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  1. The absolute best we can hope for is that we strike it lucky with a manager.. any thoughts of a string structure is purely dreamland
  2. To be honest I'm desperate to watch live football at Ewood, so me and my boys will be renewing... although like many I feel totally disengaged by Mogga and the 2nd half of the season.. And yes, it is the hope that kills us!
  3. I think the fact that Tony's love child is staying is the strongest indicator that he is going nowhere at all! 😏
  4. Offering Bennett and Chapman is a surprise to me.. both have done nothing for Rovers in the last 2yrs... unless we extend Chapman and then sell him, I see no point in keeping him on as he clearly is only a League 1 player.. I'm hoping Bennett will only be on club mascot wages! Personally think the wages on both these guys could have been better utilised.
  5. Couldn't agree more.. We need someone who has a vision and thinks big, someone who inspires belief and pride in the players, a leader who wants to over achieve... Currently we have the exact opposite, someone who will always 'limit beliefs' with his excuse, apologetic mindset, non accountable language and body language!
  6. Absolute shambles that Tony is still here.. to say I was excited last week after the Bournemouth game when I heard he was going was an understatement, it was HOPE for a new start, a fresh start, yes they may have recruited a dudd, but I would always rather roll the dice and live life going for stuff than stay mediocre.. I'm hoping they're lining up a corker before potting Tony.. it definitely is the bloody hope that kills us
  7. Can we stream the conference?? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  8. Barnsley up to 5th.. This is a bottom 5 squad.. Unbelievable Jeff!
  9. I honestly think, Buckley is an outcome of Tony.. he comes on and fades in and out of games.. a manager that demands high standards would really be pushing this guy.. same goes for many other players Tony is not a winner. He rules with his heart too much over his head
  10. I would love it.. https://the72.co.uk/225780/ex-everton-manager-with-40-win-rate-could-be-the-ideal-candidate-for-blackburn-rovers-this-summer-opinion/
  11. I mean very much under the radar, even when people on here mention names, often this guy not included yet serious contender
  12. I fear we are going to miss the boat on this guy.. surprised at the lack of interest in him.. even on here
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