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  1. Interesting move, Chris Samba appointed as academy coach. Can only see the positives here, Premier League quality player who was with us during a v successful period. Hopefully can help others develop that winning mentality https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19741116.chris-samba-back-blackburn-rovers-coaching-capacity/
  2. Assuming Poveda will now be sent back to Leeds, will the club find a replacement? I would also send Clarkson back. Best for both parties, he isn't playing and Rovers could do better. Been a real disappointment.
  3. If we cant afford a new contract for Lenihan/Nyambe/Rothwell/Kaminski/BB I highly doubt we can afford Jones.
  4. 4 pages for a match day thread. Goodness me. Total apathy.
  5. This is pretty woeful stuff - two average teams playing less than ever age football. Ayala good. Clarkson not good.
  6. The defense has been shocking today - looks like Ayala playing with amateurs. Poveda can go back to Leeds. He is awful. So is his attitude.
  7. More questions than answers after that. Two main concerns as far as I'm concerned: - TM is going nowhere - The players contracts: Waggott does not sound confident at all they will sign Hats off to the chap doing the interview though - didn't shirk the tough questions.
  8. The new recruitment guy did a wonderful job. Every window and every season we just fall further and further behind. It’s rough.
  9. How can we afford his wages if we can’t afford those of a kid from Southampton
  10. Alas, I’m not being ‘cocky’ about the start we’ve had. I was responding to a post claiming Mowbray was intentionally causing carnage to leave an insurmountable mess for his successor. Getting 7 points from 9 would be an odd tactic to that end. Agree with you fully, we’ve had a solid start but I think we are in for a very very tough season, particularly with the state of our squad and noises about the lack of recruitment.
  11. taking 7 points from 9 is absolutely part of this sinister plan.
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