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  1. I mean very much under the radar, even when people on here mention names, often this guy not included yet serious contender
  2. I fear we are going to miss the boat on this guy.. surprised at the lack of interest in him.. even on here
  3. See Barnsley winning again.. The manager has done an amazing job! Hes fast becoming my no.1 choice
  4. Barnsley are the team massively over achieving v the standard of players they have..
  5. Agree as embarrassed as I am to say this, we need a few heavy defeats, seems like it's the only chance for a reset...
  6. Kaminski current form is all that is wrong with Mowbray in charge.. Spend time with Tony and the team and you'll under perform.. he simply does not improve players
  7. Understand what the hierarchy think..? What are the parameters for Tony?
  8. Gallagher needs to come off... But we all know Mediocre Mowbray Mr Predictable won't do anything until his 65 min subs.. I give up, I'm going to watch a movie
  9. His comments about Nyambe were an absolute disgrace
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