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  1. When you shoot on sight then your going to score a fair few times but there is 5-6 other times in the game when playing in a team mate would be the better option in order to score more or keep possession for the good of the team more than the individual. He is also horrendous at 1v1s which is ashame as it suits his pace to get in behind a line and then there is fairly rotten at pens. So yes thanks for the goals, would be relegated probably without him this season but he goes with my blessings if we can get a large fee and improve the squad with 2/3 others. some of you are very blinkered by
  2. Your not getting it as usual, it’s not about individual performances it’s a team effort and as a collective they have been poor
  3. With all respect I don’t really rate your view , you make some wild claims . Armstrong is part of the team that have underperformed all season, there is pen misses etc that can be put at his door. He isn’t blameless in the poor campaign
  4. 28 individual goals mean nothing if the team doesn’t perform which it hasn’t and armstrong has about good games 50/50. Seen games that I blamed him for lost points, too selfish, missed pens etc. A good goal haul but I would prefer a more complete striker that leads to more team points I get that some folk love him, i just think he is limited in some areas. Wish him all the best and he will be given a good reception on any return to ewood but I’m not crying about him leaving
  5. I’m still happy for armstrong to go this summer, wish him all the best but we need to go in a new direction and his money will help with that. His form is a feast or a famine, too inconsistent for me
  6. Adam reach would be one I would like to nick from Wednesday with them dropping
  7. Brereton loves a dead rubber goal. Well taken tho, he gave us similar hope at the end of last season, let’s see if he can kick on next year
  8. All the best in your recovery mate , always a ear for you here despite the doom and gloom at the moment
  9. Bar send emails to venkys hq which I have done and were ignored I don’t think there is a lot to do to get my feelings known. I doubt they have noticed I haven’t been buying stuff from the online shop and obviously haven’t been attending games
  10. Think fans should be protesting. I’m too far away or I would 100% be there
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong but you suggested that we started off the season playing well and were confused as to why we couldn’t keep it up? Answered your question perfectly
  12. Not confused at all, poor team performances are very much the mowbray norm with the good displays very much the exception, not hard to see why we are where we are. Absolute lack of tactical nous, direction and style
  13. Not enjoyed supporting the club since allardyces replacement was (drop down menu/swearing filter) *underwhelming*
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