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  1. I wish I didn't care, because it annoys me so, so much 😞☹ī¸ Thankfully it's a Friday night so I can have a drink or 5.
  2. Recoverite might be able to manufacture kits, if they fancy a move into the market?
  3. They are doing next seasons Newcastle and wolves kits apparently.
  4. Need rothwell on ASAP imo, needs some energy in the team. Probably take downing off l, not done much and has a yellow
  5. He thinks he's found a use for Gally and sticking him at CB?
  6. End of the road, thanks for what you did at the start Tony.
  7. This annoys me more than anything, he causes problems for the opposition every time he comes on and creates chances. He'll be wanting to be off soon. Was great at the start of the season and deserves to be playing ahead of Gallagher
  8. We already knew this, there is no way nyambe will sign a new deal in our position, it should have been done a year ago. He will get offers in January. Being benched earlier for JRC as good as he is won't help I would hope rothwell would if we offer something now. Dack wants to play in the premier league, so we would have to go up for him to sign an extension. His injury does compliate things so it would be a gamble. Offer him a big deal now or dont. The money wasted on other things kind of makes it so you would try and do something, he should be on par or more than. Gallagher . I wou
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