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  1. You have gone full 360 now chaddy, I’m glad you can see your mistakes backing him. I remember telling you at least two seasons ago mowbray was no good
  2. Still confused who tiso is, which tells me all I need to know about whoever he is being a great player for us. No doubt on loan which barely counts anyway. smallwood- your having a laugh, so limited it’s unreal
  3. We are 9 points behind Barnsley- no disrespect to Barnsley, I like them and they are doing great but Jesus cmon now
  4. Noticed in the first half two incidents, one where sarr just knocked it past him and he couldn’t keep up forcing a centre half to come over and cover for his poor speed and another attacking where he didn’t have the legs so played a long cross field ball rather than run down the wing. Speed/fitness issues there
  5. Good goal elliot, shame your wasted here in all honesty. Sadly it will still be a defeat come 90. Following the same route as Preston game
  6. 3 seasons too late but cmon, I sense it’s close, surely. Taxi for mowbray. Let me enjoy my team again
  7. Exactly what I’m seeing mate, absolutely nonsence tactic on what is a heavy boggy pitch, Armstrong will be done by half time chasing nothing balls
  8. I like him but the reason he was bombed out his previous club was too many silly errors, I think he has it in his locker
  9. Sigh, long ball to Armstrong tactic playing like the away side. How much longer do we have to endure this shite
  10. Absolutely, those backbone players that hold everything together. The goal scorers , flashy skills players get the headlines but it’s your blood and guts guys that allow them to
  11. Quite possibly. I remember thinking bowyers biggest mistake was not perm signing David Jones when we needed that type of player in the middle. Got the poor Williamson instead and a talented team - Rhodes, king, cairney, gestede etc were let down by midfield partnership of Williamson and lowe. Jones moved to Burnley and secured promotion
  12. Kaminski- top 6 nyambe- top half lenihan- not good enough in my opinion, would happily sell ayala- seems a mistake, too 6 in his day, not sure he will ever be physically able anymore williams- not good enough loan guys/ we shouldn’t be loaning centre backs, that’s a fault of management. Not ready bell- not championship douglas- doesn’t suit us Wharton- haven’t seen enough. Probably should have been blooded much sooner holtby- not consistent, not fit, no good johnson- too old now, not too 6 trybull- nope evans- barely championship qu
  13. I think Watford will beat us but we will get something from Coventry. Still useless and needs gone ASAP tho.
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