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  1. I think he asked to be judged after 12 games? Let's make sure his replacement is ready and waiting.
  2. Whatever the question, Gallagher on the wing is never the answer.
  3. I mean the awful Derby team that played us. Did you watch it!?
  4. We've thrashed two very poor teams, something we previously haven't done often. We've played two decent teams and have a return of just one point. The most worrying aspect for me was Gallagher playing wide, or playing at all.
  5. I don't recall being emailed about renewing my season ticket.
  6. I can't believe this had slipped to page two!? Why do we play him?
  7. It's more of a case that Newcastle allow us to dominate them rather than us imposing on them.
  8. Had to settle for audio only. I usually don't have a problem
  9. With so many championship teams not using ifollow is it worth subscribing this season?
  10. Bell needs to go. I never understood why we bought Chapman, lazy arse, get rid or out on loan.
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