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  1. Sadly I don't think we have reached rock bottom with the attendance figures yet I fully expect Tuesday night's to be beaten during the winter. The decline is likely to be continued during the present reign large parts of the support has simply had enough. I dread to think how many will be on next season if Mowbray were to get a new contract! Should all the present incumbents remain we could eventually be down to 5000.
  2. Article in today's guardian about Everton losing over 250 million in last three years resulting in no money for benitez to spend to stay within premier league spending caps
  3. It's not even they're English. Ayala puts paid to that theory. Kaminski and the two Brighton loanees left blank suggests originate abroad.
  4. Think Dolan jumps higher than Sam and he's half his height.
  5. Callum Davidson signed a new four year contract with St Johnstone. Nothing like protecting your assests.
  6. I think it is highly unlikely to be rescheduled and not in this country. Perhaps Dubai but just shows how far the balance of power in cricket has gone to the BCCI there own IPL is far more important to them. The offer to reschedule is a handy get out.
  7. Chorley's 9-0 win equalled the record for the biggest win in the national league north
  8. The old Trafford wicket has been baking nicely today. Let's hope they leave Ashwin to carry the drinks.!
  9. Perhaps not surprising there is an attitude issue when mowbray has had him for at least three years and we have hardly seen him. Shrewsbury fans would have welcomed him back. Wish him well at Burton. Given a chance to play regularly could well shine there.
  10. Reminds me of Tommy Spurr but a shorter version.
  11. The club don't make buying a senior ticket for this game on line in the Blackburn end easy when you get to selecting the ticket option the senior one is not there and of course there is no chance of getting through on the phone. Just as well there is plenty of availability.
  12. Just read the reply to the David Edgar thread . Attendance first home game 1973-74 season 8,600 ish. That's the level we could well be back to today.
  13. The letter is signed by Balaji for Venky's London Limited. Do Venky's London Limited not have their own letterhead.? Alastair Campbell would have been proud of the contents it's so full of spin.
  14. Looking through the Scottish transfers ex Rover Dominic Samuel has signed a two year deal with Ross county.
  15. 18-29 is the age range of many a side. Highly probable we will be back where we were in March 20 with games getting called off at last minute.
  16. The sell out bamber bridge Preston game is a reduced capacity of 1500 which is one third of capacity.
  17. Well let's hope the EFL accept them unlike Derby. The daily record report of the EFL blocking a new contract for a third / fourth choice keeper if it is to be believed is a far more severe embargo than what Bowyer was subjected to.
  18. Another club that has been through the trials of bad owners and emerged the other side with fans fully engaged meanwhile at Rovers it looks more and more like the support has received a life sentence with no prospect of parole
  19. So much for Mowbray,s judgement on goalkeepers. Would expect Raya will have plenty to do in the coming season so we will find out just how good he is.
  20. In Venkys world that would be the ideal candidate,
  21. Lot of chatter in the press about the old Trafford test in September being at risk as India want to restart the ipl in Dubai then. Talk about it being moved to July or even done away with which is not good as first three days are sold out. The ECB are Keen to get Indian players involved In the hundred which the Indian board have not allowed. Can see ECB using this to further the hundred to the detriment of the old Trafford test if it was Lord's or the oval would be different kettle of fish
  22. Think there is only 300 from each side allowed in. Also note Nichola bans travel from Scotland to Blackburn and Bolton from Monday!
  23. That would get it well over 700 pages and nearly three quarters of the way to a 1000 good plan😀
  24. A man u supporting colleague at the time reckoned Andy Cole couldn't jump and needed five chances for every goal!
  25. Didn't Roy have us top of the premier league at Christmas before eventually finishing 7th?. Positions we can only dream of in the championship these days.
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