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  1. On top of this there’s been mentions of wilder attending our last couple of games.
  2. There’s quite a few rumours on Twitter that TM will be gone by next international break. Was wondering if anyone on this forum had heard anything? Find it so depressing when I can’t even get excited about a win due to a complete lack of faith in the manager. Change is needed!
  3. Imo Rothwell is hands down our best player - the best player I’ve seen at Ewood for quite a while. We will seriously miss him when he’s gone.
  4. I know - very confused as can’t see that we’ve sold out
  5. I live in London and am currently trying to buy tickets for this however I can only find Tickets that include bus/travel fees on the site. I am sure I am just being dumb but where can I just find the match tickets ?
  6. Coventry 4-1 up against Fulham … will be an interesting game against them after the international break
  7. 2 of the best goals we’ve scored this season. Followed up by the worst - total comedy tho. Dreamland!!!
  8. A good start to the season. Some strong performances. Just outside the playoffs. A good run of fixtures approaching. Only means one thing. Nose bleed. I expect to be left frustrated today by a missed opportunity but will forever be hopeful. If we’re going off the idea that Khadra isn’t fully fit then this has to be the team today. kaminski nymabe Lenihan ayala Pickering travis rothwell dolan butterworth Poveda Diaz subs: Pears, magloire, Edun, Buckley, davenport, Khadra, JRC(fit?).
  9. I’m Ngl I would actually really like Burke. Strong, quick. Played up top for Sheffield United last season and actually impressed. Not interested if it’s a loan tho
  10. It’s interesting that noises out of the club are positive that a deal for a striker will be reached but there’s literally no names currently floating about.
  11. Right anyone out there ITK heard anything about Maja? Pinning my hopes on him
  12. This makes or breaks the window. Loan = failure. Permanent = pretty decent
  13. He’s mentioned in the telegraph live feed to be fair. Mentions that Forest have been linked but doesn’t deny any potential rovers interests. His next comment is to deny a link to Kipre.
  14. Interestingly Sharpe didn’t deny an interest in Maja
  15. Honestly Pickering gets far too much critism on this board. He’s 22, just made the step up to championship for the first and has done alright. Defensively there is clearly room for improvement, but his alround play is miles ahead of Douglas or bell. He already has 2 assists this season. Edun is a clever signing, gives us cover in a number of positions aswell as giving us more flexibility with a 3 at the back formation, which is something I would like to see us properly commit to this season.
  16. Would just like to say if we do sign Obafemi on a PERM then it really is a massive coup for us. The Khadra deal makes no sense to me considering we have chapman who will most likely loan out as a result.
  17. With Edun set to be done I really believe all attention should turn to Obafemi
  18. Why are we even looking at hedges? We’ve got plenty of midfielders, two currently who can play the advanced role in Buckley and Rothwell with our best player in Dack to come back and nail that spot. Doesn’t seem to make much sense to me.
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