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  1. Buckley is fine in the press, Rothwell provides no cover. It’s basically left to Travis to do all the work for them if the opponents beat the press. The problem is, until Johnson is fit, what else can we do?
  2. We 100% cannot afford to do it, but Carter is available and he needs to get rested.
  3. I think Ayala will be rested. TK Naymbe Lenihan Carter. Pickering Travis. Rothwell Buckley Dolan. Butterworth Diaz
  4. Excellent second half after a real drab first half. Would have like to have seen us see it out more confidently but good result. Having Ayala is a real difference
  5. Fantastic finishes. Look like a complete different side since the substitutes came on.
  6. The screamer and the fact he’s our only senior center forward in the side with any experience
  7. Bringing Maglore on was such a mistake. We didn’t need to go to 3 at the back and the lads not good enough for this level. Was run circles around 2 weeks ago and was poor today too. Not his fault, but it’s clear he’s not cut out for it and the manager should see it and leave him on the touch line. Dolan is also a frustrating player. Bags of trucks but no idea when to use them. Time and time again he slows the play down with needless touches. Hell be much more effective when he learns when to play quick and when to use he’s gifts. travis non existent, Rothwell produced very little, and the forwards were disasters. Naymbe gets beat for a goal, Lenihan should have been sent off. looking at the players performances and the managers tactics we should be thanking our stars we got a point.
  8. In retrospect we should have been down to 10 men 15 min in…so if it wasn’t for the Ref missing that, we wouldn’t have been 2 up at half. So from that perspective a draw is probably a good result
  9. Fuck me! Chances to put it away, then this…disgraceful
  10. FFS…14 million pounds of strikers can finish 2v1 with the last man.
  11. Oliver Langford down now. So to is SG…both might need to come off.
  12. Maglore set to come on for Rothwell. Really going to sit in for the last 15 min
  13. 2-1. It’s been coming and since we don’t do shut outs, it was only when, not if.
  14. The way this is going, both sides will be lucky to finish with 9 on the pitch
  15. The first 25 min were poor all around. Sloppy touches on both sides. Lenihan really should have been sent off. Dolan looked lively when on the ball but generally didn’t produce much. The goal was a bit out of no where, blocked pass, found it’s way to Naymbe who’s cross deflected off two Luton players to land at Dolans feet. The second was a good bit of passing to get Pickering in position for a good finish. We were solid enough in back with the exception of Pickering getting beat for pace a few times. Midfield struggled to get a kick and forwards mostly chasing. Kaminski nothing to do.
  16. Happy we’re 2 up. Tidy finish from Dolan, all it too was 2 deflections for us to find him, and good work for Pickering goal. All in all one of the worst half’s of football I’ve seen in a while. For most of the half both sides have been chasing bad touches and lumping balls forward.
  17. Hard to watch this…absolutely shite from both sides
  18. Absolute red…Lenihan a lucky boy to still be on the pitch.
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