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  1. Young, hit and miss, good, shite, shite, shite, injured. I'd say we do.
  2. I like this a lot, although if we did sell Armstrong and made no signings, we'd almost certainly be relegated. Very much a catch 22.
  3. Surely nobody actually thought we would? See Jordan Rhodes/Rudy Gestede/Tom Cairney for examples of what happens when Adam Armstrong leaves at quarter to midnight on deadline day.
  4. I can give you the answer to this right now. Shite all. Not entirely his fault may I add, a lot to do with TM. But he's also massively overrated just because he can run 100m in a somewhat decent time.
  5. So West Brom definitely don't have an interest in Reach then?
  6. That was truly awful. As bad as anything Coyle/Bowyer produced.
  7. I’m all for giving the guy shit... but was TM actually right all along and Brereton’s best position is from the wing?! Or has he just developed him into that? Still early to say on Breo but the way he’s playing this season is very very promising.
  8. Problem is, despite the injuries and isolations, there’s already been 4 ‘winnable’ games at home, that we haven’t! This is as close to a must win as you could wish to see, regardless of starting XI. If Armstrong and Kaminski play then I think we have enough, if not... eesh.
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