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  1. Expectations are below sea level. Just please, please, please be someone decent.
  2. Nah. That’s an Ainsworth or that Paul what’s his face from Shrewsbury. Mowbray did well in League 1. I want a proper manager. Surely we can attract a Bilic/jokanovic level manager with this squad now?
  3. If we can get a proper manager in. I certainly wouldn’t be upset right now.
  4. He’s lost it hasn’t he. Doubt we’ll be getting a change but meh.
  5. Surely he’s got a knock? Otherwise that’s a proper scapegoating/falling out no me gusta
  6. We’re gonna get bummed. Desperate stuff that. Prove me wrong Rovers.
  7. I’m trying to open a BALANCED discussion. I like the man, appreciate what he has done, but think we are at a crossroads. If you just want post after post of “Mowbray is a moron” then I best stay away. Nope. Get out of here with that. If you don’t hate the man and think he is as bad as Kean then you are on the propaganda payroll. Good post.
  8. Agree I’m baffled sometimes. Offensive, stupid, bullshit. Not the main reason at all, but it’s a big reason. So we do overrate the squad? Is he underachieving with what he had or has he built a shit squad? Get your stories straight lads. Agree, we should expect relatively to be there or thereabouts. I think we might be still, so no pitchforks here. About 15 teams “expect” this each season btw. Well, no. I’m reading many opposing viewpoints without resorting to calling anyone a shill. Absolute dunce.
  9. You seem to be looking at it from the “We are and should easily be a PL team” side of things... Whereas I look at it as “We were in L1 and looked like we were sinking further” In context of the other clubs in this league, how competitive it is, and the complete clusterfuck he inherited... Are we underachieving? Really? I’ll have a better idea at the end of the season.
  10. Fair. TBH I couldn’t see us being in this situation for YEARS when he took the job. We were fucked. Maybe YOU are the positive happy clapper 😂
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