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  1. Have it on good authority that lacazette is going to be Tony’s first signing of the summer
  2. Explains the slllloooowwwww build. He means getting the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed . Can’t rush these things
  3. No point hoping we don’t get a result the three stooges won’t get fired until the venksters have made a nice slice back off the training ground and those three little piggies have had there noses in the trough. I honestly believe that’s why they were employed so stop wasting your time on thinking a big defeat or run of defeats is going to change anything . This has nothing to do with the football and everything to do with business, something the venkys absolutely do know about
  4. Excellently put and perfectly worded to explain how I imagine anyone with half a brain cell feels ( not a dig at you joe, more the morons on fb)
  5. Am sure he looked at Robertson and that he came from hull I can do it to. Most players back themselves and that’s before the massive pay rise, the chance to play for Liverpool, European football etc. I’d take a pay cut leave that shit hole 😂
  6. If all this was above aboard, sensible and state of the art they would have been crowing about it months, maybe years ago. The fact is they are pulling the wool over fans eyes and the rug from under our feet. They will leave rich happy men and we will have even less of what jack left us.
  7. I agree. By the time the training ground stuff comes out to be exactly what it is it’s going to be another awful experience with fans divided. I’m praying this prick leaves before the start of next season so we can all get back to ewood in the sun with a splash of optimism’s
  8. How anyone can’t see that especially with all the Coventry stuff and the same three involved happen to be here is beyond me
  9. Can’t argue with that . Looks good on paper time will on the pitch COE 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  10. Nigel Pearson would have us automatic promotion. Ffs sack this clown and take the asset strippers with you
  11. Bell absolutely shocking for a change. Gallagher woeful regardless of position should still be able to do five yard passes. davenport played well and has been criminally underused for what feels like I’ve been banging on about forever. dack will Come good. I’ve no worries what’s so ever about that
  12. The inexperienced young CBS who have been in the building weeks and barley played together ( funny how no bedding in period needed with these two) and bell I can’t see anything but a mauling. Nyambe to be scapegoated . I genuinely don’t care today. We have bigger things to worry about. The start of the kean out era all over again. The division of the fans is on its way, one of the two things Mowbray gets credited for, the other being stability which will be a pipe dream when the Coventry lot have sorted there grandchildren’s futures out. after last time has nobody learned anything ?
  13. This is the reason I’m concerned as it’s the same three stooges trying to pull off the same stunt with no one to have rovers best interests
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