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  1. Morsy is hated here and I know why, he is a nasty little bugger however exactly the bite we need in midfield to allow Travis to flourish Johnson is trying to be that player without the legs
  2. We don’t have either an attacking or defensive style quite simply we have a disorganised one, absolutely no style to us whatsoever. Mowbray has no stamp on this team despite being given time
  3. To be fair though, it’s a hard fought race between you and chaddy to be mowbrays biggest fan. found your comment about getting first goal a little strange. If we are the better team and create the better chances then we score 1st, 2nd , 3rd etc. Stop conceding and we might win, but that’s on the manager to sort the defence and the mindset
  4. Not good enough, laughing stock of the championship. Thanks rovers
  5. Declan gallagher linked- would be a steady signing. Absolute rock for Scotland in a high pressure game, motm in fact
  6. Wouldn’t be my first choice but I’d still be happier with Sherwood than mowbray
  7. Years of frustration , loss of appetite for the games and club, I think it’s completely understandable
  8. Can’t deny if it meant removal of the blood sucker I’d be all for it
  9. You have seen Armstrong on 1v1s right? He shits the bed everytime. better than Gayle 😂 mowbrays time is up, you can’t deny it now
  10. About time, nobody can want this clown to continue turgid and has been since he got here
  11. What an underwhelming season. Really really is. I haven’t gave up quite this early since we’ll ever
  12. Insanity- doing the same thing over and over expecting different results I repeat. mowbray needs taken to the loony bin
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