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  1. Not asking for anything on line ,just asking were i want to sit ,i am picking some furniture up from Baildon so i may ask if they would be kind enough to let me a old letter head if i explain to them why. Either way if they choose not to let m ein it's only a a £10 loss
  2. I believe up to 4000 fans can visit today and tickets are still available right up to 2.30pm based on that i fail to see what is actually stopping me from going ..I am closer to Bradford than i am to Ewood ..Ok technically i am away supporter as it's well known that i am a Rovers supporter but today i could be a neutral..
  3. Can't wait for this .ok it's only a friendly but i always go to the friendly's regardless ...I am going to make a day of it by meeting up with family member's for the nearly back to normal pre match routine ,having a good chat ,catching up and a nice meal...My wife is having a long walk on the coast with our Dog and after the match i pick her up and then off for tea at our favourite pub in Garstang it's a win win for me..There is nothing i can do to change the fact that the Coventrio are still here but i can at least give Mowbray some stick if he is within earshot ...
  4. All the away allocation as been sold, saying that the East stand as 99 tickets available and anyone can purchase those at the moment.
  5. I agree, i also posted the information on the The Rovers Facebook page and got some passive aggressive replies.. All i said was for those that have purchased tickets here is the information, I then got the negative comments. I have since deleted the post when i told someone that as a key worker and being responsible etc etc i decided to comply , my decision and my decision only i then got a oooo--oooooo key worker reply very childish so i just deleted it.
  6. To gain entry into Mill Farm Stadium, all ticket-holders aged 11 and older must present evidence of a negative Lateral Flow Test (LFT), reported and demonstrated via a text message or email from NHS Test and Trace. This can be shown on your device (including a screenshot) or a printout. The test needs to be taken within 48 hours of the time stadium gates open (2 pm). Failure to do so will mean you are unable to attend the match and you will be turned away by Matchday Stewards.
  7. I also got tickets for the south paddock away end ,pretty straight forward apart from no delivery option and it's a 100 mile return trip to pick up unless they have provisions on the day to collect.
  8. I have a legitimate excuse to be at the ground around lunchtime so i will be there .
  9. Ryan Nayambe will be a Rovers player next season if he gets a pay rise simple as that..
  10. The first thing John Coleman says to his players on return from the summer break in the dressing room is we are going for promotion this season ...
  11. Not my words ,but i took it as they are not that interested as owners of a football club.
  12. I had a very long and interesting conversation yesterday with a well known ex football league chairman. He only retired a season or so ago so is still on the ball with what is happening on what is going on in the football world, eventually the conversation led to rovers current situation, (he as no connection with rovers but knows and his friends with some of our current set up) and without going in to to much he came out with three comments that sum our situation up. 1 SW is just a puppet and the strings are pulled by TM although Waggot is genuinely a decent guy blah , blah blah 2 TM as had a good squad with support from owners but does not know how to set them up simple as that 3 owners letting them get away with it. Obviously plenty more was discussed and that i need to keep to myself but let's say TM would and should have been sacked a long time ago ...
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