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  1. Funny seeing folk now changing their mind on mowbray again. For what it’s worth I’m forever in the mowbray out camp. Yes we have had a good start- where have I seen this before- but it seems more to luck than great management that our squad players are now coming to the fore. I still fully expect us to have a bad spell and tumble down the league. That being said it would be a strange time to pot him now, but this is venkys and they don’t seem to ever do anything when you expect them to. Keep managers that should be out the door, pull the trigger at the wrong time, the venkys way
  2. Gallagher again, in the air where some folk wrote him off, what was it, jumped 5’8. Few eating their words today
  3. All you that said gallagher should never be in the team again after a poor display at Luton , hmmm
  4. Extreme lack of quality when we got into the final 3rd today, so many poor passes, crosses , wrong decisions. Frustrating. actually thought we were lucky to get a point, Barnsley didn’t finish chances they had that I’d expect them to score. Sooner or later these games we are sneaking something will come crashing down. We may be good points wise but not performances Dolan is a funny one, I can’t decide if I like him or not. Does some things well then seems to mess it up right at the end a lot of the time, much like Buckley I’m still unconvinced. I thought Pickering was good today and seems to be finding his feet now.
  5. Clarkson looks every bit the young lad thrown into a battle he isn’t ready for yet
  6. Not many pass marks today, Pickering and kaminski only perhaps
  7. Brereton with a big donkey touch, if that was gallagher he would be getting lynched on here
  8. Jesus, getting in good positions and then horrible balls
  9. No use for an attacking full back though is it , practise , practise, practise
  10. Good luck mate, I’m Scottish myself so if you ever need anything Scotland related then give us a shout. Hearts are a good club , fan owned too, got a lot of respect for them
  11. Cost, time and lack of excitement for me cost- finances are tight and can’t justify the travel from highlands of Scotland , the hotel for a night and on top of that the ticket time- get two weekends off in every 5 from my work, and have an a new father to boot excitement- I can’t go mowbray and what’s the point to go and watch a mid table team going through the motions. something would need to change to get me back to Ewood
  12. All due respect to Davidson, he won’t have good contacts and he isn’t really a pull for a player, Christ he wasn’t even a good player for us. Critchley is well respected after his liverpool days and Blackpool success. mcann is good, I said we should’ve signed him, neat and tidy and dogged. One of those players that’s happy to do the dirty work that you sometimes don’t notice but wins games. a good evans really
  13. Why? Because he won a couple of cups in Scotland. They didn’t pull up any trees in the league. St Johnstone are just about my local team these days and they are ok but nothing brilliant. Owen coyle had st Johnstone looking similar
  14. I had it on good authority that was the plan for this summer so who knows
  15. If mowbray does eventually get canned I’d take a serious look at critchley from Blackpool
  16. Because he is still well thought of at forest. They might go the abroad way but hasn’t worked out well for them in the past. I’d say Keane or wilder
  17. Difference of opinion, I know who I would rather play against if I were a defender
  18. Not judging gallagher on one game, same as brereton. Both need to vastly improve , brereton gets an easier ride from fans for some reason
  19. Not with you on this one chaddy, I don’t feel confident when Ben is running with the ball towards goal that he has a clue what he is going to do. Gives the ball away and falls about too easily for me . Well taken goal but I still put him behind gallagher up top, and neither are up to much
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