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  1. I thought it would have been a pen if Breo didn't finish it. Was being wrestled all over.
  2. Bar a brilliant individual effort from Nyambe to win the penalty, did we do anything after Brereton went off? Dolan was absolutely anonymous. Dack subbed to play out of position, far too early in the game as well. Rothwell coming on would have made more sense, get some drive into the centre of midfield. Then put Dack on later but in his natural position!
  3. His performance today has highlighted how criminal Mowbray's decision to drop him was
  4. Think Dolan has touched it twice since coming on. Dack way off the pace which saddens me as I'm very fond of him.
  5. All we need now is Bennett to come on and kill the game for good.
  6. Elliott has had a really poor game but Mowbray would rather look after other team's players. A nice way to kill BB's confidence. No surprise considering Tony's man management skills.
  7. Oh yeah considering the holes all over the field, it wasn't wise to lump it all on a striker
  8. It's an absolutely alarming stat. With the likes of Armstrong and Elliott up the top end it's particularly damning.
  9. It's just boring seeing the usual suspects jump on everything he does wrong. He's playing better than most today, he was very good earlier in the season. Wasn't most of the £7m in performance-related add-ons? I'd have spent the money differently but hey ho. Not BB's fault. And I think Mowbray's management of him has been shocking.
  10. He was calling Mowbray a clown for his treatment of BB. Get off Breo's back would you. Half-decent? He was one of our best performers earlier in the season. Some of you are willing the guy to fail to justify your initial criticisms and issues with his fee.
  11. One bad shot and you put BB in the same bracket as the hopeless Gally? Drivel. Yet he's been our best player today, so what does that say about the rest?
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