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  1. http://www.sportingintelligence.com/2016/04/27/shakhtars-story-beyond-sport-exiled-denuded-but-still-dreaming-270401/
  2. 20/1 for a draw at the moment...hardly appalling value for a small bet is it? Even if Gijon are rock bottom (or presumably close) sometimes goalkeepers have an unbelievable game and one chance leads to a goal. They beat Atletico Madrid only a few weeks back.
  3. Sunderland haven't exactly had a shortage of problems recently but being stupid enough not to insert relegation clauses in player contracts isn't one of them. If relegation teflon man had been in charge for the whole season however perhaps there would be no such stipulations! http://www.shieldsgazette.com/sport/sunderland-afc/latest-safc-news/revealed-why-sunderland-won-t-face-wage-bill-armageddon-of-newcastle-if-relegated-but-will-still-be-in-big-trouble-1-7853010 The Football League (under pressure from its clubs) have been urged to continue FUP investigation in regards to Leicester's activities. Leicester made a deal with a company named Trestellar to market sponsorship rights worldwide particularly with the Far East. Recent accounts state that the main sponsorships were sold back to Kingpower. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/apr/14/football-league-inquiry-leicester-city-marketing-deal Sports Direct are now paying for "advertising and promotional services" at Newcastle United. Of course we know who owns both and its also an indication that Ashley isn't likely to leave anytime soon. http://www.themag.co.uk/2016/04/breaking-news-sports-direct-will-now-pay-advertising-newcastle-united/
  4. Well people have said "boxing is dead" and talked about the decline in gyms while MMA continues to grow. Even if the overall standard continues to drop there will probably still be someone like Tyson, Mayweather, etc to outdraw UFC. Tyson being a hilarious lunatic didn't hurt his PPV appeal either! Of course UFC is promoted completely differently to Boxing (including less trash talk unfortunately) so if that went down the whole industry would pretty much collapse. Well that was an absolutely huge problem in the 90's due to people like John McCain. Almost put UFC out of business but the Fertittas (and White as he persuaded them to buy it) saved it. They struggled for a bit but then the Ultimate Fighter Tv show became a huge success. Now New York is scheduled to host its first ever UFC event at MSG. Nobody has been killed in UFC though I imagine it probably will happen at some point. There's been more deaths in the professional wrestling industry (including a few during a match in the ring) albeit mostly for lifestyle reasons. Plus the accident that killed Owen Hart. There's still issues of course perhaps you heard about the fighter in Dublin who has just died. Joao Carvalho following his match with Charlie "the hospital" Ward. Guess people will ask Ward to change that nickname now though nobody seems to have blamed him. Did see some criticism of the ref for not stopping it sooner.
  5. Yeah said before that's what boxers should do (Ali proved that trash talk sells) but I just don't like him one bit. I'm sure Bruno denied assaulting his wife (so its at least unproven and probably only her word against his) and I've heard some unpleasant things about her. The only reason I had any interest in Haye v Chisora was because of their pre-fight antics. Wasn't very happy at the handshake afterwards but suppose we should have guessed that might happen. UFC would probably be even more successful if Dana White wasn't as strict on feuds, trash talk, etc...not that he's against a bit of that himself! A huge boxing match still outdraws anything on PPV even UFC.
  6. I've always liked the term "benevolent dictatorship" too and FUP certainly isn't benevolent.. This is a great quote as the exact opposite of the clowns in Pune. Dictators aren't necessarily evil. If you look at the history of the dictatorship in the Roman Republic, for instance, you'll see it was actually considered a necessary post in the time of crisis; all beauracracy was removed in order to allow a strong benevolent leader to get things done: Sulla as an example. The strongest form of government would be a benevolent dictatorship, doing what was right for the good of everyone. That's my ideal form of football ownership too only surpassed by the very biggest benefactors.
  7. Seems Forest are delaying their managerial appointment as the takeover bidder (owner of Olympiakos) obviously wants to hire his own man. Forest have a 82 million debt (67 owed to the current owner) and of course have suffered FUP sanctions. People might see that and raise their hopes for something similar at Rovers. As I was quickly reminded Al Hasawi is only one man. We have heard about Venkys moronic voting policy in the past. Would they all agree to write off the debt? Would they all finally agree to sell or just ignore new bidders as well? Individual ownership or trustee/family ownership? I know which one worked out better for this club in the last 25 years. Of course in some cases individual ownerships have been disastrous while group/family ownership (trustees pretty much exclusive to Rovers) has been a major success. If its one person bankrolling the club the question will be...what happens if he dies, sells, etc? The question with families, groups, etc would be potential disagreements, long term vision, etc. Either way there will be big questions. My preferred ownership model (well aside from Jack obviously) would be someone who hates FUP, financially backs the club (not saying hundreds of millions but they would have to put something decent in at least) and practically lives at the stadium. People hate "micro managers" but that would be my model. I think the staff at Ewood need to be analysed and micro managed. After what's happened to the club with all the vultures circling in past few years its the best way to stay on guard.
