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  1. This is utterly appalling, we don’t look anywhere near a side set up to get a result. Mowbray Out.
  2. Very happy to read this. Well done and thanks to those who fought for our clubs true best interests. Out with the Coventry 3.
  3. They have a few players like Moore and Flint who are a good few inches taller than Lenihan and Harwood Bellis. 4 or 5 conceded from set piece headers probably wouldn't be a shock given the types of goals we love to concede. Mowbray's solution will be to play Gallagher and hope for the best.
  4. Cardiff got battered in their last game, but unlike our manager, McCarthy will not let his players get away with it. He will have them fired up, using their arses and elbows and everything they can to get the points, whilst Father Tony sends our lads out with a reminder of how well they are playing. Fortunately for Cardiff I would fancy an 11 of arses and elbows alone to beat our dross. 3 points to lessen the chances of a criminal relegation are welcome but there wouldn't be much to celebrate.
  5. Waggott - “Spend just an extra £54.99 on top of your regular Season Ticket price, and get a shirt for FREE!” Genius.
  6. I think we all felt he is safe, with no threat of his job being reviewed until the season is over. The very real (albeit slim) threat of relegation is the one factor that could change that and force an immediate decision. A lot of people quickly realised that threat exists yesterday. I don't expect the decision makers at the club to both realise that and act upon it, but I'm hoping for a minor miracle.
  7. I think he is nailed on to be our right back next season, with Nyambe moving on, and Pike as #2. I saw Rich Sharpe post a stat around him starting something like 16 out of the 17 games he's been available this season. Given he has been predominantly used at right back, that tells a story. Still disappointed about the whole Nyambe situation, he's an ever improving academy player of starting calibre in this league, but that's a different debate. I do recognise that with the JRC/Pike emergence, cashing in on Nyambe (whilst we can) would arguably be the sale that impacts the squad the l
  8. Buckley has really taken his chance. Can be a big player for us used properly. Touch was brilliant tonight, can pick tight passes well and his ability to beat a man without pace shows real skill
  9. Yes - Apart from THB and Douglas (no viable current alternative) we should be looking to field an 11 of players who we think will be here next season. E.g Trybull had a good game Saturday but likely won't be here next season - maybe we should go Buckley/Travis/Dack rather than Buckley/Trybull/Dack to see if it works at all. One watch out for that tomorrow is JRC. Just back from a hamstring and went off with cramp after an hour on Saturday. Another start tomorrow could be a risk not worth taking so soon, especially with Nyambe able to step directly in (that said don't be surprised if
  10. Must keep Buckley and Dolan in the starting line up. Give them a fair run to see how they do with next season in mind.
  11. Needed those 3 points. Lenihan and THB did their jobs very well at centre half. THB is miles better than Branthwaite. Best individual performance for Rovers for a while from Dolan. Terrorized their back line, he was everywhere. He’s taking fewer touches and is being more effective with the ball which he needed to do to develop. Skill, pace and end product. Must keep him in the starting 11, let him develop in to being a big player for us next season.
  12. Miles better so far. Simply a much better side to watch with Dolan in. Need to keep pressing them second half, they will try to sort themselves out at half time.
  13. I think a lot of the clues point towards Pulis. On the books of the agency supplying our previous 4 managers. And I’m sure he himself would chuck his cap straight in for the job. Convenient for both Venkys and Pulis.
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