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  1. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19220124.tony-mowbray-sticking-beliefs-amid-rovers-criticism/ “Every football club wants to go in a direction, I’ve talked a lot about a journey and making this team a more possession-based and ball orientated team,” he said “I’ve spent my career not liking stats, it’s down to whether you win or lose, but there is a correlation out there between having more possession and losing.” Wait, am I tripping? Has he admitted there’s a correlation between more possession and losing, whilst insisting on a more possession-based syst
  2. Your guess is as good as mine. Does he actually believe we've been playing well last 14 games?? (Or even before then). It's absolutely baffling. Either way, it stinks.
  3. Or we create an ad for a fake housing development company specialising in downsizing structures in place and building houses, all with the intention of lining pockets. Make a few sneaky, snide references to the Coventrio. Might garner publicity if it succeeded haha
  4. "If you were in their position you’d be doing the same, or may be you wouldn’t. Maybe you’d be a results orientated owner who, ‘lose three on the bounce, sack him and get the next one in’ but then you might have four, five, six managers a season if that was the case." It was 5 on the bounce and now 1 win in 14, Tony... He's fucking deluded as fuck
  5. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19218742.mowbray-hasnt-sought-assurance-future-venkys/ If you can stomach it.
  6. Don't go Mercer, your information, predictions, betting suggestions and the general uproar they tend to cause are part of the reason I keep coming back here.
  7. I know someone who used to be employed by the club and knows a lot of staff and how the club is run. They are almost certain Waggott was hired with almost the intention of selling off the land at Brockhall and downgrading and skimping (this is speculation btw). One thing that isn’t speculation however... and this is coming from someone who had access to information on the company accounts... guess how much he’s on a year... £300k. For comparison, Williams and Finn were on less than that COMBINED.
  8. The more I look at Ainsworth, the more impressed I am by him. Wycombe were in danger of being relegated to the Conference when he took over, he saved them from relegation that first season and has built them up on a very tight budget. Achieving two promotions on such limited resources is no mean feat. He’s had interest from the likes of QPR, Millwall and Sunderland yet said it would take something special to convince him to leave Wycombe. I think Rovers would likely be his dream (realistic) job and that he’d certainly have our best interests at heart. There’s other names sounded on here t
  9. Thanks to TM and co, I've gone mad, if that counts 🤷‍♂️
  10. It’s Mark Venus’s birthday today. I would say it would be a very welcome for us yet shitty birthday for him getting potted, but no doubt he’d be equally delighted as us, since he’d get a nice payoff. Knob.
  11. He says the goals aren’t there due to our striker situation...?? What?! We don’t score cause we create fuck all due to absolutely bobbins tactics. It’s not as if we miss a wealth of chances each game. Hell, I can barely think of 5 clear-cut chances across the last 14 games.
  12. Two-nil down and in need of goals. Make a triple like-for-like change across defence and midfield, and leave an attacker on the bench. Fuck off Mowbray.
  13. Chap I work with used to work at Rovers and still has connections at the club. It’s info we probably all knew but Dack’s fucked and out for a year at least apparently.
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