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  1. Needed those 3 points. Lenihan and THB did their jobs very well at centre half. THB is miles better than Branthwaite. Best individual performance for Rovers for a while from Dolan. Terrorized their back line, he was everywhere. He’s taking fewer touches and is being more effective with the ball which he needed to do to develop. Skill, pace and end product. Must keep him in the starting 11, let him develop in to being a big player for us next season.
  2. Miles better so far. Simply a much better side to watch with Dolan in. Need to keep pressing them second half, they will try to sort themselves out at half time.
  3. I think a lot of the clues point towards Pulis. On the books of the agency supplying our previous 4 managers. And I’m sure he himself would chuck his cap straight in for the job. Convenient for both Venkys and Pulis.
  4. 1 point from a possible 21. Yet Mowbray is still playing the same system as the start of that run (and way before, when it looked poor). The same weak, wasteful, ineffective football. The same shape, the same ‘patterns’. No visible attempt to improve or change anything. Unacceptable.
  5. So, another change of direction on the clubs targets from the mouth of the manager today. When we first came back up he spoke about needing 2 or 3 windows to consolidate and then have us looking upwards. This summer he spoke as if promotion/top 6 was the target. Two weeks ago it was 'we are only 20 odd games in to our promotion journey. Today it's 'if the club wants to get out of the division it needs a plan'. He must take us for mugs. He is clearly trying to deflect attention away from his own failures and under achievements. SIX (6) transfer windows since promotion in which h
  6. Mentioned he doesn’t want to be a burden on the club in his post match presser. Well Tony, I take no pleasure in saying it, but have I got news for you.
  7. 5 great adverts on the spin for why Mowbray should be sacked. Took him 10 losses in a row before walking at Coventry. Maybe we’re 50% of the way there..
  8. Agree. Bad move if done by choice, not out of necessity. And more often than not you will do them more damage than good by chucking them in so early. Particularly with strikers. We will give him a better chance of success if we let him continue to develop at PL2 level for the next few months, then find him a league two (maybe one) loan next season to see how he develops at a proper level.
  9. Permanent downgrade of assets/facilities to make short term cash which in relative terms probably won’t be much at all. Aware there are other threads but this is very relevant. Upgrading the coaching staff (very achievable without increasing expenditure much, or even at all) gives the club a much improved chance of getting back to the Prem in the next few years, eventually rendering any financial saving as part of this scheme totally pointless due to the money that comes with top flight status. Promotion is obviously never guaranteed. But that would be the sensible strategic play by
  10. He said midweek there was ‘no reason’ he didn’t play and ‘not everybody can get in to the squad’. Now it’s ‘he had to protect him and he should be allowed to be left to manage as manager’. Poor comments, he’s effectively putting something that is accountable to himself on to the fans. All deflection tactics. Not only are we seeing a lack of attempts to change and improve things on the pitch, we’re seeing a lack of acknowledgment off the pitch. A bad combination, no wonder he is losing respect and credibility. It’s all very sad.
  11. Most frustrating thing is there is nothing being done that I can see to address our issues. Either by the club, or by the manager/coaching staff. Philosophy, tactics, whatever you want to call it. It’s abysmal. Totally impractical. We are not set up to win football games. It’s become a joke. God I hope he walks. Nothing sensible about our set up at the moment. I long for a sensible manager.
  12. Regardless of whether this is something positive, something sinister, or whatever it is.. answers need to be given ASAP. As has been said this is a huge, huge asset to the club and any form of change should not be taken lightly.
  13. I expected us to lose at Barnsley, but had that faint gut feeling Mowbray would do the typical 'pull one out of the bag just as things look really bad' as many of you will have had too. That feeling has totally gone for me. We have looked absolutely lost recently. I just can't see that changing in the space of a few days enough for us to put a real performance in. With that said, the only way I see us picking points up in the immediate future is if the opposition turns up and has a bad day, an early red card or some other huge swing(s) of luck. Forest looked unlucky to lose last
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