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  1. I fucking love this lad. Always have and always will. He’s a walking meme but underneath it all he’s properly good at football. Just LOOK at the PURE JOY on his face. Warms the heart.
  2. Hopefully shouldn't read too much into Waggott saying that. The "dreaded vote of confidence" is a trope for a reason. That's just what they have to say to the press.
  3. He contributed absolutely nothing all game 🤣 His career fascinates me.
  4. Also, we would be destroying the best thing about the club - the academy. Yeah Brentford do well (and don’t we hear about it all the blinking time) but there’s more than one way to skin a cat.
  5. Poor bastards. That garlic butter dip thing needs to be banned under the Geneva convention.
  6. Don’t know if this has been asked but what would have happened if Sunderland got to the EFL Trophy final today? Would they have to defend it tomorrow?? What is happening to the trophy? They get it for one night? Mad. Also, Salford City can do one.
  7. We should all meet up in a car park for a giant scrap to kick it off. A right good tear up, and you can bring your dinner.
  8. They go hand in hand though. We were unfairly denied two clear cut golden opportunities against one of the best sides in the league. Penalties count. We’ve been really shit lately but honestly think we deserved more.
  9. Counter point - After the last year: I can close my eyes and imagine myself on a nice sunny morning in a really good pub somewhere in Lancs. Having a laugh and getting sauced with some old friends, then all jumping on a bus straight to the Rovers. I almost literally can’t imagine anything better right now. will probably fall out and be miserable after the game but still sounds perfect 🤣
  10. Yes. Because he’s one of our best players, has been slowly reintroduced over months and was showing zero signs of fatigue. And we have games to play. He was running his bollocks off up until the 91st minute, it even led to the accident. If we can’t agree to disagree I’ll just take solace in the fact that I am absolutely 100% correct 😋
  11. I for one really appreciate your enthusiasm, positivity and endeavour @darrenrover Nothing good ever happened by sitting around complaining. I like the away day angle someone else suggested too. Best of luck with it! 💙🤍
  12. I wholeheartedly disagree. It was not unreasonable at all to play Dack in these games and I’ve yet to see anyone suggesting that before the accident.
  13. Personally thought second half last night was as good as we’ve played all season on our pitch, against a very good side. Dack was instrumental to that. Wake me up next season.
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