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  1. In that case, I'd be happy for the mods to merge the two, or lock / delete this one. I should have been more creative in my search for existing threads..
  2. I did search before posting but didn't see anything. Posted since it is in the media just now.
  3. Clubs in the Premier League and Championship are to be allowed to trial 'Safe Standing' areas from January. As someone who grew up standing in the (ahem) massed ranks on the Riverside and Blackburn End, I can remember the feeling of being in a real crowd very well, and although the proposals for so called 'safe standing' are likely to be a watered down version of what used to happen on the terraces, I wondered what people's thoughts might be about bringing back standing at Ewood Park. My view is that it is kind of meh - there will never be a return to the crowd scenes of yesteryear, or the immediacy of being in a heaving swell of bodies going mental when we score, or the rush of folks to the wall to bait the opposition fans and players if they scored instead. So for me, no thanks. Mind you, if they bring it back at Blackpool, I'm not going, as all I recollect from standing in the rain at Bloomfield Road, as was, was some bloke pissing on the backs of my legs as the queue for the horrible bogs was too long.
  4. Two consecutive clean sheets though.. Got to count for something, given our glass jaw of recent seasons.
  5. Says it all, doesn't it - 10 pages .TEN SODDING PAGES! on a match day.
  6. Had the Brereton Diaz attempt bobbled in off the post on Saturday I think we would have gone on to get a Hatters full (pardon the pun). However, the gurning eejit pulled a stunning about turn in the game's fortunes by completely changing the tactics just when they didn't need changing. Thus heads went down and may not be back up again for tonight's tough challenge. So, my assessment is, Hull cant' score for toffee at the moment, so we will gift them at least one. Rovers can't close a game out at the moment, so we will remain vulnerable till the final whistle. A narrow victory will ensue for the team that scores first. I'm not sure monsieur le Gurn can deliver this for the faithful. I do expect to be completely baffled by the tactics, the outcome and most of all by the complete onions coming out of Mowbray's chops pre and post match. Rovers 1, Hull 2 attendance 9432, with 363 hardy, deluded but ultimately ecstatic souls from the land of the longest bridge to nowhere. Waggot OUT! Mowbray OUT! Gurning, Cheating Liars OUT!
  7. Going down to this, for the first live game in umpteen months. Not sure what fare will be served up on the pitch, but am confident that the gurning twat will sit motionless in the dugout or stands for the majority of the game, rousing himself only briefly to rearrange his wedding tackle and sniff the results, before falling into another deep coma. Rovers 3 Luton 2 Pints before game, too many / not enough depending on perspective..(wife watching what I'm typing) COYB!
  8. I think the thread title should be changed to, "What is Waggott?" My guess is that it is a rare but quite pernicious fungus that hangs around sports clubs bringing misery to the people who work there, causing an unpalatable smell for previous committed patrons, and leading to the eventual closing down of facilities if not purged completely at the earliest opportunity... Anyone else have any thoughts about What is Waggott?
  9. Not sure what you mean by this - are you questioning the facts about my longstanding support of the club (first game in 1971) or is there some other (hidden) reason for chucking stones? Please explain ;)
  10. I'm firmly in this group, having been brought up on regular visits to Ewood Park under Bobby Saxton, Howard Kendal, Jim Smith, Gordon Lee, Don Mackay and the like. The key factor for me is the dismantling of any real local interest or affinity within the local senior management team. The arsehole currently masquerading as Chief Executive wouldn't have had a nanosecond's attention from anyone under the likes of Bill Fox, or John Williams, and would be nowhere near the top table (except maybe to sweep up after a game). Until there is a locally oriented, Rovers-obsessed and committed management structure back in place, I'm afraid the club will remain in the doldrums and supporters will continue to be treated like an inconvenient afterthought, akin to a verruca, by the shameful morons who are running our club into the ground. Nearly vomited when I saw this... https://www.walmsleywilkinson.com/news-and-insights/interviews/inspiring-leaders-steve-waggott-ceo-blackburn-rovers/ UN FUCKING BELIEVEABLE!!
  11. Hurrah! But I will believe it when the gurning chump gets his P45. What a pity the Issa bros appear to have a red affiliation - it would be marvellous to have wealthy Blackburn savvy owners at the club once again, instead of the faceless Madame Cluck-Antoinette and her absent offspring making random decisions and holding our heads under water.. "Ve will spend up to five million pownd per season, and totally respect the legacy of Mr Jack Valker.. even bring Ronaldo McDonaldo to play for our baby..!" My arse.
  12. Typical accountant initiative - knows the cost of everything, but the VALUE of nothing.. Everything about the fustercluck that is the behind the scenes arrangements at Rovers is an indictment of the poverty of thinking amongst the so called management. They'll be asking the players to pay to play next.
  13. Have you ever worked in a place that is festering like a shithole, surrounded by rich kids who think you are there to shine their undersoles, and where the 'management' are deluded and dishonest to the point of criminal insanity? Welcome to Ewood Park, a 21st Century museum featuring the ghosts of shitlists past... Ahh, I get ye - it was irony, wasn't it? Doh!
  14. There is a repeating pattern here that is reminiscent of the behaviour often exhibited by those diagnosed as 'Sociopath'. What a sociopath will often do is to create an elaborate façade of self-aggrandisement that places them as a central figure holding the reins of power over others. This is then used to create drama in the lives of others so that the sociopath feels 'less worse' about themselves (i.e. they can appear to be sympathetic and sorry for the poor sods who have to cope with the dramas imposed on them by the sociopath). Little or no empathy is ever shown for the 'victims' of the drama bombs that are dropped, with 'other forces' / 'the way things are' / or 'there is no option, our hands are tied' being used as justification for clearly unfair and unreasonable conditions being imposed even on simple situations. Often there are massive and obvious flaws in the façade, such that observers call out the sociopath for what / who they actually are - at which point they build another elaborate façade around themselves, completely ignore / blank out those who have called them out, and seek another set of victims for their dramas and lies. I don't know about 'façade' but I wish our own resident sociopathic incumbents would 'fackoff' and take their weird and destructive influence on our club with them. I include the Loons from Pune in this, together with HRH the moron of twat and his sidekicks 'Gurnmeister General' - the so called club management - and all their cronies. By the time this scab falls off the proud heritage that is Blackburn Rovers, it will have burned a scar so deep that even the most infatuated amongst us will think twice about being seen in public with our beloved... Time to go, Venkys. Time to to Waggott Time to go Mowbray Time to go Venus Times up, Suhail - be a good chap and leave some lights on when you bugger off...
  15. there was a old scally, Steve Waggot Whose only approach was to blag it He priced out each fan, put the club in the can Bleeding Rovers to death, the maggot..
  16. That isn't what is said. What is said is that folk would prefer to promote from within, rather than pay over the odds for a gamble from without.
  17. Without being too pessimistic, I'd say we will be in trouble very soon if we lose any of Rothwell, Buckley, Brezza-Diaz or Lenihan. Armstrong, meh - already gone in his head.
  18. Rothwell looks like a player with a point to make.. ...Once or twice a season... Today is one of those
  19. Swansea will be shitting themselves.... With laughter..
  20. This has to be the light at the end of the tunnel.. like anoxia at the point of death, we are seeing the death of the club, engineered by our gurning slobbering madman of a manager. We look like one of those park teams that get through to the early rounds of the FA Cup - it is like playing football at this level is an alien concept. I don't think there is much hope for a positive outcome from the coming season, based on the evidence served up here- other than, of course, the removal of the cancerous and malignant form of the gurnmeister, and his accomplices in crime.
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