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  1. May have already happened but just not been announced..😉
  2. I would put money on Derrick Williams going to LA Galaxy this summer.
  3. In Middlesbrough they call them Barmpots also known as the Tony Mowbray barmpot in British English (ˈbɑːmˌpɒt) noun Northern England slang a foolish or deranged person
  4. I can tell you 100% that they do not practice free kicks either offensive or defensive ..
  5. Coventry City fans had a simalar issue with one of their training grounds when Mark Venus was (caretaker) manager and he was involved with Dedham vale homes ltd, that company was disloved a few years ago,maybe all a big coincidence but to have a simalar issue here at Rovers make of that as you will ....
  6. Extracts from Andy Cole’s autobiography ,I see Swag gets a mention but not in a good light .
  7. If only, what irked me was seeing Benson showing seasoned pros on his notepad what their job was..The man is not qualified (in my opinion) to do this ,not even qualified as a so called goal keeper coach..
  8. I have it from a very good source that it was the chippy order for on the way home, as those that had ordered steak puds were out of luck as they had sold out and had to order something else ..
  9. More likely fed up with not practicing set pieces both defensive and offensive ,coaching is non existent just put a video on of the next team we are playing and say watch this and thats it ..Some players except it and some eventualy say something ...
  10. So poor from Warnock ,yes it was a bad incident and no doubt the in experienced 18 year old Braithwaite did not intend it To single him out and have a go at him is outrageous from a man in his seventies ,but then again it shows how nasty he can be,to be honest though i am just as disapointed with Mowbray as it was obvious what Warnock was going to do Mowbray should have seen it coming and made sure he was very close to Braithwaite as he came off..It was a penalty all day long but for Warnock to pick on a 18 year old (when it should be the ref as he gives the decisions) as really annoyed m
  11. “I had a dream I was awake and I woke up to find myself asleep.” Did we win
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