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  1. That was truly awful. As bad as anything Coyle/Bowyer produced.
  2. I’m all for giving the guy shit... but was TM actually right all along and Brereton’s best position is from the wing?! Or has he just developed him into that? Still early to say on Breo but the way he’s playing this season is very very promising.
  3. Problem is, despite the injuries and isolations, there’s already been 4 ‘winnable’ games at home, that we haven’t! This is as close to a must win as you could wish to see, regardless of starting XI. If Armstrong and Kaminski play then I think we have enough, if not... eesh.
  4. Feels in some ways like the start to the league one campaign, where we are blowing hot and cold, looking like were about to catch fire but then taking a step backwards. We found a way to grind out results in that league, playing the football that some claim on here is the type needed to get out of the championship. But in this league teams will punish us for being as sloppy as that last night. But then again, not many teams in England wouldn't have scored at least two against us after that defensive display. Good possession, pretty passes, but ultimately as soon as Reading nicked the ball
  5. We physically can’t keep the ball without him. Hoping Trybull helps in that regard, looks tidy.
  6. Normally agree with you Hoochie but games like that are won and lost in the midfield, as cliché as that sounds. Think you're understating it. Rothwell Tavis (less of a miss as we knew he was missing this game) and Holtby would've made a huge difference given the performances of Johnson, Evans and Buckley. Imagine Everton if they lost Allan, Doucoure and Rodriguez all at once. Any team in the world would struggle missing their first 3 CM choices.
  7. We're 3 points off 4th come on Revidge let's have a little patience at least… If we're in a similar position in 5 games time then maybe you're right, we have a decent run of games coming after Watford!
  8. I think I'd throw all 3 outfield deadline day signings in for this, fitness permitting of course. Hoping and praying Holtby is back as we're gonna need to keep the ball given Watford's quality, but not holding my breath. Would've also been the perfect game for Rothwell's drive in midfield. Be very much like Rovers to sneak this one but I'm seeing a 1-1 draw. Which in isolation (ignoring last 2 results) would be a decent result.
  9. Not many managers would’ve got much more out of that starting 11 today. Was thrown together at the last minute.
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