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  1. Absolute rubbish. How is the defence worse?????! Tosin looked quality on his debut and Cunningham already looks 10x the full back Bell is. Johnson and Travis look like they are quite a good partnership and Reed doesn't look that missed so far. Downing also seems to be a massive upgrade on Conway.
  2. I reckon we are going 4-4-2 diamond with DG and SG up top.
  3. I think we will win tomorrow as well. He has to start the likes of Rothwell Dack and Graham. The ones that got us through on Tuesday. High intensity straight from the whistle.
  4. If Lenihan and Tosin are fit this is how I would line up. Get at them early from down the wings.
  5. I remember talking to Jacob Murphy after his loan spell at Coventry. Said that when things were going well TM was a delight to work under, but when the pressure was on and they started slipping out of the play offs, Mowbray just stopped talking to players and kept away from them. He said he became impossible to talk to. Could easily see that happening again here.
  6. Graham and Dack's chemistry is like nothing we have had in a long long time. If only DG was 10 years younger.
  7. What TM will do Walton Bennett Tosin Williams Bell Travis Johnson Armstrong Dack Downing Gallagher
  8. My Team for Boro Walton Nyambe Tosin Williams Cunningham Travis Johnson Chapman Dack Rothwell Graham
  9. At 90 minutes I stuck a fiver on us to win in normal time @150/1. Thank you Joe you have just paid for my holiday.
  10. He's their 4 choice centre half. Zimmerman Klose out injured and Godfrey ahead of him. After watching him against Liverpool I am quite relieved we didn't sign him. Yes it's Liverpool and not Charlton but he is more of a calamity than Williams and Lenihan.
  11. We were all worrying that our back 4 would be Bennett Lenihan Mulgrew Bell But now it looks like Nyambe Lenihan Tosin Cunningham Cheers Charlie for all the memories. Try and send Wigan down for us.
  12. What the hell is happening? Somebody must be coming in!!
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