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  1. Can't blame them way.Mowbary has dicked em around. Nyambe will go on to be a very.good.player.
  2. Dies he really deserve praise? Seems to me on a few occasions his decisions have held us back no? He got credit for his subs vs Hull then he deserves to be held accountable for two points thrown away vs Lutin and two points conceded vs Barnsley.
  3. To stick me nose in Gav, perhaps Mowbary would have been backed had he been able to find someone to sign. When he has he's been backed.
  4. He did, his effort was geat just lacking a lttle bit of quality in his touch and the timing of his runs.
  5. And very very infuriating if not crooked, is he getting brown bags?
  6. What's being said at Venkies Monday morning meeting. Settle for sixth and be happy rather than ask why we are not top two.
  7. Absolutely beggars belief doesn't it. What does this do to a young man's confidence? He probably did something Slowbary did not like, something like being too positive. One of two who impacted the game vs Hull, ours does not get a look but the loanee does. He continues to wreck this team through ignorant handling of players. Seemed to me.based on the way.the game was going, what we were lacking, how Barnsley were playing, this lad was exactly what we needed. Put yourself in Butty's boots what would be going through your mind. If only we had owners that understood this game. Williams and Co would have bouced this joker long ago. With these idiots in charge he is likely to get a new contract.
  8. Its exactly the kind of piss poor man management ToMo has used all along. It is how he de.motivates his players. play well get dropped play crap stay in. He has done it iver and over, Nyambe, Rothwell, Travis early days. Get shut now I've had me fill of him. He is takin the piss now, showing just how much he can get away with. Proper owners would be askin some proper questions about why he does what he does regarding team selection.
  9. The ref was appalling but our manager.was.worse. Personally Indid not think Lenihans challenge was that bad, his fiot rolled on the ball and iver the top and caught the player. No worse than the similar challenge on Rithwell that did not even merit a yellow. Two up and switch to trying to hold. Maybe just maybe this is the one that sees him sent packing. Galkagher was atrocious time and time again, atriciuous in EVERY aspect of his play. Heading poor, trapping, initial control poor, decision making poor,running and dribbling, poor. He should have been yanked long before the 90 was up. Young Dolan was a breath of fresh air but he needs to take the flopping out of his game. I am hoping by Monday Mobray is sacked because as soon as we went two up and Insaw us concede space in the middle to Luton I told the wife we won't win this game.
  10. His other mistake was bringing on the 2 penalty.takers he intended to use way too late. He should have given them more time to get into the game, he out a lot on their shoulders with them knowing all they were on for was to score a pen. Massive pressure. I think Southgate was trying to exorcise his own demons from his historic pen miss.
  11. We tend to be a bit like Wengers Arsenal teams at times by looking to walk the ball in. We need to just get the ball in the middle at times, bit less of the passing around the box. Kinda like Poland did when they scored. That ssid this team does show some real promise and but for 3 diabolical penalty attempts would be European champs.
  12. I can't recall Mount really doing much for England.
  13. This Ben Brereton situation alone shiuld be getting Mowbray canned. Signed for 7 million as an investment, one for the future We endure two years if a player looking nothing like worth what we oaid for him. Then BB dies a thrnaround and at keast starts to kook like a footballer. So the chance for recouping some money looks possible but ToMo & Co.allow him into the last year with no new contract coming.and he'll be off for next to nowt.
  14. So ToMo's contract ends, no wonder he dies not give a toss about the players contracts running down.
  15. He is never right anymore, fingers crossed he is on this one. Just does not sound right though.
  16. Was amazed to find iut Todin had a long throw on him after he went to Fulham, never saw it here, not in the Mowbary book of Revolutionary Football Tactics?
  17. They are on a doddle here Merc and they know it, Tread water us all we will ever do under this lot and that is only if we are fortunate. Maintain is the best we can hope for with this management team but as.they.get.more.and more comfy we will be in decline. The future is grim, a black hole lightened only by a few young uns coming thru who will be pushed aside to stagnate or regress so we can cater to the development if prem clubs young uns. It stinks it really does. I would rather go down swinging with our own having a right good go than go down with prem starlets.who care nothing for this club.
  18. I am in agreement 100%. I like what I see in this kid, don't think ToMo fancies him though
  19. How is letting contacts of better players run down building for the future? Idiots from top to bottom.
  20. In our heart of hearts.did we really expect anything else. These two and Venkies have shown their incompetence through just about every.window and judging by the contract situations there incompetence is prevalent through out the year. Get rid, top to bottom.
  21. Been this way all through ToMo's tenure has is not?
  22. Yeah, he sort if did, I a little nudge as Dack was going down/ iit if play. I am convinced withiut the extra impetus from Morsey Dacky does not get hurt so bad up
  23. What just happened there? Playing decent go ahead then drop back conceding 2/3 of the pitch, like we invited them back into it. Go for the 2nd I say. Buggar me.I thiught we looked good, Poveda lively till we scored then what? was it a Mowbray master stroke?
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