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  1. 48 hours before his greatest death spiral of all time 😂
  2. Didn't make todays game but what i can fathom from the comments and games I've seen up to now is Ayala has been immense and we are really lacking a ruthless finisher upfront. Ayala gets injured and the goals start going in at our end, we are in trouble. Equally if we can find a striker to score us some goals or one we have comes good and Ayala stays fit, with my blue and white glasses on and glass half full of very strong lager , it could make for an interesting season. I still expect a death spiral and injuries but the league is as weak as we could ever hope and its the hope that kills you. Taking my new misses to Blackpool for the weekend for her first game so a couple of wins or a win and draw over the next two games could make a very noisy fun weekend for all us blue and white sadists. Up the Rovers
  3. If you had child’s season tickets at £20 I wonder how many people would buy one for the extra leg room. You might be on to something here chaddy. After lock down I could do with two seats 😂
  4. Is actually in the middle of your chest and slightly tilted to the left . Luckily for me it’s supposed to be the shirt , hence the blue behind it although enlarged.
  5. Banged ten on Stoke win and Barnsley to score . Forest have time yet it’s only 1-0
  6. Nothing do with anything but just had this bad boy done 💪🏻
  7. I agree with what your saying and eventually I believe you will be right but as of right now Rothwell is more influential and important to the team than Buckley
  8. it was a blatant dive and cheating. i dont want to see that from any rovers player. Brereton drives me mad falling all over the place. i dont want to watch dolan do it on the other side either
  9. Bit before my time that mate but if your saying that after Saturday he must of been bad
  10. It really was one of the worst individual performances I can remember and that includes all the other teams I’ve watched in every league on tv. Still doesn’t beat that two hat playing for Brighton now though
  11. I’d love ainsworth or Davidson . I think they would bring the right feel to the club which is lacking an identity
  12. Glad you said it. Nyambe was our second best player yesterday and his effort on the field can never be questioned .
  13. Waggott and pasha didn’t bring magloire on and leave Gallagher flapping about why we were in a winning and comfortable position . Everyone is to blame from Mowbray up. There all incompetent at there jobs
  14. Sturridge would be the equivalent to when we signed Bellamy but a championship version. Would be incredible and easily score goals. But wage demands would price him out of a move and apparently has a poor attitude to not wanting to play when he has minor niggles. I can’t see him wanting to give his all for the cause the way Bellamy did to get a good move . I’d still take him in a heartbeat though and hope it’s not a Danny Murphy situation
  15. What can I say that hasn’t already been said. Same mistakes , same Mowbray, same outcome As soon as magloire came on I turned to the guy next me and said it will finish 2 all this, as I assume many of you did and guess what, I did . How did we all know this was going to happen ? Because it’s a rinse repeat performance from a manager so far out of his depth and detached from reality that it was inevitable. If your playing a team lumping balls forward why bring a kid on and sit back and allow it to happen . It was always going to end in disaster. It wasn’t the first time we’ve seen this and it won’t be the last. As an advocate and long time backer of the Sam Gallagher through the middle project I think it’s time to hold my hands up and admit I got that one wrong. He didn’t win a header, he has an appalling first touch, absolutely zero vision, isn’t the best finisher and no hold up play. He stopped everything progressing today and i just don’t think he’s good enough to lead the line, he’s never been a right sided forward so the only solace that leaves him is on the bench and a five million pound hole in the budget. Brereton did some good chasing balls and outmuscling the defender to keep possession but is still a pretty poor player who does little else with any effectiveness Rothwell drove well and has improved but still lacking any end product so positives I thought nyambe was excellent today and only bettered by the immense Dolan who was fantastic. Put a shift in , took his goal well and give the fans some glimmer of excitement with his samba style. Pickering played well but still doesn’t fill me with confidence. Excellent finish though. Everyone ready to go again in a few days time with it live on the sky cameras, thought not, however the only thing worse than being there to witness things like today is listening to the sky people talk about Mowbray like he’s the new bielsa. the choices are as limited as our transfer short list happy Saturday guys 🙄
  16. we could be called the shielders and try and dress up the fact there are empty seats everywhere
  17. Really enjoyable game and a disappointing way to finish it but overall england played really well against a good Poland side. Gaz is doing a great job and long may it continue
  18. The Fulham goals and the United goals are the first thing that come to my mind sadly after the header at OT against Chelsea. Great guy, Rovers legend
  19. Yeah really enjoyed it. My hatred of United got the waning jolt it needed 😂
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