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  1. Douglas's wife just gave birth hes prob not with the team.
  2. Rubbish if he was available on a free there would be a host of championship clubs after him.
  3. Your entitled to your veiw but i feel we missed him massively when he was out injured.
  4. Most of those mentioned will be gone come the summer Brereton has become a player for us Gally has looked hungry coming off the bench recently Ayala is good enough just had injury issues. I'd bet that most of the teams in this division have players who supplement the first team and act as cover.
  5. I assume your imaginary get along gang would include Mulgrew Smallwood and Graham where are they all again? Its something you have completely made up in your own head he's used plenty of young players.
  6. Not gonna lose sleep if he is out of contract unfortunately Harry Chapnans not beeen good enough to earn a place. Befòre anyone starts don't give me he is not part of the gang nonsense we have used plenty of young players under mowbray and more than anyother club this season
  7. Harry sticking up for family i don't for one second think that Frank was not consulted on if he wanted Havertz and Werner two of the most sought after players in the world at the time. It would seem Frank was one of the only ones who did not want/rate them
  8. Big Sam will quit before the end of the season so he does not have relegation from the prem on his cv
  9. Mind you that was harry redknapp saying that i don't believe a word that comes out of that mans mouth
  10. Chaddy a lot of these people are dead because of the governments complete mis handling of this pandemic i need the opposition to not let anyone forget any of the dead so everyone in charge who screwed this up so royally is held accountable. The ones who used this for profit they should go to jail on top of this. A statue what a nice thought lets stick it outside downing street as a constant reminder that a 100 year old man had to walk up and down his garden to help fund the nhs which has been starved of funds for years by boris's party. The best way anyone can honour Sir Tom or
  11. A man who had to raise money for the nhs that had been starved of cash by years of Tory neglect.
  12. The reason so many people have lost loved is precisely the reason why labour should hammer the point home an inept bumbling government who mishandled the entire situation. That is bad enough but when you factor in the whole cummings debacle. The rampant enrichment of friends donors and spouses Im sorry but any opposition who don't hammer the points home are not fit to oppose them.
  13. Im sorry but if a party handles the pandemic in such a shambolic way while handing out billions to cronys and people with ties to them then if the laws will not hold them accountabe the only way for them to be held accountable is through being voted out so its not just right to use it its a duty. I find it distasteful to use a pandemic and the deaths of so many to enrich yourselfs and your friends.
  14. If we can keep improving at the back which the new signings point towards with travis and dack hopefully getting better the more game time they get the playoffs could easily be attainable tho there are a lot of good teams up there so no more death spirals can be afforded. Hopefully having 3/4 cbs in squad who are fit can help address the whole death spiral thing.
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