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  1. As others have said, the date could do with being corrected in the thread title. Otherwise a great write-up. The Worthington Cup Final weekend was a highlight of 50+ years of watching Rovers for me, possibly even beats Anfield 95. A couple of other players to wear both shirts recently (although neither played many games for us) are Greg Cunningham and the late Peter Whittingham. Other notable recent incidents in this fixture were Shane Duffy's disgraceful last game for us and Arma's worldie a couple of seasons ago. I think I would take a point right now. Edit - just realised its actually a home game so no, I want all 3 points now :)
  2. Robbie Fowler at his LFC peak was a lot like him Gav. I can’t think of a comparable Rovers striker tbh. Shearer was a different type of player really.
  3. If being near the bottom of the league after 8 games means you’re a poor side or in poor form, surely the converse applies and Rovers sitting in 6th must be a decent side or in decent form? You can’t have it both ways. Its too early to get hung up about league positions. PS - I don’t disagree with your predictions as far as how Rovers season is likely to go necessarily.
  4. Yeah I think you’re correct in that he was available for the final mate , but Alf Ramsay didn’t want to change a winning team. That wc final side is so ingrained into people’s memories you’ll not be the only person who forgot that Greavsie actually started in the side at that tournament. I may be wrong but I think John Connelly played in the opening group game as well.
  5. That’s not quite right mate, he got injured during the 1966 World Cup and eventually, belatedly, got a winners medal. Hurst only got a game because Greaves was injured. Greavsie was only in his mid 20s then so far from the end of his career, though he didn’t play too often for England after 66 right enough. Also, he wasn’t really in Italy for long enough to judge whether he was a success or not but he still scored about 8 goals in 10 games or thereabouts in a defensive league. RIP Greavsie.
  6. I work in the same industry as Paul Durkin (we do the same job for different companies or at least did, I haven’t seen him for a while). I may have mentioned that shocking performance of his at OT once or twice to him at conferences.
  7. We are only 8 games in, league positions don’t really mean that much at the moment.
  8. Yeah I thought that was the sort of game Burnley normally get something from - could be a jelly and ice cream season after all?!
  9. They’ll no doubt rampage through their own town centre tonight again!
  10. I understand the sentiment but every team without exception (even after just 8 games) could undoubtably use the “what if” cliche. The fact is we are only 8 games in and the league position is largely irrelevant at this point. I’m encouraged by the clean sheets and settled back five. Howard Kendall built a team around that and they certainly didn’t ‘play well’ every week, but you put yourself in with a chance if you are solid.
  11. How must Luton fans be feeling tonight? As someone once said “bloody football eh?”
  12. Many congratulations Joe. Hearts is a terrific football club with incredibly passionate fans, a few of whom I have worked with over the years. If your role necessitates moving to Scotland I can heartily recommend it (pun intended). Good luck and well done.
  13. There are certainly a lot of master baiters on here K-Hod.......
  14. I bet they sound the same when you say them, don't they (or is that your joke? :))
  15. We paid about £300k to Rangers for him if I remember correctly. He had a decent career north of the border but he was very poor and unfit so we quickly binned him off to Bristol City.
  16. Given that he's literally only played a Burnley handful of games at this level I think he's doing as well as can be expected and if he stays injury free will just get better as the season progresses.
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