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  1. Also, a review of the programme here: https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/'fever-pitch'-review/75
  2. This would be superb - supporters of all ages still love their shirts and the memories each one brings back. Surely there's a space at Ewood to put it on and it'd prove very popular if it was arranged. If Stockport County can do it...
  3. Quick update on deliveries of the latest issue. 100 copies were posted out on Wednesday and the remaining 80 on Thursday, so everyone on the order list should receive their copy before the match (international deliveries apart). Orders are still being taken via THIS LINK and copies will also be available to buy on Kidder Street from 2pm on Saturday. Thanks!
  4. 4,000 Holes will return in 2021/22 with five new issues planned. Since the landmark 100th edition in February 2020, lockdown has prevented any new fanzines to be produced due to the loss of usual sales at the ground. Issue 101 will be released in August on the opening day of the new season when Rovers face Swansea City at Ewood. Subscriptions are available for just £9 which covers Issues 101 to 105 and includes all postage (for UK customers). Previous subscribers who are still due the delayed Issue 101 are able to get a pro rata reduction so that they are not paying double for that issue. Please use the following link to order: https://roversfanzine.bigcartel.com/product/4-000-holes-subscriptions-2021-22
  5. 2002/03 was the last VHS of the season review collection and in the style of 2001/02. Occasionally they pop up on ebay.
  6. This is from the email sent to subscribers last August: "Quick update about Issue 101 which was originally due out in April but will now roll forward beyond 2019/20. As the last subscription covered five issues up to and including Issue 101, this is confirmation that you will receive it whenever it finally comes out - which will most likely be when supporters are allowed back at matches as normal. The ideal situation is to be able to do a normal print run and still be able to sell the usual number at Ewood so it's a case of being patient at the moment." UPDATE 07/04/21: There was a temptation to do an issue this season but the risk is too great - we normally sell 200+ issues outside the ground so without that guarantee of matchday sales, it probably wouldn't be worthwhile. Also, the last year has created a chance for a break from producing fanzines because a lot of time and effort goes into the whole operation. However, the motivation is still there and it will definitely return - hopefully at the start of 2021/22! Thanks
  7. ‘Easy’ – The Mick Heaton Story. On the 25th anniversary of his untimely passing, this is a great tribute by Rob Sawyer (who also wrote the Roy Vernon book ‘Blue Dragon’). https://www.toffeeweb.com/season/19-20/comment/history/39422.html
  8. Thank you, it means a lot. Really proud of this issue. Crossword possibly trickier than normal too - got to give a challenge to those who have crazy encyclopedic knowledge of the most obscure Rovers players out there!?
  9. Haha, thanks very much for buying then! Initials are LB, ZK, JM and GF!
  10. Thanks for ordering from over there! And cheers for the feedback - never sure how easy or hard these quizzes have been - maybe it'll be SLIGHTLY easier next time. We'll see!
  11. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of Issue 100 at the match yesterday. Including those posted out, 330 copies have been sold already which is absolutely superb for the first weekend. Feedback always welcomed! More will be available to purchase on Kidder Street before the next couple of home games and they're still online here too.
  12. Oops! Glad to say the play-off final is correctly referenced in our issue...
  13. ISSUE 100! It's only taken us 30 years to get there! We've put together a memorable 48-page special edition which celebrates this significant milestone and it's still just £1.50. To order your copy please visit our ONLINE SHOP, or to purchase through eBay CLICK HERE. Season subscriptions are also STILL AVAILABLE HERE for just £9.00 (includes P&P) which gets you all five issues from 97 to 101. If you prefer grabbing a copy in person, the fanzine will be sold outside Ewood before the forthcoming home games from an hour before kick-off (at the bottom of Kidder Street). Issue 100 includes: Interviews with the creators, All 100 front covers printed and catalogued, LOTS of memories (e.g. 'Flying Over You', 'The Thatchcard' & how we once duped Blackburn Council!), 'I'll Always Be A Rover' (an incredible take on a Billy Joel classic), Colin's Cheeky Bits!, Confessions of a Teenage Mascot, I Support Rovers Because..., From The Terraces, 'Who Were You?' #15 Richard Witschge, 101 Great Rovers Goals #7, Voice From The Valleys, Rovers' Own West Lothian Question, Fantastic Fergie, Just Look At Them Now!, Rovers-themed Crossword…. plus much much more! Thank you and here's to the next 100... maybe!
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