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  1. Bit harsh I'd say the back four as a whole. Other than that I'd agree
  2. Mind you that's just from the tackle he was booked for never had much to do otherwise.
  3. Gally is indeed upfront Nyambe is looking very good and lenihan is lucky to still be on the pitch.
  4. I think with poveda khadra and Dolan they are not going to give you much protection down the sides so 433 is the way to go with who we have.
  5. I do think with the players we have we should easily stay up but I'm not convinced we have the manager too.
  6. Its terrible that we are so light on striking options. But the only thing I can see with the wingers at the club now is gally or Diaz up top not ideal but would be stupid to go any other way. So I guess with Mowbray its gally out wide
  7. I'd imagine going home was a consideration for deeny on this one.
  8. His wiki says he can play through the middle as a false 9 or as a 10 so looks like gally will stay out wide no doubt
  9. Won't play as many as good as West Brom either tbh
  10. Give over mate he's a decent player who if you were mates with you would be banging on about us signing.
  11. Also to whoever said that Cooper would not sign cause the clubs a shambles thats fair it is but he plays for f****n Millwall I'd rather be a shambles than play for a club with a fan base like that with a manager who makes excuses for them.
  12. Rothwell got taken off last night that can only be because during the game Brentford launched a bid.
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