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  1. Weirdly, I've done my ACL twice, In fact I'm currently without an ACL as I haven't had it repaired a second time as it's likely to go again, for a third time! At first I thought it looked a nailed on ACL but both times I've done mine there was very little pain, in fact the first time I tried to play on for 5 or so minutes. Watched it a few times since and he doesn't appear to straighten or overextend the leg too much so hopefully not an ACL. Obviously everyone is different but having done mine twice I didn't think (after watching it a few times) that it was his ACL. In fact of the two knee injuries I was more worried about Evans being an ACL has he did the trying to run it off and then realising he could weight bare, which had all the hallmarks of ACL. Anyway, really hope he recovers ASAP whatever the injury is.
  2. Any London based fans point me in the direction of somewhere to watch this nearish Kings Cross?
  3. Work/family commitments are the most influential things on whether I attend midweek games or not. I'm in London on Sunday until late Monday so won't be attending as I want to be see my wife and kids on Tuesday evening. Does that make me a bad supporter?
  4. It's not a case of decency, it's a league rule that tickets in corresponding areas of grounds cost the same to away fans as home fans. Any deal in the Blackburn End would have to be replicated in the Darwen End
  5. That's the idea. There isn't enough of a saving to make it worthwhile in the half season tickets in my opinion, especially when some of the the games included in the half ST are likely to be moved for TV, etc. You could easily by one and end up losing money
  6. I think they're dear, £22 quid a game for me which means I would have to go to every game to make it worthwhile. Opportunity missed, I think a 5 or 8 game flexiticket would work much better
  7. I do wonder about Moore's abilities outside of being a 'club man', did really well at the end of season instilling a bit of pride, but they were ultimately dead and buried by that point. They were all over the show at the start of this season and looking at the side they have they should be walking this league really. Interesting (not very) aside, I remember seeing Moore play for West Brom reserves against Rovers at Morecambe many moons ago, he was an absolute beast of a man, it was like watching one of those American Fridge's run.
  8. the main similarity is Blackpool have no money and only sign freebies - the players named above were freebies and duffers signed when we were at a real low point.
  9. Jesus don't start the money conspiracy theories off. It's probably more likely to be a combination of availability, cost and perceived benefit.
  10. I don't think anyone is slating him, but surely part of every players development is acknowledging when things aren't going well? There is a big difference in critique'ing his performance thus far and not supporting him. Whilst I don't think he has been up to the standard I had hoped I will certainly be supporting him every time he pulls on a blue and white shirt, that said if he under performs he will get the same criticism any other player gets regardless of his age, price tag, etc.
  11. Rodwell is listed on transfermerkt as right footed, not that I am taking that as gospel. On Rodwell, I thought the delay in closing down for the Swansea goal showed his lack of proper positional awareness at centre half. He didn't know whether to charge out and engage the man with the ball or sit off and try to shepherd him into a less dangerous position, he ended up doing neither and letting the lad have an easy ride to goal. I do think Rodwell has the physical tools and technical capabilities to be a centre half, however he needs so much work putting in on positional awareness and when to stick or twist.
  12. At a million quid or so you'd have thought fair enough, young english players cost. The figure we going to pay is the big issue to an extent, for that money you should be getting a ready made 15 goals a season player who contributes a great deal to the team. Brereton has contributed very little so far, even when Armstrong is having an off day in front of goal he still drags defenders all over and creates space for others. So far Brereton hasn't been close to worrying a goalkeeper or defender and that's the big worry. You look at the impact Reed made in his initial appearances, the impact Rothwell has made in several games and the time on the pitch argument becomes null and void to me, especially when both those players have largely played out of their favoured positions. Good players make things happen
  13. I'm not sure he is, he took several free kicks last night with his right foot and I seem to remember him filling in at right back when he started at Everton
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