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  1. You don't honestly think Mrs Desai is getting up in the middle of the night to deal with this
  2. Stuart broad asking umpire if some concrete can be put in bowlers foothold on popping crease overnight.
  3. From 74-2 to 112ao. Considerable turn on day 1 even before tea. Side picked by England only one spinner. Not looking good. India produced a pitch again to suit their strengths that's why so difficult to win a series in India.
  4. Ben gladwin upends Harry Chapman to concede a penalty in Mk Don's 4-2 loss at Shrewsbury
  5. Currently managing in India. Left St Johnstone for the six fingered ones .it's all about timing in a managerial career at that time he was on the way up when he reached us very much on the way down.
  6. Playing 3-4-2-1 W13 D11 L 13 win %39. Not too shabby when you are unlikely to get anything out of two teams in the league.
  7. Yes I did raise his name when St Johnstone won their semi final. Still early days in his managerial career but good signs so far.
  8. Something of a baptism of fire for Tyler on full debut for motherwell who managed a single shot to St Johnstone having 22 according to BBC stats. Also rumours of a number of first team players at odds with Alexander over his training methods not a happy ship at the moment.
  9. Leaves that sixth place up for grabs pity we are not in the running.
  10. Listening on radio lancs yesterday Andy Bayes raised this very question his conclusion was we are not top six material.
  11. EFl loan of 100 million delayed as government introduce restrictions at last minute BBC sport reporting. Shades of what happened to national league clubs
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