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  1. Maybe not hated, but criticised more than others when he’d contributed much more.
  2. Rhodes was hated too. It’s because they are good and are expected to be world class every game.
  3. It’s frustrating to say the least. It’s always been the case when we’ve struggled. They only know half of the story.
  4. I know it’s not, you just couldn’t make it up. Hit the woodwork three times then concede.
  5. Why are people surprised that the players are playing shite, they’ve got that tool leading them.
  6. He’s a f*****g c**t, that’s made it even worse reading that latest interview.
  7. Bet Hudds manager gets the boot before Mowbray.
  8. Full day at work, loads of replies to get through and still nothing. The hopes were up for nothing. Sadly it’s what we all expected deep down. I’m 100% edging towards hate level and it takes a lot for me to get towards that.
  9. Don’t even think the pundits realise it’s 1 win in 14. Sherwood hasn’t got a clue either.
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