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  1. Think this schematic (not my own) proves what OEB is saying.
  2. McEvoy, McGrath, Stapleton and Beglin should all be in. Steven Reid and Joe Haverty were both better than Mahon.
  3. Really useful information Kamy. Certain areas of Europe might not have a problem with the English. I've spent a lot of time in Portugal where I have been amazed at how good the children speak English and not only in the Algarve where it is vital for their future. I also worked for a large German multi-national where employment depended on working knowledge of English. Which probably means for some players it all hinges on the appropriate skill level. Wonder whether small clubs might be able to claim they cannot get the young players because the large Academies sign all the talented ones.
  4. Totally agree with you. My point was that the club has been placed in a problematic situation with this one. Like you I would prefer practical help to Tony as the priority. Beyond that recognition would be nice but not in a manner that suggests it has been brought about by his illness. I don't think it is arguable that he deserves something at Ewood to remind us of him. My suggestion was that if he was included in recognition with other luminaries that would not arise. There was more to the man than just player and manager. Along with Faz and Butch he was the reliable choice when the club was
  5. Nothing to do with Parkes. Just trying to point out that we should remember that the club owes a debt to those who built it over 150 years. Perhaps the 1995 was misleading. No argument from me about him receiving recognition. I think though if you will check out Jim Forrest's past you will find an equally deserving case.
  6. To be fair the club perhaps needs to be careful about what they do regarding Tony Parkes. Quite a lot of fans believe, like LV, that the naming of the stands was an attempt to lower dissent. Paying due tribute to Tony Parkes, whilst timely, might create some negative reaction particularly if the gesture is not deemed adequate or a publicity stunt. Paying tribute to old players of similar merit at the same time might be a way forward. Jim Forrest, Harry Healless and Bill Eckersley have similar claims to Parkes and finding some way of paying tribute to all four would display a feeling that this
  7. They used to reckon that Bill did stand up as well as any professional comic. He and Jack Campbell were great jokers but Bill once got one over on him. Staying away he shinned down the drain pipe into Campbell's room, clad in a balaclava and took his watch and wallet.
  8. Don't think this is correct. Ribeiro only returned from Angola in the last days of December to take over a club in the Portuguese Fourth Division. Pretty sure that the guy is Bruno Reis who has been at the Rovers for about three years as scout of the opposition teams.
  9. My thoughts too Tyrone although it was two midfielders not Adarabioyo. Actually if you look at the sequence I'm impressed by the improvement Mowbray and Venus have made to the defence. They played a near perfect off side trap, only Lenihan a bit out of sync but the other three moved in line and at the same speed, completely nullifying the most dangerous possibility the slipped through pass. This forced the guy to shoot and unless he hits a fantastic shot there is no danger and the defence has done its job. The shot was good but not world beating, the problem is that Walton just got a big hand
  10. Was once present when Tom Finney was asked about Matthews demanding a fee and he just said- that's just Stan. Eckersley and Ramsey used to room together with England and Eckersley reckoned that when he woke up Ramsey always said "Good Morning William", was the only one who never called him Bill.
  11. 18 April 1961 Bill Eckersley Ewood Park 9-11 Blackburn Rovers-R.Jones, J.Bray, K.Taylor (D.Whelan), A.McEvoy, M.Woods, R.Clayton, B.Douglas, E.Crossan, T.Briggs, R.Vernon, R.Langton Bill Eckersley XI- Eddie Hopkinson, J.Armfield, W.Eckersley, M.Setters, N.Franklin, J.Campbell, Cheung Chi Doy, W.Mannion, T.Finney, S.Mortensen, R.Charlton Scorers BR Vernon (5), Crossan (2), Douglas, Briggs BE-Charlton (5), Finney 2 (1 pen), Setters, Mannion, Mortensen, Campbell Matthews had agreed to play but on the day asked for a fee. Eckersley went to Blackpool that morning to persu
  12. Yes quite correct. Comes of using a childhood memory that he had so many caps and only one First Division appearance. He played the season after promotion until he got injured. Have asked Kamy to amend wording.
  13. So you think this is worse than making a totally wrong statement and labelling six players as insignificant and worthless.
  14. Would enjoy seeing you stand up in a few bars in LIsbon I could name and calling Nuno Gomes crap.
  15. Only of keyboard warriors like you. Would you tell Edinho's father, a fair footballer himself, to his face that that his son was a Portuguese no mark. And if you're including Nuno Gomes in that group it demonstrates nothing other than a complete ignorance.
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