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  1. If we’re purely talking about fees/value, Mowbray’s net spend is minuscule now (if not in the negative) and he’s signed a good few assets for peanuts. Sounds right to me, look, we haven’t been completely potless but to make out he’s had something way above other managers is a bit silly. I believe other clubs are paying their players wages too. We aren’t unique in that or big spenders AT ALL. Criticise the man for often being tactically shit or whatever, but his signings in general have been very, very good for our level/budget.
  2. No way, put a zero on that. At least! We aren’t non-league ffs! We’ve got fans all over, thousands of exiles like me and plenty that started following us before we were shit. We still punch above our weight. This site isn’t an indication at all, I only come on when life’s getting too pleasant just to bum meself out by reading stuff like Lincoln have more fans than us 😉
  3. Aye. Outside of this site people watch football for enjoyment 🤣 Didn’t see anything of the game today, but glad to hear Dolan played well. He’s starting to put decent numbers together for his age, and the goal was a beauty. Quite the asset on the books, PNE must be feeling sick.
  4. 10-15 minutes here and there aren’t the same as a run of starting games, that would’ve helped him massively imo when he first came in.
  5. If he'd gone into the first team, he may have done.
  6. His first touch of the game is hilarious though 🤣 No matter how effective and a useful player he becomes, I think he's always gonna look like a pissed giraffe sometimes. Adds to his charm for me 🤣
  7. I understood the "project" side of it and always thought he'd turn out to be a very good player from what I had seen. I give Mowbray credit for the signing, but he really did hang him out to dry a bit imo by not giving him a run of games for years.
  8. I think there might have been something in those Leeds rumours personally. He's got pace and an incredible engine / workrate, exactly the kind of player Bielsa could work wonders with.
  9. Yes. He's young and we paid a fair whack for him. Had to tie down the asset regardless of what you thought of his form. Although, without the Chile call-up, I expect he would've signed an extension this summer.
  10. Crack me up you. Just out of interest what level have you played at?
  11. Sheffield FC 1857 - and they've got gorgeous kits this year too 👀 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheffield_F.C. Unneccessary? How? It's good that we support a club with historical achievements like that and we should be rightfully proud of them. Love all this year's shirts. Gonna be expensive getting BB Diaz 22 on each!
  12. Perhaps, but I’m thinking more in terms of the current market. Think you’d get Ivan Toney for that? I think Armstrong is better. He’s quick, good movement, good engine... he’s much more of a PL player than those two I hope he does well, he hasn’t messed us about and seems a decent lad. PUT THE SHUTTERS DOWN SHOP CLOSED
  13. Yeah I’ve heard a bit. Last I remember vividly was one of our own having a go at Amari’i Bell at Rotherham.
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