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  1. Just interested to see how the guy we all heralded as a future star is getting on.. doesn't look to great so far!
  2. Wonder how Obafemi is doing at the mighty Swansea 🤔
  3. We seem to play much better when we have only the 1 x cdm.. personally would play 4-1-4-1 especially given the wingers we potentially have! Travis CDM Buckley/Butterworth Rothwell 2 x CM Khedra Dolan Ben on the wings Ideally a new striker
  4. He might be the key, but to date he has more chance of finding the door, than Elton John has of finding a female bride
  5. I think our biggest strength is this amazing European scouting network we have!!
  6. I would take the 2 x promotion one trick pony any day of the week!
  7. Oh what could have been if we had potted Mogga and replaced with Ismael at Christmas last year... he would have us top 6.. and yes with this squad, people would want to come and play for us.. Instead we have Stubborn Tony who won't call potential players to convince them to play for us..
  8. After he leaves I mean... post 12 months if he goes what difference does it make to him...
  9. What if... just what if... Tony is creating a shit storm so that as he leaves the next guy doesn't stand a chance .....
  10. Based purely on YouTube highlights (I know!) Dembele looks a better all round player than Obafemi...
  11. Could the Obafemi delay be a smoke screen to cover any challenge from Newcastle? And / or assuming we will have agreed a reduced fee as part of the Armstrong deal, when other clubs are asking they are being quoted a higher number than his valuation by Southampton, which is what I'm hoping is happening...
  12. Anything more than a defeat and I'll be chuffed... WBA have stepped up a level, mainly because of their manager, who we should have snapped up at Christmas last year.. he sets his teams up to play the pressing game and with significantly better players than he had at Barnsley he is going to walk this league.. From our perspective, we are clearly desperate for a striker would look at putting Diaz central and Dolan / Butterworth left.. sorry don't agree with Gallagher being central, he's just not good enough unless he's part of a duo, which no one really plays any more
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