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  1. Really miffed me hearing those chants. Some of our fans have a real short-term memory and seem to have forgotten last season’s death spiral, as well as the annual falling apart we have had to endure in almost every single campaign under Tony
  2. Double?! You want £600k a year?! Jeebus!
  3. Absolutely spot on post but only disagreement is I think that Diaz lad looked better than Brereton 😉
  4. Really enjoyed tonight. Great to be back. Impressed by Dolan, Nyambe and Buckley from the off. Thought Brero looked great when he came on and was happy to see him playing with confidence. Also thought Cirino looked very assured and composed for a young lad. Still not confident for what’s coming under Mowbray this season but happy with the performance in general tonight and was brilliant to be back at Ewood. COYB (edit: typo)
  5. Where does he say that/got a link? I've tried to find an article but no luck!
  6. I don't think Elliott Bennett or Corry Evans departing are any reflection on the state of affairs at BRFC. Both are players who haven't been good enough for years and their departures have been long overdue. If either were offered a "derisory deal" then that's probably because the club/manager would only want them to re-sign as squad players on incredibly low wages. I'm inclined to believe that Bennett doesn't give much of a sod about his wage at this stage of his career and being close to home and having a load more playing time would have most certainly made sense for him and his family. There's plenty to poke at at BRFC and how we might well be in the mire or at least heading there, but the suggestion Bennett choosing to sign for Shrewsbury is part of that? Nonsense.
  7. You were right about the loyalty bonus, but incorrect about a departing player being owed his full wages up to the end of his contract.
  8. Maybe I misheard about the turning up drunk but it was spoken that he was a drunk at least and it was well-known he would often stink of booze, maybe from night before I don’t know. I was fairly drunk myself when hearing the tale so I could have mixed it up a bit haha
  9. I never profess to be an ITK'er but I came across some interesting info the other week that came from a source who is either currently in the recruitment team at Rovers or recently departed. Quite high up too I believe. I should probably clarify with my friend who spent a good deal of time with him a few weeks ago as to whether he's a current staff member or not, but maybe for the best to not give too much away, especially how they met and got talking for risk of compromising his role should he still be in it. He was highly critical of how things are run at Rovers, whether it be playing side, transfer side or club matters. Said it's basically a bit of a shambles behind the scenes and things move so slowly and we aren't run as we should be. Said how Kean was pissed whilst at the training ground/Ewood on numerous occasions, highly critical of most managers but did say Bowyer was a good guy and wasn't a bad manager. Says Tony is an alright guy but doesn't rate him that much as a manager. There were a number of other tidbits and insights but aren't overly relevant to this discussion. One of the most interesting bits was about our scouting and transfer policy. He said it's moved heavily to revolve around data analysis but what's best in his and other scout's eyes is going and viewing a player yourself in person, but for some reason the club won't allow them to do this. I'm not sure if it's a money-saving exercise, but he was incredibly frustrated that he and other staff weren't allowed to go and watch players before deciding if they were right for the club. Basically said it was bonkers that this is how the club operates. Anyways, I know it's not much but thought it might be worth sharing.
  10. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19220124.tony-mowbray-sticking-beliefs-amid-rovers-criticism/ “Every football club wants to go in a direction, I’ve talked a lot about a journey and making this team a more possession-based and ball orientated team,” he said “I’ve spent my career not liking stats, it’s down to whether you win or lose, but there is a correlation out there between having more possession and losing.” Wait, am I tripping? Has he admitted there’s a correlation between more possession and losing, whilst insisting on a more possession-based system? Surely he means winning??? Though our correlation is certainly one with losing. Need to listen to the audio to see if that’s what was said. Flabbergasting, if so.
  11. Your guess is as good as mine. Does he actually believe we've been playing well last 14 games?? (Or even before then). It's absolutely baffling. Either way, it stinks.
  12. Or we create an ad for a fake housing development company specialising in downsizing structures in place and building houses, all with the intention of lining pockets. Make a few sneaky, snide references to the Coventrio. Might garner publicity if it succeeded haha
  13. "If you were in their position you’d be doing the same, or may be you wouldn’t. Maybe you’d be a results orientated owner who, ‘lose three on the bounce, sack him and get the next one in’ but then you might have four, five, six managers a season if that was the case." It was 5 on the bounce and now 1 win in 14, Tony... He's fucking deluded as fuck
  14. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19218742.mowbray-hasnt-sought-assurance-future-venkys/ If you can stomach it.
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