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  1. I highly doubt it. This journey is set to run its course till season end. Then there may be a glimmer of hope that we get a new captain at the wheel, who'll guide us to sunnier climes
  2. Chaddy was adamant too. Said he trusted his 'source'. Probably nicko
  3. If utd can use Cantona as an excuse for 95, you could argue we would have won in 93 had we not lost shearer to injury.
  4. I think they had a bad start last year if memory serves me right, but hung on. Maybe it's time I started betting on Burnley to win, that should open the trap door far enough for them to fall through๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. I see a certain someone who was adamant that Mercer was wrong about Alex Neil, is now begging Nixon to tell him if he may get the Rovers job being he was at the game. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  6. Well it doesn't look like it will be Cooper. Wonder who's left on the HSH list??
  7. Genuine question as I know at times you have info that comes to pass, but is it the clubs fault?? He states the reasons weren't financial so the club have done there bit as far as I can tell. So was it HIS fault and that's why he won't go into it. I sense we are finally, hopefully reaching the end of the Mowbray reign.
  8. Think this could end up badly for us. All this recognition before he's has a chance to sign pro terms ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
  9. Yep but I'll guarantee that's not where Tony plans to play him. He'll be back up to Diaz and Sam hopefully. Just for clarity I'm not delighted by any stretch I want a striker too but at 2159 on deadline day that ain't gona happen now is it
  10. Yes a little at sheff utd but not a lot. I did say I was trying to be positive and maybe championship will be more his level. I'm hardly doing cartwheels fella.
  11. OK trying to be positive. His goals to games at forest and Celtic ain't the worst but he's had some pretty poor spells abroad. Sheffield utd was in the Premier league which is different gravy. Maybe he could be worth a punt. I certainly won't write him off if he signs. Tbh I would rather give chances to Gallagher and Diaz upfront and he could be back up
  12. I really, really hope we get Obafemi and he bangs them in, if only just to see Chaddys climbdown. (don't think it'll happen though)
  13. You don't half chat some nonsense lad. For what it's worth I'd much rather Obafemi than anything else that's been mentioned but I think that ship has sailed.
  14. It doesn't have me salivating but it's maybe the best we can do. There's that many rumours at the moment though they can't all be true. We'll see what happens in the next 24hours. Hoping khedra is off the table now as we seem to be fully stocked in that area.
  15. Normally I would agree but I wouldnt be so sure the way this window is panning out for us
  16. Apparently missed Lincoln game at the weekend with injury. We know how to pick em.
  17. What did he say about ayala? I must have missed that!
  18. Can we expect t'other Brighton lad imminently or is he still injured. You'd think they'd travel up together.
  19. Can't give a proper opinion on Healey but you spent the last fortnight banging his drum๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”
  20. Not 100% on this, but if he found out they were searching for his successor behind his back, would he not claim constructive dismissal. So pay off basically sorted.
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