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  1. Don’t suppose anyone’s got 2 spare tickets sitting together?
  2. No, go on there live chat, I had basic sky something like £39. I asked about that, said don’t want to pay £16 a month to watch a couple games. After a few different offers they came back with extra 0.50p can get sports channels and some other channels for 18months!
  3. Chaddys the only person I have ever had on ignore, Answering every question like hes In the know and repeating every bullshit a certain journalist makes up gets very boring.
  4. Like the sound of that, don't care how good you are if attitude don't fit your not in the squad.
  5. Would explain where the 6million has come from and why it’s dragging out... god I hope not, rather keep dack.
  6. Is there going to be a live stream on this game?
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