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  1. Bit annoyed that Butterworth didn't make an appearance, but we've not had nearly enough clean sheets over recent years for me not to take some pleasure from that one. Had this down as a win, so wouldn't say I'm happy with the result or performance, but an away point is never a disaster in this league.
  2. I think Lenihan has suffered a bit from needing to be the senior player in our defence before he was ready. He hasn't ever struck me as much of an organizer, so being partnered with so many young defenders of the last few years can't have helped his own game. I was pleased to see him get motm against Hull - even though it was Ayala who got the goal, Lenihan was the better player over the 90 in my opinion. I suspect that Ayala still takes quite a lot of the credit for that though, being a calming presence alongside him. I see the two of them really complementing each other to be honest, I just hope that they can stay fit.
  3. I can see the temptation of Keane - he seems to have a lot of the opposite characteristics to Mowbray and so it's easy to imagine him coming in and having an effect in raising the standards of the group, calling a spade a spade etc. We've also had the experience of Souness coming in and 'sorting the club out', so to speak, so there are comparisons to be drawn with Keane being a similar character. It's still a massive risk though, and one which I think is more likely to backfire than not. It has been almost 15 years since he managed to get promoted with Sunderland, where he inherited a good squad that just needed a bit of a kick-start. In the meantime the second tier has come on leaps and bounds. It's possible that he could come in and do a good job, but I'd be much happier with someone with a more recent track-record, like Hughton or (if possible) Wilder.
  4. Our recent record in games which are either i) at Oakwell or ii) could realistically result in us being in the top 6 is absolutely appalling, so it's good to be going into the game with a bit of genuine optimism. I understand the nervousness about playing Ayala three games in a week, but for me he's too important to leave out, especially with a full week to recover before the next game. Same back five, but I'd like to see Davenport in for Clarkson to give us a bit more bite. Going for a 2-1 away win.
  5. With an amazing song on the terraces: "His name is Ludo Mikloško, he comes from near Moscow..." Mikloško is from Prostejov, Czech Republic, which is somewhere in the region of 1,000 miles away from Moscow.
  6. Given our lack of options up front, I'd be shocked if they both don't get some game time this season.
  7. Good post - pretty much exactly how I view this too. The best case I could make for the club here is that they recognise that the club who gets the best out of Chapman have a very decent asset on their hands. Getting him in the shop window for 6 months could mean that, alongside the productive loan at Shrewsbury, we could get a half-decent fee and a sell-on percentage come January. All highly speculative, of course.
  8. I agree if it turns out that all/most the out-of-contract players leave. If it turns out that Lenihan, Brereton & possibly even Nyambe sign new deals then the rebuild doesn't need to be that dramatic. Agree that there are reasons for pessimism on this front by the way, I'm just agreeing that it is possible that our poor window could be better justified if it was a part of a longer term strategy which means we can use our resources better over the longer term. Probably won't turn out that way of course.
  9. The highlighted bit is crucial for me. I agree that we'll be okay this year, and so if it turns out to be the case that we're able to spend a few more quid next summer as a result of tightening our belt this one, then fine. If that isn't the strategy though, and we've just found ourselves in this position, then serious questions need to be asked about our squad management. Suppose we'll only know one way or another further down the track.
  10. I think 20 is very optimistic to be honest with you, but I agree that having him as a striker is one of the main silver linings of a broadly terrible window. He already has two, and if he stays there all season I'd definitely back him to reach double figures, but I'd be ecstatic if he manages over 15.
  11. I wonder if there's a slither of a chance of turning this into a permanent deal next summer? Probably not, but would explain our apparent determination to get him in, giving him the number 7 shirt etc.
  12. Without claiming to be an expert in football finance, I'd read that as us (along with La Liga in a slightly different way) as having lived most beyond our means over the last few years, therefore being most exposed to a 'shock' event like a pandemic. Clubs in the top flight still have their main income stream from TV, whereas many clubs further down the food chain are already used to the pressures of needing to balance the books.
  13. I think there are games you can point to where Nyambe should have played and didn't over the last few years, but I agree that it's been well overdone in the face of the evidence. He is a 23 year old who has played almost 130 games over the last four years, and that's with considerable time out injured and hamstrings which at times have needed managing. That is not a sign of a player being left out too much in my view.
  14. I can only imagine this way we can get something in the way of a fee (or sell on) that wouldn't have been there last year had he gone to Shrewsbury. I certainly hope so, otherwise it makes absolutely zero sense.
  15. Not overly concerned about missing out on Lowe, personally. I think he'd improve us, but not massively and it's very unlikely that we'd be able to recoup the £1.5 million further down the line. If our strategy now is going to be buy young players and improve them, you can't be spending most of the budget on a good-but-not-great 27 year old.
  16. Astonishingly orthodox if it turns out to be like that!
  17. I always felt Cairney was at his best when he really wanted to hurt teams - looking to take more risks in creating chances or scoring himself and less concerned about giving possession away. It could be 2+2=5, but he was excellent whenever he played at Elland Road after being let go by Leeds as a youngster.
  18. Completely see where you're coming from on Cairney (and you're right that it was more about not fitting him into the right system, rather a dig at the player). £3million was a total disgrace though, even at the time. If it was double that then you could talk about it being one that we got wrong in retrospect, rather than obviously having our pants pulled down. I take a different view on Raya and King though. I was sorry to see Raya go, but if we ended up getting £5million plus a sell on for him, then that's in the range of being a half-decent deal in my view. He is worth more than that now of course, so that could be an argument that we got it wrong, but I'm not convinced that his stock would've risen as much had he stayed here (or went to another club). On King, I think we dropped a massive clanger in not playing him at least somewhere, even if Bowyer didn't want to make the call in dropping Rhodes or Rudy. In fact, I think the only time in the last 10 years when we genuinely looked like promotion candidates was when Marshall was injured, and we had King and Conway on the wings. Remember some aways that season where King was absolutely unplayable - seem to remember being 4-0 up at St Andrews at half time and every goal was a result of King roasting their full back. Take that spell alongside his cup exploits, I think we have to look at that one and ask why we couldn't get more out of him.
  19. Or feasibly the only concrete offer - it could be the case that those other clubs are looking but don't have him on the top of their lists.
  20. Cairney too (I actually think the 5 million we ended up getting for Raya was broadly fine) but other than that I agree - I'd be truly shocked if there turns out to be anything in that.
  21. I think the game where we were obviously second best was the match at Ewood, where we escaped with a 0-0. I remember the away game being a tight match which we arguably shaded (whilst getting a big slice of luck with Branthwaite, obviously!).
  22. As with the Millwall game, whilst we struggled for long periods we didn't give away too much in the way of chances. Makes the goal that we did give away all the more frustrating, but we definitely can't complain with the result. Good point under the circumstances, but we need to improve dramatically with the ball. Bit of a baptism of fire for young Clarkson, which hopefully he'll learn from. Nice to see Buckley do well when he came on.
  23. Would be a very interesting one that. Not one I'd be completely delighted with given the way that he hasn't kicked on, but undoubted potential. I'm not anti-loan on principle, but I'd much sooner bring in Roberts than another winger on loan. Seems as though the clubs rumoured are us, Swansea, Stoke and Bournemouth. I suppose Bournemouth could blow us out of the water wages-wise (but would he play?). The others appear to be cutting their cloth not too dissimilarly to us this summer, so I wouldn't rule us out.
  24. I think that explains why their academy has over time tended to be good too. Like Southampton they're pretty much the only gig in town for a really sizable chunk of the country.
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