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  1. A new one should be you can’t win anything with mowbray
  2. Be very worried, corridors thought they had reach, he was given to today to make his decision and we didn’t get there. Blown out the water on wages, we are only getting loans if anything. Utterly bleak for rovers with current regime
  3. Been given a name for either? I genuinely haven’t other than things are starting to come together
  4. Lot less people involved in the transfers these days, whole office effectively cleared from Ewood. Less mouths- less leaks , downside is that it takes even longer to process
  5. Don’t know who it is in all honesty , being kept hush hush
  6. An incoming , working away at personal terms , close to an agreement
  7. Because all this brereton chat is doing is deflecting from reality that we are in a pretty dire situation currently and yet a lot of folk are carrying on like we don’t have a care in the world and can continue a kind of footballing joke. If he had been playing for say Northern Ireland or somebody like that then nobody would give two hoots but because it’s a random South American team it’s all funny and remarkable. I’d rather he just worked on his game to become good for rovers
  8. Brereton stuff is getting a bit silly for me now, when he starts to even be of a decent championship standard we can talk about hype. As it is it’s delving into the world of grabbi and rochina
  9. Yea well maybe, but it’s very sad that it’s driving fans away wouldn’t you say. I’m angry mowbray is still here , I don’t see anything other than what’s gone on before
  10. Genuine question- is anyone actually caring about this upcoming season. I fail to see any glimmer of hope other than maybe getting to see a decent left back for once
  11. Iv never felt so flat and un- excited for a start of a season. And that includes league one. Thanks mowbray, doing a smashing job
  12. Sell sell sell while stock is somewhat high. Never going to be the player we thought we signed
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