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  1. Crack me up you. Just out of interest what level have you played at?
  2. Sheffield FC 1857 - and they've got gorgeous kits this year too 👀 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheffield_F.C. Unneccessary? How? It's good that we support a club with historical achievements like that and we should be rightfully proud of them. Love all this year's shirts. Gonna be expensive getting BB Diaz 22 on each!
  3. Perhaps, but I’m thinking more in terms of the current market. Think you’d get Ivan Toney for that? I think Armstrong is better. He’s quick, good movement, good engine... he’s much more of a PL player than those two I hope he does well, he hasn’t messed us about and seems a decent lad. PUT THE SHUTTERS DOWN SHOP CLOSED
  4. Yeah I’ve heard a bit. Last I remember vividly was one of our own having a go at Amari’i Bell at Rotherham.
  5. Agree 15m straight is disappointing with the sell on. Contract situation fucks it up I suppose but I think Southampton have got a proper bargain there.
  6. Bit of shooting practice wouldn’t go amiss. Good win. We’re off!
  7. Is there still that bloke on here that reckons Buckley is shit? Midfield 3 have been fantastic, really good balance and tenacity
  8. Swansea don’t look all that this season to me, lost a lot of players, new manager etc We’ve a chance to get a good result on the board. Dolan hat trick of headers assisted by Sammy G
  9. The game is still about crossing. Getting behind and wide and banging it across the box. Always will be. Look at how every team from Fylde to Man City play. I like BB in his position. But when you have a 6ft 5 lad on the other side who can’t dribble or cross but can head it and finish a bit with a 5ft lad in the middle who CAN dribble and cross… someone has been spiking the lemon cake. If it works now finally after years of it not working then I suppose I’ll have to eat my hat.
  10. I’d be handing in a transfer request if I was Sam Gallagher tbh Can understand him behind DG or AA for the number 9 position… but Dolan?
  11. I don’t mind the starting 11. I like the midfield. But he’s gonna play Gally wide and the four foot winger up top isn’t he.
  12. Sorry, missed all this, what were you going to do? You went specifically to shout as much abuse at the man as you could?
  13. Aye it was a bit dodgy but we deserved to win that game so I’ll take it. Still think we would’ve found a way through eventually without that The bigger injustice would have been it going to penalties and us potentially going out.
  14. In the context of this tournament, the location, the past year, this team and all the bollocks talked about them… If they win it will be a beautiful, once in a lifetime thing of united joy for the entire country. Football history. Whereas Barnsley nearly got promoted last year. Don’t really understand the people who love football and are not getting caught up in it or invested in it. If that line of thinking makes me a bit of a plastic then so be it 🤣
  15. I’m a shell of a man right mow. Not much to say about the game until a rewatch. But imagine growing up with the pressure of having Peter Schmeichel as your dad and becoming the best keeper in the world too. Fucking hell.
  16. I've noticed it in a couple more this tournament. Hopefully we wont be seeing it again!
  17. I prefer Italy because they don't seem to want possession of the ball. They're all about quick bursts and counters. England or Denmark can stay solid, and England especially can control a game. Spanish midfield is still good, they can control the pace too and can still pop the ball around nicely, far more dangerous imo. Don't think Southgate will fall into that trap at all. He knows how important tonight is. What a chance we have. Shitting it 😅
  18. Italy vs Spain. Massive game. Semi Final of the Euros. BBC had Danny Fucking Murphy on co-comms. They're all bloody awful.
  19. Thought their midfield was non existent, Spain just walked through them and they couldn't string two passes together. And they looked sluggish, ageing and shaky at the back imo I reckon winner tonight takes it all.
  20. Red button for five live commentary. I will not endorse that nob.
  21. Alternative commentary on the red button Everyone that chooses it is a vote against Murphy
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