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  1. None other than to be regularly disappointed at full time.
  2. The Cessna is struggling for range on reflection. I'm going with Lord Baltimore.
  3. Best part of 60 years a plane spotting geek
  4. Picture posted by Lord Baltimore suggests may have been a Cessna citation.
  5. To get back from Chile you are looking at an upper range biz jet due to the distances involved something like a Gulfstream 5 or global Express these don't come cheap would think £50,000 is not too wide of the mark. Your £20,000 would get you to and from Europe.
  6. My thoughts on yesterday for what they are worth. Robin's quickly identified van Hecke as the weak link and played the physical Walker against him in the first half. Van Hecke stood up to this reasonably well. Second half he plays the more nimble and agile Gyokeres against Van Hecke and he has him on toast. Mowbray can see all this but is passive about it making no attempt to disrupt Coventry dominance. There were other options for mowbray but no attempt to try them when clearly the original plan is not working. Could have gone to four at the back with Nyambe at right back with speed to counteract Gyokeres. Could have swapped van Hecke and lenihan positionally. Could have taken van Hecke off. No attempt to change the flow of the game it's like he's watching a football simulation game on a commodore 64
  7. As someone who sees a fair amount of Chorley and bamber bridge I really would not want rovers in any form playing at this level. These are very difficult leagues to get out of. Our present crowds are drawn from a wide area including bamber bridge and Chorley if rovers were playing at this level how much of what support was left would travel to Blackburn to watch this level?
  8. For those like me with no ticket for Saturday at Blackpool be aware the rearranged fixture of Chorley v Bradford PA has FREE Entry with voluntary donations for Jake Hibbs of Bradford who broke his leg in the first game and had to wait over an hour on the pitch for an ambulance.
  9. Sadly I don't think we have reached rock bottom with the attendance figures yet I fully expect Tuesday night's to be beaten during the winter. The decline is likely to be continued during the present reign large parts of the support has simply had enough. I dread to think how many will be on next season if Mowbray were to get a new contract! Should all the present incumbents remain we could eventually be down to 5000.
  10. It's not even they're English. Ayala puts paid to that theory. Kaminski and the two Brighton loanees left blank suggests originate abroad.
  11. Think Dolan jumps higher than Sam and he's half his height.
  12. Callum Davidson signed a new four year contract with St Johnstone. Nothing like protecting your assests.
  13. I think it is highly unlikely to be rescheduled and not in this country. Perhaps Dubai but just shows how far the balance of power in cricket has gone to the BCCI there own IPL is far more important to them. The offer to reschedule is a handy get out.
  14. Chorley's 9-0 win equalled the record for the biggest win in the national league north
  15. The old Trafford wicket has been baking nicely today. Let's hope they leave Ashwin to carry the drinks.!
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