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  1. Bolton want Marcus Maddison. Remember him, the next big thing 😆
  2. Going to have a glass or two later to celebrate another good window. Should be comfortably numb by 11pm
  3. Charlton supposedly bid £500,000 for him so can't see it. Formed a great partnership down Crewes left hand side with Pickering apparently
  4. Seemed to be playing more centrally as well, more of a number 10 a la Dack.
  5. The way I read it is that the transfer COULD be worth UP TO 7m, depending as I said if all the clauses are met, presumably such as appearances, goals, international call ups. I don't recall an actual up front amount being mentioned at the time. I would also think that with his improvement over the last few months if we were ever to sell Brereton we could at least get our money back
  6. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/transfer-news/ben-brereton-nottingham-forest-transfer-2389411.amp&ved=2ahUKEwjJ28Dx8sbuAhWmQkEAHeTsApEQFjAFegQIDxAB&usg=AOvVaw1GdNu_vsuAMkICLG5jArN1&ampcf=1
  7. No they weren't, its ironic that to prove a point about Mowbray, people trundle out these figures as if it was paid up front. We all know transfer fees are staggered over the years, and performance based. If most people on here are correct about them,we'll have nothing to worry about on that score.
  8. If you want to talk "real" transfer fees then Gallagher and Brereton weren't anywhere near 12 million either
  9. They wanted Branthwaite as well didn't they? Swings and roundabouts. We'll see.
  10. It may have been the only way of getting the deal done. Perhaps Crewe said no deal unless that was agreed. They are in with a shout of the play offs so they could be thinking Pickering could help them up and then move on?
  11. Stoke City are poised to sign Sheffield United left-back Rhys Norrington-Davies on loan after he was recalled from his loan at Luton. #scfc #sufc #LTFC looks like Stoke have given up on Pickering 🤞
  12. If I remember rightly, "Sir" Roger Jones was the keeper that day as well! My all time favourite keeper along with big Brad
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.doncasterfreepress.co.uk/sport/football/doncaster-rovers-reject-bids-championship-clubs-ben-whiteman-3088443%3Famp
  14. Anyone who reads my comments on here knows I am not in the habit of criticising players, it's not what I do. In fact I"m one of Mowbrays few supporters on this forum and often stick up for him. I've no axe to grind with Magloire, he may well make a career for himself in the game, just don't think it will be at Rovers.
  15. Not exactly the type of example I was talking about. Jesus, he's a centre half he should be able to head a ball with virtually no challenge. I'm talking about competing to win the ball when directly up against an opposing striker, like most centre halves have to do in a game. That's my point.
  16. The game I do remember most of all was the one league match he played against Wigan and it stood out like a sore thumb to me. The Leicester friendly, didn’t see the whole game only highlights but would be surprised if he was as commanding as said. Maybe a player better suited to a position best suited to his assets (pace) though not sure where Also saw him play full back when on loan at Rochdale and had a ‘mare’. Would love to be proved wrong but yet to be convinced
  17. True, have to say don’t get all this hype about Magloire. Haven’t seen him win a header yet on the occasions I’ve seen him play and not physical enough IMO.
  18. https://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/1061029578?-11198:839 Link with Harry Pickering at Crewe. The long term answer to lb?
  19. All I know is that if we played week in, week out the way Stoke played today, ie sticking 10 men behind the ball and say "break us down" (and that's at home!), then this message board would go into meltdown even more than normsl
  20. You maybe speak for most fans on this forum but not the majority of fans overall. This message board is the same as any other clubs,, just a chance to vent your spleen on anything and everything Mowbray,, I don't pretend to know more about football than a guy who has been in the game over 40 years like some on here. This isn't fifa 20 on your PlayStation, that doesn't count
  21. Why are people feeling sorry for Rotherham? They were wasting time all game, that's where the 8 mins came from
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