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  1. I think the walk on prices are far to high. Is there going to be a Waggott tax on that aswell so they know how many pies they need or are the tickets ridiculously over priced to cover that
  2. The whole thing is like a mad cheese dream 😂 and I love it go On Ben lad 😂
  3. Can’t wait for tonight’s game. Beers in the fridge and excitement building COME ON CHILE !!!!!
  4. I think it’s completely reasonable to be expected to pay more than most when if you look at the possession stats we have more of the ball 😅
  5. Someone need to check if brereton has a German grandad Ben Diaz brerehoff
  6. Make no mistake anyone who beats that France team wins the tournament
  7. If England don’t win the one thing I always look forward to more than anything is Ronaldo exiting in tears 😭😭
  8. If Ben left on a free, with the exception of the monumental cock up for the transfer fee, would anyone really be that arsed on ability. If he left tomorrow I wouldn’t be fussed.
  9. What I’ve seen of fletcher from live games at united youth level and a handful of games on tv he was another over hyped quick forward that lacks any natural finishing ability and has piggy backed off the prospect tag since . Poor over rated striker
  10. We don’t have anyone able to deliver a cross or dead ball. We can’t even take corners
  11. I doubt he will ever hit the heights of bagging two in a game . My condolences
  12. I used to work in a Scottish bar in magaluf in April 2006 . They used to have a chalk board outside that’s said Germany v them or whoever we played. They all bought shirts of whoever we played and filled the bar and when the other team scored it was absolute scenes. He sacked me the night before our first match and hired a Lad from Aberdeen. I didn’t join the union I just wrote gazza 8 on the back of my shirt in marker and watched the first half of the first game in their before retreating to another bar for my own safety for the rest of the tournament where I met a mr Dunn and a mr stead on
  13. If we can’t afford him now we never will. That must be some rip in his jeans
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