a 'free' transfer. Didn't go to tribunal as we agreed to compensation of £3m, rising to £4m with appearances: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/19750830 - Re: opinions on Mulgrew's contract extension, at least looking back at posts at the time, you're not going to find a lot dissent (if any!): https://www.brfcs.com/mb/index.php?/forums/topic/33229-the-godlike-genius-of-charlie-mulgrew/&page=4 See from when the news was first posted on 15 Nov 2018. I count 16 positive posts in a row, with only one post adding the cave
  14. Watching Kaminski, it immediately becomes apparent what Mowbray was alluding to with these comments about Walton (https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/18595996.mowbray-loanee-rovers-search-new-keeper/) “I think he’s been trying really hard all year to change a few core fundamentals that he has that I would like to change so he can play the way I would like him to play. “It’s not easy to change footballers, particularly goalkeepers where I’m not the expert, yet I watch as much football as anyone and know where the goalkeeping fraternity is going, I know how a modern goalkeeper
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