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  1. Similar to Dolan but looked classier when he came on against Hull. Just as quick but clearly has a better touch
  2. 8th after tonight's games but if we'd won against Luton would be 5th! 😤😤
  3. If you'd said "dominated possession" I'd agree but they had no end product. Will go down unless they up their game
  4. Butterworth and Khedra a breath of fresh air and a real threat from the moment they came on. Mowbray needs to start these guys and leave donkeys like Gallagher on the bench or even out of the squad. Tonight we were 2 nil up and once again we started to drop off inviting Hull to pressure us. That's down to Mowbray. He's conservative with a very large "C" and when we should be pressing forward to make it 4 or 5 nil we run the risk of giving the game back to the opposition. Better sides will capitalise on that. On another note Smallwood worked within a 20 yard circle all night showing how limited he is at this level. Influenced nothing in the game at all. No loss to Rovers when he left
  5. Sadly he hasn't been dropped. Strained his thigh in training. Would have been first on the team sheet if fit. TM loves him!
  6. Agree with that but the sooner Gallagher is left out the better!
  7. Gallagher is an embarrassing carthorse. Butterworth is surely worth a shot?
  8. Of course it was a foul. You need to make an appointment with Specsavers!!
  9. Didn't see the tackle but the pundits are making it clear it was a horrendous tackle and really bad injury
  10. Spot on summary of the "striker" called Gallagher. Frankly he is a donkey - end of
  11. Couldn't agree more. He was plain awful today in every department of his game. £5M? We were robbed. Shouldn't be near the squad on Tuesday
  12. Good news on Brereton this morning. FIFA have backed down so he should be available
  13. Andy Bayes @AndyBayes Tony Mowbray discussing deadline day. #rovers BBC Sport Lancashire @BBCLancsSport “For other reasons, other than financial, these deals didn't happen. I felt pretty confident that we were going in the right direction and the team was going to be so much stronger” Transfer deadline day was "full of frustration" for #Blackburn boss Tony Mowbray #bbcfootball Liar liar pants on fire!
  14. Early days yet. Wait till they play the good sides with stronger defences. He'll hardly see any ball. I reckon 10 goals is about the maximum he'll get this season
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