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  1. What I don’t understand is if there is such positive steps being taken why isn’t the club sharing and promoting these ideas/plans. Surly if it’s a good thing waggott and co would be all over this in the media etc. Why keep secret positive news with such a dwindling fan base ? Any good PR would usually be all over social media and the news
  2. 48 hours before his greatest death spiral of all time 😂
  3. Didn't make todays game but what i can fathom from the comments and games I've seen up to now is Ayala has been immense and we are really lacking a ruthless finisher upfront. Ayala gets injured and the goals start going in at our end, we are in trouble. Equally if we can find a striker to score us some goals or one we have comes good and Ayala stays fit, with my blue and white glasses on and glass half full of very strong lager , it could make for an interesting season. I still expect a death spiral and injuries but the league is as weak as we could ever hope and its the hope that kills you. Taking my new misses to Blackpool for the weekend for her first game so a couple of wins or a win and draw over the next two games could make a very noisy fun weekend for all us blue and white sadists. Up the Rovers
  4. If you had child’s season tickets at £20 I wonder how many people would buy one for the extra leg room. You might be on to something here chaddy. After lock down I could do with two seats 😂
  5. Is actually in the middle of your chest and slightly tilted to the left . Luckily for me it’s supposed to be the shirt , hence the blue behind it although enlarged.
  6. Banged ten on Stoke win and Barnsley to score . Forest have time yet it’s only 1-0
  7. Nothing do with anything but just had this bad boy done 💪🏻
  8. I agree with what your saying and eventually I believe you will be right but as of right now Rothwell is more influential and important to the team than Buckley
  9. it was a blatant dive and cheating. i dont want to see that from any rovers player. Brereton drives me mad falling all over the place. i dont want to watch dolan do it on the other side either
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