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  1. Millwall have been shite, but you can only play the team in front of you.
  2. I’m sure I remember him saying we played well midweek. Then he drops half the team.
  3. A player of his ilk would walk into our side right now. Always seemed to do well internationally too. Didn’t have much chance to make a good first impression on us playing for that clown. Think I remember him stepping up and slotting away a penalty in front of the Kop (may be wrong) the pointing was annoying though
  4. Contrary to popular belief, the interviewer does not wear the camera on a head mount. Really, really sounded like he’s going and he knows it though
  5. Really would have preferred to keep Magloire over getting the loans in, they both still look raw af
  6. Just talking about going up in general and he said ”whether it’s this year, next year or five years time” throwaway moment being jumped on in here Would recommend all to dig it out (on sky sports scores app). Really doesn’t come across as arrogant at all. Exasperated and seemingly accepting he’s out the door.
  7. You lot have really jumped the shark here lads. Lets hope it’s all resolved soon.
  8. Sounded very accepting of the fact he might not be here much longer. Hate this. He’s a good bloke. We just need a new manager.
  9. Top scientists at the cutting edge of technology cannot create the instrumentation sensitive enough to measure just how little I can be arsed with this absolute fucking shit.
  10. Lenihan showed for an easy ball. There was also a really simple pass into row z I’d like to see Brereton up top and Arma out wide again
  11. 🤣 add Hughes to that list now as well. Just watched him on sky - he seems raring to go.
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