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  1. I met Mr Venky in Trinidad (they have a share of the Trinbago Knight Riders cricket team). He barely knew what Blackburn Rovers is. That leads me to believe we read too much into Venky’s motives and their feelings towards the fans. They simply don’t really care - we are a grain of sand in their massive empire, one bought by/for Balaji. Quite simply - The club won’t matter until it affects them or their business.
  2. He’s going absolutely nowhere. Tough watch again today - we’re awful. Hard not to become totally apathetic with it all. Another opportunity missed and I’m talking about the season - not this game.
  3. That’s fair. But I’d argue he need us just as much as we need him. Where’s his incentive to earn the contract?
  4. A pretty big elephant in the room is Dack. He’s a shadow of the player he was and we’ve just leveraged OUR club again by offering him a big contract. Symptomatic of how the club is run and a pretty clear example of the decision making.
  5. We fit the perfect criteria for Castore. They go after teams/athletes with a strong heritage that are currently not 'top tier' for the big commercial brands. West Indies Cricket, Rangers, Murray etc They also make nice stuff.
  6. Good post. I dont agree there is only investment for the 1st team though - they spend £3m a year to keep the academy as category 1.
  7. I also think he would be our best option at left back, played there well a few times last year. Douglas has been a big disappointment.
  8. You almost need to laugh. Worst performance of the season tonight unfortunately.
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