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  1. My mate was saying the grass looks thatched. A sign of it not being taken care of properly. My manager at work also said that someone showed images of Accy’s pitch today next to ours and theirs is in much better nick. Am I right in remembering we sacked our top groundsman who’d been with us for years sometime during the Kean era and he was made to sign NDAs, and the pitch has been on the decline ever since? A home game being called off for waterlogged pitch. Crikey. I can’t remember the last time it happened. Amateurish really.
  2. I rate Travis highly, he's just been poor since injury, but surely it's clear Davenport is better of Johnson in almost every category. Quicker, more energy, more bite, neater on the ball but also got quite the peg on him. A couple of very nice cross-field balls today.
  3. Why does Lenihan insist on challenging Branthwaite for headers? Christ, it's amateur
  4. I'm gonna need a couple bottles of Bucky to save my day after watching this tripe
  5. Buckley on for Dack. If the game wasn't already over, it is now
  6. It's shameful. Any other manager would be on their feet barking instructions. It's the same for every game though, not just cause it's the cup.
  7. I think you're talking bobbins but there's been a good few folk who have been willing BB to do poorly so posts like this aren't surprising. He's not been good since his return from injury but he's done more than Dolan this second half.
  8. I wish I was on a couch in Sweden. A couch in a bar. Would make this game infinitely more palatable.
  9. No end product at the moment. He's played maybe one good ball to someone out wide but no crosses of note. Should have slipped Brero in then after good work
  10. Did you not see Johno come out the concourse with a Bovril two minutes later?
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