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  1. I have a legitimate excuse to be at the ground around lunchtime so i will be there .
  2. Ryan Nayambe will be a Rovers player next season if he gets a pay rise simple as that..
  3. The first thing John Coleman says to his players on return from the summer break in the dressing room is we are going for promotion this season ...
  4. Not my words ,but i took it as they are not that interested as owners of a football club.
  5. I had a very long and interesting conversation yesterday with a well known ex football league chairman. He only retired a season or so ago so is still on the ball with what is happening on what is going on in the football world, eventually the conversation led to rovers current situation, (he as no connection with rovers but knows and his friends with some of our current set up) and without going in to to much he came out with three comments that sum our situation up. 1 SW is just a puppet and the strings are pulled by TM although Waggot is genuinely a decent guy blah , blah blah
  6. We are way to slow going forward, needs to change tactics and take a gamble ...
  7. Correct ,i have also had my issues with Benson, i believe he used to teach the kids and for some unknown(known) reason he is were he is today...I believe he was good with the youngsters though .......Going to add that for the first time that i have been a season ticket holder (pay on the day back in the Eighties ) but almost 45 years of following Rovers and i will not be bying a season ticket if TM is in charge next season ..
  8. Corry Evans asking BJ whats he done that for....
  9. The signing of Daniel Ayala on a 3 year deal is bad management and to be total honest it stinks .. When the guy walks on to the training pitch and seconds later complains about is calf muscle and walks off..Even a 12 month deal you would at least be looking at cutting your losses with him ,but another 2 years on the books potentialy is criminal ..
  10. Have to say i was impressed with his performance last night,not shy at putting is foot in either ..
  11. Got it onthe radio ,can someone tell me were Dack is playing..
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