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  1. Good letter but dissapointing that nothing about the manager situation was included.Would of like to seen something along the lines of ‘fans have been greatly frustrated at the lack of action taken over the shockingly poor 2nd half of the season and massive underachievement of the management team’
  2. Unfortunately, now the season is over, and we’re still hearing no noises whatsoever about TM leaving for me clearly shows that we are stuck with him. Disaster.
  3. Under what notion would you be surprised? Ofc we all know he should be sacked, however every noise and interview coming out of the club points to him being here next season. Have you heard something ? Give me some hope please.
  4. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned but at this point I think the most effective thing we can do at the moment is a petition, one which signals the intention for fans not to buy season tickets while Mowbray remains in charge. I don’t think we can wait until next season, that’ll be too late and a crucial summer of rebuild will be ruined my Mowbray. We need someone in now! Some who can give the club a new lease of life, offer us new tactics and identity as a footballing side and get the players on side to the extent where they actually want to sign contracts. Not sure how man
  5. After reading the LT interview the other day I felt nothing but dread for next season, however seems like you and Mani have given me a little bit of hope that we will have a team and management next season that I believe in and can get behind. If you are right and he’s going, and that it’s been in the pipeline for months, surely they will have a manger lined up? If it is that it can’t be Ainsworth as the way he’s been talking about the future and next season recently in interviews for Wycombe would indicate that he’s not had any offers from Rovers. What worries me is that T
  6. If you’re right and he goes. I will be sending a pint your way. I just can’t see it with our mockery of owners/board.
  7. I genuinely don’t believe they are the ones behind decisions at the moment. Rather they are advised by people who they deemed trustworthy. Unfortunately Waggot seems to fit in to that profile, and he is very chummy with Mowbray. Of course they deserve critism for their lack of backbone and spine to take control and take action. But sadly I think it’s pretty clear that they don’t care that much to invest the level of thought required into it. In relation to that, it is evident that the power of the running of the club is held by the people who sit below Venkys in the pecking order. I do b
  8. What an utter catastrophe. Not only have results and performances been shocking with our best squad in years, we have many talented players who clearly want out (eg Nymabe and Rothwell) due to the managers misuse of them. He’s spent serious money on players who look miles away from it, and has continued to persist with a tactic of playing tall 6ft plus strikers on the wing, a tactic which has never worked, never made sense and has seen players, in particular Gallagher, unable to properly express themselves. He completely misuses players and fails to develop them. Players such as lenihan,
  9. I’m watching this game and I’m realising i just don’t care. I’m have no emotion whatsoever. We are never getting back into this game, I would bet my life on us not scoring. TM you have ruined supporting this club for me. Well done. We are going down. Edit: your welcome
  10. Genuine question. If you were offered a scenario where we got relegated this season with TM leaving the club vs staying up this season but having to endure TM for another full season what would you prefer? For me no doubt I would take league one with no TM. He, along with Waggot, have genuinely nearly made me lose all interest in the club. I can’t remember the last time I had any true faith in the club. It’s heartbreaking.
  11. Going foreign is the right move. Only British manager who I would be truly excited to see appointed would be Howe, but he will near certainly get a prem job. My dream appointment would be Jokanvic. Class manager on and off the field, had Fulham playing some of the best football the championship has ever seen. Has promotion experience with both Watford and Fulham. Major stumbling block will be his wages. Either way I find it promising that replacements are a least ‘supposedly’ being discussed.
  12. While I agree with you in regards to loans signings, I don’t believe we are in that situation. Let’s break down our loans: - Trybull. Clearly a decent player and a upgrade on Evans, but has been far from integral to our season and I doubt he will be missed when his loan comes to an end. Along with this we have a significant amount of central midfielders at the club - Douglas. Finally starting to show a bit of form and hopefully can carry that into the 2nd half of the season. However he has been relatively poor for us so far, and we seemed to have signed a long term replacement
  13. Seems like a very astute signing, one which will give us stability at left back in the long term, aswell as providing us with a player who has premier league potential. Personally I would want him here for the rest of the season, I haven’t been personally impressed with Douglas, albeit the last couple of games aside, and would like to see this lad given a go there. However it may be a case that sending him back on loan will reduce the fee we need to fork out to get him, hence making him affordable in this window, which is something I would be on board with. He is a player who seemingly ha
  14. Normally I would agree with you but he played for Crewe today, which seems to question how close the deal is. If he does come in you would imagine that bell is leaving, especially with him not in the squad today. One possibility could be that we loan him back to Crewe until the end of the season.
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