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  1. Agree with all points. I have a tiny bit of sympathy just because his employers are venkys (his employers are not BRFC, because that great club would not conduct itself in such manners, never, we are good people at this club).
  2. I know it to be true, but i understand if people don’t believe pal.
  3. I totally agree, I was going to write that at the end of my post but refrained from doing so. It simply is about money now, the problem is, Jim, it’s like a divorce - venkys don’t think they should have to pay him out, and Tony wants what he’s entitled to, the result though, it further damages the best club in Lancashire.
  4. Thing is chaddy, I get the logic, however I don’t think people realise what damage venkys have done, people will not come back even if it’s a tenner a game (unless it’s a special occasion). Many fans have lost interest and they won’t be back, it’s sad, but that’s fact.
  5. Thing is, the club tried to source another manager, they couldn’t find a suitable one. This happened behind Waggots back and mowbrays back. Now I don’t want either Mowbray or Waggot at the club, but I also feel for them, it shows venkys as they are. These people who stick up for them, they were mislead etc, it’s rubbish, they knew exactly what they were doing and they do now, you don’t go behind the back of your CEO like they have at a normal football club. If they don’t like him, then get rid!!!! The club is a Farce from top to bottom. Mowbray is a decent human being, but I think he’s fed up with it all, however if that is the case he should resign.
  6. The crack is, at ewood, Waggot is a very, very poor, and self indulged leader. The vast majority of staff believe or should I say don’t believe in, Steve leading the club, hence so many jumping ship, granted some have been genuine and taken up good roles to further their careers, but the other half have simply become fed up with life at ewood. how do I know this? Only because I know a couple of people at the club. I’m only saying this because as we know people will ask, how do you know? I broke the new signing news this morning about 7am after finding out at about 1am, yes I’m that sad to wake up at 7am and post, and that was before the LET and Myers, just to prove I do have some little know how of the club going ons, as I have in the past, I will always post thing I know or believe believe to know. That is the state of the club, it is simply in disarray. I also know that Phil whatever he is called, is correct, rovers did source other managers, they aren’t all correct who he mentioned, but 2 are. So he obviously does know a football manager. Tony also knows of this now, make of that what you will, any normal manager would have gone.
  7. You’re right, Matt, no way are we getting an extra 3k on top of season ticket holders, I’d be surprised if they got an extra 300 at the current prices. I haven’t been to ewood as a season ticket holder for a very long time now, and will not be returning until there is a proper structure in place at the club. However I will take in the odd game, for example to take my grandad down, but at the current prices there is no way I will do that. I don’t miss going, as it’s been so long, the football doesn’t encourage me, and the management team makes me depressed, so what’s the incentive for me? Nothing Unless you’re a die hard (I’m not, clearly) then everything the club is and does pushes fans away, change something Steven NOW.
  8. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned but I believe Poveda-Ocampo is signing on loan from Leeds, winger around 20 years old I think.
  9. Hey Mike, thank you pal (Dorito)
  10. You didn’t have to say that pal, as I was the one being the idiot, but appreciate that mate. take care pal
  11. As, Jack always used to say THINK BIG, I so wish our current set up had that mentality.
  12. As, Jack always used to say THINK BIG, I so wish our current set up had that mentality.
  13. Hi all, You probably won’t remember me but I was the talk of some inside info at times in the past, all legitimate, but in my latter posting days I became very aggressive. I apologise for my attitude. Turns out I was on the verge of alcoholism, and i have been through a rough few months since, well over 12 months now, it probably couldn’t have happened at a worse time. My life is still very much in the balance and I struggle daily, but I’m learning to deal better with things. Therefore if there is any posters out there who are past (well I say past, you’re never past with alcoholism) or present strugglers get in touch, I would appreciate it as much as you. I am so happy to be back on here and talk about rovers.
  14. They’re shite, convince me otherwise. Chaddy has liked your response, says it all, not a go at you, sorry, but both are shite.
  15. It won’t end, rovers have the option to extend by 12 months, which they obviously will.
  16. You joking? This club won’t get anyone of that Calibre these days, and yes I mean that calibre, not great, second rate at best, I know. Our best hope these days is young lads from the lower division who think along the lines of “oh wow yeh, Blackburn they won the league in 95, massive, ill defo sign for them”. Established players won’t come to this shithouse.
  17. No we don’t, we have one in Gallagher but play him on the wing.
  18. Noble said he was the best player he’s ever played against didn’t he lol, he was wrong, found out the hard way didn’t he.
  19. Just watching the promotion game at Preston back in 2001. Wow we had some warriors back then, but warriors who were talented too! Even the likes of duff and Dunn flying in with challenges and looking mean. We really could do with a Gary Flitcroft type leader these days, I forgot how good he actually was, quality player.
  20. Exactly, we should have learnt from previous attitudes in regards to style of play, Allardyce got hounded, as soon as he left we've been on a downward slope for 9 years.
  21. You said “the main issue, is that he’s crap” so which one is it, is he crap or not.
  22. Agree totally pal, however that word ‘imagination’ isn’t one that you can attach to the manager, board, owners and club in general, we just plod along.
  23. On our supposed budget there probably isn’t ‘better elsewhere’.
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