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  1. So poor from Warnock ,yes it was a bad incident and no doubt the in experienced 18 year old Braithwaite did not intend it To single him out and have a go at him is outrageous from a man in his seventies ,but then again it shows how nasty he can be,to be honest though i am just as disapointed with Mowbray as it was obvious what Warnock was going to do Mowbray should have seen it coming and made sure he was very close to Braithwaite as he came off..It was a penalty all day long but for Warnock to pick on a 18 year old (when it should be the ref as he gives the decisions) as really annoyed m
  2. “I had a dream I was awake and I woke up to find myself asleep.” Did we win
  3. I used the Rovers website ,logged in to my I follow account and followed the steps..As said i had a season ticket and yo got a email with a code in so not sure how this version works ..
  4. I believe you can , I did try last Saturday but failed on the 3 payment methods for some reason, however last night I tried for this Saturday and it let me pay for a video pass, all I got was a conformation email and a purchase id number ...Not sure how it works on the day as it does not come live until one hour before the kick off..Last season I got a email with a code so I presume the purchase id is the code you put in..
  5. Got it thanks , i live in Shawforth and the signal is not good at the best of times
  6. I have just given up on trying to purchase a pass, itried all 3 options of payment and each time it came back with a error...I have been trying since 2.00pm Does anyone know were i can get commentary of game ,tried my laptop but cant find anywere..
  7. I don't dislike it i just think it's a lazy design...You could put any badge on it beeing football or rugby and it could be any team .Its just not distinctive enough for me ..
  8. More pleased with Ben's composure for the goal ...Took it well
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