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  1. Might suggest one of the following options 1 Crewe are telling porkies 2 Mowbray can't remember what bids he has made Or 3 someone else is making the bid on rovers behalf and not told Mowbray
  2. When you think back to what the V's were reputed to want when they bought the club - attacking football- why buy players when you can loan them!. You could interpret the article and quotes being for Pune
  3. Only problem with that as a right back he left an enormous hole for Doncaster to exploit
  4. Going off the last game Stoke will park the bus we will have 90% possession and fail to score promises to be a bore fest! Can't summon any enthusiasm for it. As a result swag will be moaning about the I follow take up and blaming the support.
  5. Goalkeeper Joe Hilton gone to Fleetwood on an emergency loan. Replacing leutwiler whose short term contract ended
  6. Knees up mother brown think he plays as a central striker with two wingers so shows how much they know
  7. It was indeed Chorley played their home game at ewood which was a draw
  8. Kipre if he arrives will not be match fit and Pickering will need to learn how to play full back off Bell and Douglas so Tony's back four will be Buckley Lenihan Johnson and either Bell or Douglas
  9. Was thinking about this yesterday and had come to the same conclusion
  10. When the weather gets a bit warmer I'll get me deckchair and set it up in me technical area be really comfy then like.
  11. One positive after today I won't need the fa player again it was far worse than ifollow
  12. One piece of play in that first half sums Mowbray up we have the ball level with Doncaster 18 yard line. Ball ends up with our keeper we kept possession mind. Oh and pears is far worse than Steele.
  13. On the school theme first lockdown at Mrs b place of work a maximum of 28 many days less. This time around averaging around 90 kids a day. No comparison is there particularly when you consider the increased infectious nature. It's a lockdown in name only. You only have to look at the number of vehicles on the road back in the spring it was spot the car. The government has let the people of this country down big time and that's from a Tory voter.
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