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  1. Yes fair enough Paul I stand corrected, regarding isms it should have gone to jimbo sorry.
  2. Ok then, so people who don't agree with gay marriages dislike gay people & people who don't agree with EU immigrants committing crimes against old people (no mention of little old ladies) dislike foreigners. Wow.
  3. You tell me & then we will both know, it's over to broadsword now he's got a Herculean task on his hands.
  4. Good luck then with convincing half a dozen or so legal experts, you're on your own with that one.
  5. You've got lawyers/barristers who claim it isn't, I'm the least of your problems I think you should know who I'm more likely to believe.
  6. Of course it's relevant to the point, you was & still are discrediting the link making it out as if was a set of lawyers bias to leave when in FACT (yes I deal in these I know there are in scarce supply from some people) lawyers from remain were also involved, on that basis, it's fair to assume that there is no bias at all regarding the accuracy of the link. The ground was lost really in my view with racism & homophobia & still a explanation hasn't been given to warrant it. To summarise I'd rather believe a group of lawyers/barristers position on the legal perspective of the referendum than people on a football forum. It's that simple.
  7. That's misleading because what you've quoted from the about us link also mentions - we have also been joined by many lawyers who voted remain. just thought I'd mention it as it must have slipped your mind.
  8. We are both bias to our own links as they favour our own agendas. Racist & homophobic? Come on that's abit low you should be able to articulate a more substantive response.
  9. It looks the real deal to me. It's the law irrefutable in black & white.
  10. Personally I'd rather read what lawyers have to say on the subject after all they specialise in legal matters.
  11. http://www.lawyersforbritain.org/referendum-binding.shtml Suggest you do some research.
  12. No it's not the truth it's the truth to you because you believe it to be, I could post about a dozen articles which claim the referendum result is irreversible. To be frank you are in denial & clutching at straws.
  13. That's the way the cookie crumbles, it was a majority result whether you agree with it or not. Life's tough build a bridge.
  14. It's not a case of truth/false it's a case of a democratic election has taken place based on a majority/minority result.
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