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  1. The UN Charter, Article 2(4) prohibits "the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations." As I understand it, therefore, all acts of state threat or force require UN security council authorisation, except for cases of self-defence against armed attack. (Of course, the US is constantly threatening countries in violation of the UN Charter, almost on a daily basis). The US/UK led Iraq invasion didn't receive explicit UN security council resolution approval. Lord Go
  2. Would be interested to hear from those in the know and/or who have watched a lot of him, as to why Lewis Thompson has been released. With Bell leaving, it must mean that Thompson was not rated at all - or, perhaps, there are doubts about his fitness? Just from following match reports, it seemed he was an integral part of the U23s until he disappeared in latter part of the season, presumably, due to injury.
  3. I know this is an obvious point but with some 83 Palestinians killed so far and hundreds injured and 7 Israelis dead, the US call that "Israel has a right to defend itself" but refusing to acknowledge an equivalent right for Palestinians, clearly reveals, again, that the so-called 'Israel - Palestine Conflict' is actually the US/Israel - Palestine conflict. And you can throw in states like the UK that back Israel with weapons and other military equipment. The US is also blocking a UN call for a ceasefire.
  4. The Iraq War global protests were the biggest in human history and British security services warned that invading Iraq would significantly increase the risk of terrorist attacks at home in the form of 'blowback'. A Downing Street memo from 23 July 2002 recorded the head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, stating, of the US, "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy" and the Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, saying, "the case was thin." Hans Blix, lead the United Nations' weapons inspection team, and found no evidence of WMD, though, there were proscribed weapons and items una
  5. With the news of Edinson Cavani getting a new deal at Man U, I was reminded of Man U's decision not to keep Odion Ighalo. It struck me as a case of self-defeating pomposity by Man U. Ighalo impressed in his stint and scored goals when he started in the cups (some spectacular ones too). At 31, he has some good years left and Man U desperate needed a forward, having never replaced Lukaku and new signing Cavani being 34 and evidently not able to play every game. My impression is that Ighalo didn't fit the image for Man U, with his best years having been at the 'humble' surrounds of Watford a
  6. It's interesting to look back at Mowbray's heyday as West Brom manager, the season they won promotion from Championship, in 2007/08, having lost out in the play offs the previous year. That season, West Brom lost key first team players like Koumas, Ellington, Curtis Davies and McShane. However, with Robert Koren, Zoltan Gera and Jonathan Greening in midfield and some new additions, they were able to mount a successful league campaign and reach the semi-finals of the FA Cup. Presumably, they were playing 5-3-2 or 4-4-2, back in those days. It's interesting to have a look at the list of Mow
  7. Based on the highlights, Bell was involved in four out of Rovers five goals. For the one goal Bell didn't play a pass in the build-up, (Armstrong's 71st minute long-range goal), he took up almost a forward role, as he ran in from the left. Bell is not the future for Rovers but I think this image highlights the demands that are put on full backs now and how stamina and speed are imperative in a 4-3-3 type formation. Edit: I feel that Mowbray has shown contempt to Billy Barr and his U23 team that did so well this season by not selecting one of the better performers for the bench
  8. And, if they were, Chris Sutton, would be playing on the left!
  9. I hope it doesn't get forgotten that Man City's owners, with others, just attempted a coup of the professional game and are part of the problem of devastating inequality in the game. (Of course, Rovers were part of the Premier League which widened the gap greatly and must accept responsibility for that too, with the other clubs). I'm pleased for Riyad Mahrez. I think many would have, like me, thought that he'd gone to City to be a bit-part player - at best. He represents a dying art of skilful wing play which I really admire. He has been in and out but, for now, is a main man. Foden, De B
  10. In mitigation of our full backs, who have struggled greatly, we are playing a 4-3-3 formation that leaves their frailties exposed. Recently, Gallagher and Brereton, the "wing forwards" have been tracking back more, it seems, but, at times, the protection has been woeful this season. I think Bell is a better option than Douglas, though, both are weak. If Bell stays, I suppose it means our reserve LB, Lewis Thompson, will leave? He was a regular in a well-drilled side but, presumably, got a serious injury, as he has not featured in the latter part of the season. My preference would be
  11. It's not clear from what Mowbray said as to whether the contract has been terminated. You would think so, but it could conceivably be the case that Holtby is now on paid leave, if he has a basic salary. I don't understand why Holtby was on the bench for Huddersfield. Mowbray has stated he wants to give young players a chance like Buckley and yet, has not started him lately, and would rather leave a gap on the bench than put someone like McBride, Burns, Butterworth, Whitehall, Garrett or Barnes there. On a different note, I'd be glad to know the last time a veteran ex-Prem 'star' or f
  12. Leicester City rolling back the years by playing two conventional strikers in Vardy and Iheanacho together in their win over Crystal Palace. The lone forward role can be effective, as can the three up front but there is something refreshingly simple about seeing two strikers linking up and it seems to have fallen out of fashion.
  13. Tyler Magloire is getting game time at Motherwell but has not impressed the fans it seems, so far. He seemed to be at fault for a free header, after Motherwell had failed to stop a cross, in their Scottish Cup QF defeat to Hibs. Hoping he does improve as we might need him and Carter next season.
  14. Nice to win but rather empty given our league position and form and the fact some of our better performers likely won't stay next year. Moreover, Huddersfield's risk taking at the back, with lack of numbers getting back seemed reminiscent of our defending in recent times. Their goalie was at fault for a few. Hopefully, we may be approaching a settled side with Rothwell (who got an assist with a right footed corner) playing in an attacking mid role, covered by Travis and one other. I would keep Bell in the team. His confidence is likely low given his being left out so often and h
  15. It makes no sense to continually drop Bell out of the match day squads and then bring him into the team. He's already struggling and now his confidence must be very low, making a good performance even more difficult. Then, add the fact that Gallagher is likely to be his main protection against opposition winger and full back - and you have a recipe for difficulties and, invariably, Bell will get a lot of blame. In the last match, Holtby, was dropped out of the match day squad and Mowbray said it was to give young lads like Buckley a chance to be on the bench. Yet, Holtby is back on the b
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