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  1. Another club that has been through the trials of bad owners and emerged the other side with fans fully engaged meanwhile at Rovers it looks more and more like the support has received a life sentence with no prospect of parole
  2. So much for Mowbray,s judgement on goalkeepers. Would expect Raya will have plenty to do in the coming season so we will find out just how good he is.
  3. In Venkys world that would be the ideal candidate,
  4. Lot of chatter in the press about the old Trafford test in September being at risk as India want to restart the ipl in Dubai then. Talk about it being moved to July or even done away with which is not good as first three days are sold out. The ECB are Keen to get Indian players involved In the hundred which the Indian board have not allowed. Can see ECB using this to further the hundred to the detriment of the old Trafford test if it was Lord's or the oval would be different kettle of fish
  5. Think there is only 300 from each side allowed in. Also note Nichola bans travel from Scotland to Blackburn and Bolton from Monday!
  6. That would get it well over 700 pages and nearly three quarters of the way to a 1000 good plan😀
  7. A man u supporting colleague at the time reckoned Andy Cole couldn't jump and needed five chances for every goal!
  8. Didn't Roy have us top of the premier league at Christmas before eventually finishing 7th?. Positions we can only dream of in the championship these days.
  9. Just a reminder to Tony Mowbray that Leicester need another five wins of the fa cup to reach our level.
  10. I attended all three of these. The gates were 20940 v spartak mosçow which i was in the blackburn end for. 20897 v legia warsaw which i was in the darwen end for with my eldest daughter who was 11 at the time seem to think the blackburn end was pretty full and getting two togethrr we ended up in the darwen end. What i recall of that match was the limited number of legia supporters preference for setting off red flares. 20677 for rosenborg which i watched from the riverside. These attendances were not too shabby bearing in mind the away support was very limited and the matches were live on tv.
  11. Callum Davidsons St Johnstone through to Scottish cup final with 2-1 win. Some impressive stats in the commentary three defeats in last 20 games. Only eight defeats in last 37. Built a team that knows how to manage the game out.
  12. Fans engagement table for 2019-20 season has been released. Somhow we are 41 out of 92. Granted it is for last season suspect this next one will have a position below this.
  13. Callum Davidson's St Johnstone knock rangers out of cup on penalties
  14. Fourty odd years ago I was told a tale about jolly Jack Marshall at an end of season game getting some deck chairs out to sit in to watch the game from rather than the dug out. Lovely day could well see tomo doing something similar this afternoon. Be far more comfortable for a kip during the game!
  15. Reset to one win in nine at the moment could be one win in twelve by seasons end. How many death spirals does he get?
  16. I see Chorley have announced their season tickets details for the new season with substantial discounts for those who renewed in 20/21. No such forward planning at the Rovers!
  17. I don't think he remembers what he has said from one week to the next have to say am becoming a tad concerned these contradictions have become more and more prevalent in the last six months
  18. Mulgrew was shipped out of the club. Same may well happen with Travis if Mowbray doesn't go.
  19. Sadly i can see the situation arising with the start of the new season with social distancing still in forçe and numbers still restricted that attendance may very well be limited to season ticket holders only. I certainly don't anticipate being able to buy a ticket on the day far too unpredictable for waggot who needs to be in control knowing how many will be present so can be spaced out in such a manner to reduce the risk of any discontent.
  20. Breaking news on BBC sport Celtic in advanced talks with Eddie Howe
  21. It was more the mid table championship comment which I put those examples forward as players who are in my opinion a level above not necessarily at premier league level but you have a valid point that since Venkys rocked up there has been a lack but if Mowbray is to be believed that will soon change with Buckley!
  22. Grant Hanley and David Raya are two who spring to mind a level above that. Jack O'Connell another.
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