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  1. Delighted with the result. Gutted I didn’t go but my brother was full of superlatives for the players and performance. Class to hear Bucko is doing the business yet again and Wharton continuing to show what a player he is. Proper old school defender isn’t he. Let’s keep this up Rovers! RTID
  2. I often cite myself as such but all my friends still continue to think I’m bonkers
  3. I’ve not been on this forum for a while, but those folk who were saying Buckley is shite, what are they saying now? I know almost everyone has probably come round on BBD but Bucko came in for some right stick from some quarters not long ago, despite plenty of fans saying he’s a player. Surely humble pie has been eaten? Been a standout performer this season and really looks the part in every game. I’m still doubtful of Mowbray’s abilities but I’ve got a bib, napkin, knife and fork ready for if we somehow make the playoffs.
  4. Don’t kick yourself for it. I did the same, but I needed that chunk more then than I needed the full amount come when he gets it. There was no guarantee he wouldn’t get injured or sold before he hit it so can’t be blamed for cashing. I’m just mad I didn’t put another fiver on as I said I was gonna (and I’d have let that one ride!). It’s just crazy how he can’t stop scoring. Every chance that falls to him, you feel he’s gonna put it away and I’m sure he feels the same. It’s remarkable how consistent he is without having a wealth of chances, and how without Armstrong’s presence he’s been able to flourish, yet without the detriment to the team that came with Armstrong’s greediness. I have been a staunch defender/supporter of Brereton from the off and said there was a player there when others didn’t and I’m just glad he’s showing what he can do, to our benefit. Regardless of his goals, his work rate has always been exemplary and he should be lauded for this more than anything. Seems a really lovely, likeable lad too which always helps. If he signs a new deal and continues to do the business for us, he could really cement himself in folklore, if he hasn’t already. I bloody love the guy.
  5. 3 on 2 and could have played Breo in for a near open net. Far too greedy. Great effort and save mind.
  6. Oh I know he isn’t, but I think that was more to the shape change with him as a wingback and Magloire in CB. No one knew where they were supposed to be. I meant to say I’d rather him there in a flat back four than Magloire, and I’d definitely rather him there than a change to three CBs to accommodate Magloire. If that makes sense? Give me Edun at RB any day over the other options. I just don’t trust Mowbray to do that. I was there on Tuesday and didn’t agree with the changes.
  7. Ps please no Magloire. Don’t wanna be too harsh on the lad but he’s looked awful in most games.
  8. This makes sense to me. And I’m mirroring other people’s suggestions on Edun right back. I’d sooner see Buckley RB in a back four with Edun in midfield than a back five. It’s proven time and time again it doesn’t work, so let’s stick to the shape that we know and the one that’s been most effective. Limit the tinkering and pointless late changes. We threw away a point the other night, so it’s paramount we get three on Saturday. COYB
  9. Madness ain’t it. Some people are taking the piss but those trying to exploit their own fans, it’s shameful
  10. If anyone has a couple tickets going spare (or even just one) would be great if you could PM me. Rather look to get off someone trustworthy on here than someone on FB.
  11. Anyone got any ideas on where’s best for away parking/pubs?
  12. Not letting me get tickets on the website... Not sold out, surely??
  13. Brilliant to hear, Roverite. I look forward to hearing more about the positive steps and actions of BRFC and it's staff, especially after such a rocky period. Long may it continue 💙
  14. Reading about the work done with the Darwen refugees and the efforts to bring kids along from schools, particularly looking to engage kids from diverse backgrounds where football might not have been a big part of the culture, really made me happy. I'm as guilty as anyone of being a pessimistic/cynical bugger but it does fill you with hope seeing that you have some people putting in a great deal of effort in making positive moves for the community and BRFC. Check out the video below, it makes great viewing seeing the kids celebrating, as well as the young lad pointing out Khadra praying for a Brereton-Diaz hat-trick! Hats off to you, Yasir. COYB
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