  8. Thanks but its actually better now. Can lapse when people blatantly provoke me for no reason though. I appreciate your advice but I'm not going into more detail as people get upset when I refer to personal issues. Never mind that its usually because they make personal assumptions about me in the first place. Anyway if anyone wants to talk about Accrington then talk about Accrington. Games against them have never done a thing to put Rovers on the map but have no issue if there's a thread. Many people on here do live there too so... Oh and I should have mentioned Darwen reforming while making reference to Great Harwood's issues.
  9. It was no more about Accrington than mine was. It was a retort aimed at me just as my last post in the thread was a response to you. Well my post was about a PL club playing in the PL and I reacted badly to being insulted over it for no reason. Yeah some of my posts are far too much about myself. That will change. Deep breath, stop typing Vinjay...at least try to see my point please 47er.
  10. Its not all about what you might be interested in. The problem was simply Abbey getting upset with me just for mentioning United in the PL thread. Not the first time either he also did the night United played Derby away in the FA Cup. Even though nobody else was playing he berated me for mentioning that. Meanwhile there's a 3 page thread on Accrington he has absolutely no issue with. That's why I reacted by posting on this thread and sarcastically apologising for the United mention. United came back from a plane crash by the way though of course they have been criticised for much since. I'm more interested in United's (lack of) fortunes and I don't even need to dignify my reasons with a response. What you should be asking 47er is why Abbey felt the need to have a go at me for no justified reason. Yet his mate accuses ME of winding him up? Yes my reaction was over the top but his initial comment was uncalled for. If you're interested in Accrington so much why not Darwen as well? Hardly anyone cared when Great Harwood Town had major issues either. Accrington still got more attention as a non league club by the way before they reached the Conference AKA National League. I'm not responding to Abbey, etc anymore so this is the last I'm saying on it. Really it is. Mods please don't delete. Just edit it if you dislike some of the content if you feel the references to Abbey are unreasonable.
  11. Abbey is rather upset because I mentioned Manchester United. So to sincerely apologise lets reignite this scintillating debate about whether Accrington might get promoted!
  12. Or any foresight. Leicester is just a freak example anyway. By the way I did comment recently on whether their owners had been interested in Rovers. Someone said other day they almost bought Rovers. Philipl claimed a few years back it was another Thailand group who were friends with Leicester's owners. Nixon said he couldn't remember exactly which Thai group it was as the trustees were pretty much trying to sell to anyone. What a bizarre season. Ranieri winning a title with anyone would have been shocking enough and relegation teflon man possibly taking Sunderland down. Maybe Rovers should ask Hector Cuper if Lambert goes. Probably win the Championship and FA Cup next season at current rate lol!
  13. It shows how arrogant they are. Their fans probably would have protested if they heard players had relegation clauses in their contracts. Such a GIGANTIC club playing in one of the legendary cathedrals of World Football. Such clubs do not get relegated... ....erm except when they last did. Would you have called it by those other initials had it been introduced in 1991?
  14. I've had.e.nuff of people calling it by that disgusting name. Name one reason to keep referring to it as that? Its like calling Kean a great manager (and look what the mods did with his name) that's how ludicrous it is. Perhaps the media call it by the other initials to avoid legal action but that isn't the case on here. Am I telling people what to do? Yeah as its something I feel so strongly about morally AND of course because of Jack Walker. Its evil. Counter argument? There isn't one. FUP! Pellegrini happy for City fans to boo the UEFA CL anthem. http://www.tribalfootball.com/articles/pellegrini-happy-for-man-city-fans-to-continue-jeers-4125162 City fans have a tendency to complain about the media too much (in their position why get so angry over what some third rate pundit thinks?) but their hatred of UEFA is 100% right. When UEFA threatened action over the booing it has to be one of the most pathetic things I've ever heard. I would boo the hell out of it too. I hope City win the CL for numerous reasons. Especially to really @#/? UEFA off
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